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Kentucky freshman Aaron Harrison on draft: “I haven’t thought about it at all”

Kentucky guard Aaron Harrison (2) goes up for a layup as Mississippi guard Jarvis Summers (32) defends during the first  half of an NCAA college basketball game in Oxford, Miss., Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Kentucky guard Aaron Harrison (2) goes up for a layup as Mississippi guard Jarvis Summers (32) defends during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in Oxford, Miss., Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)


While others continue to speculate on the NBA draft status of twins Aaron and Andrew Harrison, one of the players says he’s not worried about that at all.

Freshman guard Aaron Harrison says he does not monitor his NBA draft stock and that he does “not really” pay attention to what NBA draft analysts says about his ability. Some analysts have the Harrisons not even being picked in the 2014 draft, but list them as first round picks in 2015.

“Not at all. I haven’t thought about it at all,” said Aaron Harrison about how much he thinks about coming back to UK or leaving for the NBA.

Instead, Harrison insists he’s more worried about helping UK win going into Saturday’s game with LSU.

“We just have to stay focused and fix the few things that we’ve broken down on and make sure we’re aware of them and just try to fix them,” he said.

Harrison knows the time is running out to fix problems and get on a roll.

“But we all knew that coming to Kentucky. It’s not like basketball is supposed to be fair or anything like that. I think we just got a few minor things to get together and we’ll do just fine,” he said.

Does this team have just a one-window season because of possible early exits to the NBA?

“I have no idea. I don’t know,” he said.

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  1. larry clemons

    WOW ! In one single story, Aaron Harrison, has made KoKO Joe’s and a few others, 2013/14 Vaught View Post pure speculation and dribble…..Unless your a Mind Reader, stop trying to put words or thoughts in these players lives…Your comments are more of ” A Reflection ” of how YOU WOULD think and act….And, as we just read, have No Merit of Truth or Reality ! Read It and rethink your constructs or just continue to MIND READ…” Your Own Minds ! ” I Love It….. of course, you may just want to call him a liar, wouldn’t put it pass ya…( 18 & 19 year olds ), showing Honor as they become a TEAM !

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Of course the young man could care less about his draft status. You want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ll give you a good deal. Why do these players come to Kentucky? What does Calipari push?

  2. Mike

    We all know that they do watch and listen to their draft status and reports but guess it is better if they do say what Aaron said even if less than truthful.

    1. larry clemons

      Mike (the Mind Reader)….If it was me, and I was Playing Basketball for the University of Kentucky, that would be MY Focus and Interest….The Last Thing ” I ” would want to do is Go to the NBA and not be ready or be dealt to the D League….But that’s me ! And if I were a Mc Donald’s All American, playing at UK, Mike would read my Mind WRONG ! So Mike, we know what You Would Do….So don’t assume that ” We All Know ” what these Players, (young Men) would do….

      1. Kokamo Joe

        But Larry, it is not you. When I was a kid I played night and day on my dirt courts, mostly by myself. I dreamed of playing for UK. I pretended that I was a player and UK was behind and I had to make this final 30 foot jump shot. Kentucky kids dreamed of playing at UK and over time most towns or at least regions had a kid to star for the Big Blue. Those days are gone. Today college players come to schools from across the country and more recent from the world. The best talent does not play at the local high school, they go to academies which prepare them for such schools as UK, Duke and North Carolina.

        Calipari has sold himself and UK as the player’s school. He claims that the best day in UK history was when he sent 5 players to the pros. He has recruited on that statement ever since and he has delivered for both the program and the players who have spent a brief time on campus.

        Maybe this Harrison will be here for multiple years. But I doubt it.

        1. Larry Pup

          Joe you worry to much about things you can’t control. Just enjoy the ride. It will all work out.

        2. larry clemons

          read, don’t just comment,” your emotions.” D-League….not a dream…

  3. tommy

    They will not get drafted. At least they will go late. Big mistake if they dont wait another yr. Will cost them big if they try and go now.

  4. The Wiz

    Thank you Larry Clemons. You are exactly right.

