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Kentucky football fan surprised he had trouble finding UK 2013 schedule on UK athletics site


There is not a more avid University of Kentucky football fan than Danville’s David Rankin. He’s been that way for over 40 years that I have known him and I can’t imagine that ever changing.

He’s also a regular at vaughtsviews.com, especially when it comes to football stories.

So I was a bit surprised when he sent me this message:

“I was looking forward to 2013 Football season & decided to look for the schedule. Thought maybe the U.K. Athletics site would be a good place to start. Clicked on U.K. Athletics Home page – Ckicked on Schedules – Clicked on Football. Guess what – 2013 is not up yet! I did eventually find an old press release to get this info on the U.K. site. Found a better copy on a site called fbschedules.com. I would think that other fans may have a interest in a link called Future Schedules?”

I’m guessing he’s right. And I checked on the UK site and could not easily find the 2013 schedule, either.


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  1. Jim W.

    There’s still work to do.

  2. WeRuk

    Really? this is a story?
    Wow we complain about the craziest things lol

  3. Brad

    Is this a post to show a fan who is ridiculously excited for football next season or something? Not sure you will find any athletic department with their 2013 football schedule right now. Actually, very sure of it.

    1. Love SEC FBall

      If you are so sure of it, then why did U.K. put their 2013 schedule up today?
      Promote the program! Put the schedule up when it is established – Don’t worry about the rest of the athletic departments in the Country.

  4. Walt

    That’s strange. I just went to the site and found it immediately.


    1. larryvaught

      Walt found it now myself but earlier today when I looked just as David had there was no 2013-14 option. Must have just been added

  5. Ira

    Maybe they are trying to hide we play Bama in 2013 lol

  6. shinny

    The point is well taken though. We must upgrade the web site, the game day-pregame environment, come up with stadium sounds like the ringing of the bell when we are on defense-the sirens when we are on offense and how about a real wildcat on the sideline. The growl of a wildcat showing on the jumbotron. All these things and others will show we mean business when it comes to SEC football. We must catchup with other SEC schools and 2013 would be a good time to start!

    1. Ira

      I like your points Shinny but a real wildcat is a reclusive creature and just doesn’t do well in a venue like Commonwealth.

      Honestly UK needs a PR person and a section just like they have in large corporations. It would do wonders for UK’s image in football. That alone would be worth spending thousands on.

    2. Sporty

      Agree on all but the “real wildcat” and the fact that UK has to stop playing “catchup” and start thinking ahead of where the other schools are going. Proactive not reactive.

  7. Sporty

    UK has to add people to their football staff. They have to be ready to start marketing people for pre-season award consideration like the big football schools do. The year Sam Bradford won the Heisman, OU sent out tons of material to football writers for 3-4 of their seniors to help them garner attention and votes for national awards. It was a very impressive package to say the least. How much material UK sends out these days to promote their players, I don’t know. But back then and the years before, they sent nothing.

    They have to start acting like a big time program before they will attract and be like a big time program. It’s not a big deal to fans, but it’s a big deal to players and says a lot about the expectations of the program.

  8. shinny

    Hmmm seems Ira like LSU had a caged tiger on the sideline at one time. Anyway we could do a wildcat on the jumbotron like MGM does the roaring lion!!! Perhaps I need to apply as FOOTBALL PR GUY and I would come cheap! Ha Ha. But we do need to take a game day approach to Commonwealth and make the atmosphere electric before the actual game ever starts–showing on jumbotron”electric plays” from days gone by with Claude Sullivan or Cawood Ledford or Tom Leach calling the big plays!!! Our fans will come early and the team will be ready! Other SEC powers do this it’s about time we get on board and promote what could be a newborn FOOTBALL SCHOOL!

  9. Larry Pup

    I say build a real life animated, fur and all, spots and all, ” links rufus” (kentucky wildcat) and have that thing roaring and moving around especially when the CATS come on the field and when they score. It could be done. Boy are we drunk on excitement. Just like a little kid, I’m dreaming.

  10. Tom R

    I’ve been frustrated for years with slowness on schedules, rosters, promotion, etc. The suggestions by shinny and others should get to Coach Stoops once he gets his staff hirings and recruiting completed, as he seems to be a coach who wants to highly promote UK football. I believe MB would respond to Coach Stoops.

  11. Kokamo Joe

    Did not UK release the 2013 schedule back near the middle of October? At any rate it is up now. Looks tough to me with Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and UL being the biggest challenges. Missouri and Vandy are team that UK might be able to beat. WKU, Alabama State, and Miami of Ohio should be wins. Shinny talks of UK being “A newborn football school.” Come on Barnhart….MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  12. Tom R

    Kokamo, yes I found the schedule some time ago, but I’ve found the UKAA site not to be user friendly or timely over the years. I rarely go there anymore.

  13. shinny

    Hey Larry Pup thats a cool idea! It’s fun to dream maybe powers to be can make it happen!! You think?

    1. Larry Pup

      Shinny..thanks. With enough dollars and determination most anything can happen. I love your suggestions too. Perhaps. Love to read your posts.

  14. TheProfessor

    The UK site is not user friendly, and difficult to navigate to find certain things, and at times the site seems slow in posting new information like schedules. The site’s statistics section is outstanding, updated quickly following games, and rarely have I found errors in their statistical postings. That is extremely rare for most athletic website. I visit dozens of these sites weekly during the football and basketball seasons.

    Overall, UK’s site is better than the majority. There are a few that are as good or perhaps even better, but not many. There are many that are much worse.

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