  5. joseph

    I think the twins and Johnson, and stein and poythress and young will stay Randal will be the only one to leave he’s the only one ready to be a NBA player but that only means that the next year team will be ready for that championship

    1. Kokamo Joe

      If the Harrisons stay how will Calipari divide the playing time between the waterbug and the other McDonald All American? What about three centers who have their eye on the NBA and need playing time? Some of these kids will have to sit. What will that do to the recruiting? Just asking sensible questions.

      1. Larry Pup

        He’ll figure it out KJ.

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Poytress entered last year as a sure fire lottery pick. It appeared that he could be a late first rounder last year. He stayed. What if he has to stay another year? Will he see the floor next year? A super talent is coming in his position.

      1. Larry Pup

        I like Poy. I believe he has all the tools necessary to be a great player. But he was not ready last year, and I don’t think he is altogether ready this year based on his lack of playing time. He has improved, but he has played in spurts. He may be a three, or four year man. Besides, that just gives UK another experienced player if he returns. It ain’t the end of the world. Of course he will see the floor next year Joe. I still think he will play in the NBA some day too.

  6. Mike

    Sadly, the Harrison brothers have become the scapegoats for UK fans this year. I hate seeing the nasty things some of our fans say about them. Go to any UK sports site or message board and they are lambasted by our supposed to be fans. We are not the great team we thought we would be and how do people react? They scapegoat these twins, blaming them for EVERYTHING. The Harrison twins also see the vile that is said about them and if you dont think that is going to weigh on their minds whether they should come back then you are delusional.

    1. Larry Pup

      Some UK fans. There are still plenty of us who respect their talent and willingness to learn. They will get plenty of encouragement from the fans that respect this program and these kids the way it should be. There have been some bad things said about the twins by some on VV’s. Some keep complaining about the one and done system, well we may have a lot more talent on this team next year. That should make a lot of people happy. Coach will figure it out, so will the players who make their decisions. I say why worry about it.

    2. Patrick

      Mike, not every person commenting on UK forums actually support our team! Many like to pretend to be fans and blast the players and coach. Not hard to do on a faceless forum. The Harrisons are suffering from only one thing, YOUTH! It is obvious they have super talent by the numbers they put up, but their immaturity rears its ugly head from time to time. That only gets fixed with time. I’m hoping they both stay for another year.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve thought all along that this team is solid – but lacks a little quickness and consistant outside shooting. Got a waterbug and a great outside shooter coming in next year. If we lose only Randall and Young the stars may align.

  8. Michael Johnson

    Doubt if WCS will return. Good chance the Twins will return because I don’t think one will leave without the other.

    1. larry clemons

      WCS is not ready for THE NBA…..maybe their developmental League….But, why choose that route, when one more Year of Growing your body and developing more skills, gets you a TOP 5 PICK….no way WCS should Go. imo, of course.

  9. UKkathy

    I, too, am guilty of being unkind to not only the twins, but to Randle, WCS, Young and, well whoever is in the game and we don’t win. BUT, I huff and puff to myself and my friends as I love each and every UK player and do not put them down in print. I just hurt so badly when we do not win. I really thought, hoped, prayed that we could go undefeated and no one has beaten us, score wise, by tons of points. Just a few breaks, and we could have been awesome. But the main thing is to bring home #9. I wish they would all come back and join with next year’s team. That Florida game looked like grown men vs boys. I could not believe the muscles on them. Just sayin’!!!!! Let’s keep the faith and GO CATS!

    1. larry clemons

      Kathy, did you see the pre-game photo’s, where they showed the Florida Seniors as Freshmen,(shirtless) then showed them Now….WOW, major growth….I thought for sure, this would help Our Wildcat Fans have a better understanding of just pure power and it’s advantages to Talent…Now, mix them both together and You see why Florida has a chance to win it all.

  10. Bartrain

    I kind of have the feeling the twins stay because they know realistically this year and potentially next are the last year’s they’ll be on the same team together.

  11. jerry

    Coach will figure it out ? I hope so. it is not the twins fault nor any players fault, including Willis, Lee, Hood. Cal did say bench could be best friend. Shows how many good friends you really have. Twins are put in position to lie. did they say each game felt like they were going to job interview or did they say they did not think about it. Something for Coach to take to Mass with him.

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