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Kentucky fans in Ohio pulling for Luke Kennard to play for John Calipari

Luke Kennard Photo by Nick Falzerano

Luke Kennard Photo by Nick Falzerano – click on the photo to view a video of longtime family friend Linda Heagen on why she thinks Luke will go to UK.


The Kentucky fans in southern Ohio who know Franklin, Ohio, guard Luke Kennard or his family would like to see him play for Kentucky, and think he will.

“He has been a UK fan forever. His dad took a ribbing when he started getting recruited by Michigan and wore a Michigan hat around because the whole family is UK fans. A lot of us are hoping he comes to Kentucky because there are a lot of UK fans here, including his family,” long-time UK fan Kenny Smith said.

“I know his mom and we were friends in college. I know his values, where they go to church. Him being fourth in class with 4.3 grade point average, he is just your dream kid,” Mike Daulton, who has a son playing at nearby Monroe High School, said. “If anybody had a daughter, he is the one you would want her to meet or the way you would want your son to be. He just seems so humble. He sits down and watches a JV game by his mom and dad. He has not got this bigger than life mentality. He is just a normal kid with a good surrounding around him that lets him enjoy being a kid as well as a star athlete. And the family has always liked UK, including him.”

Vic Green knows Mark Kennard through business and has met Luke’s mother at a basketball game.

“Mark has always been a big Kentucky fan. I know he would be thrilled if Luke decided to go to Kentucky. He’s also told me about a lot of his experiences at Michigan, Notre Dame, West Virginia and Ohio State,” Green said. “The Ohio State-Duke game last year, he and Luke sat in the first row next to Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. I think that it will boil down to what he and his wife feel will be the best fit for Luke, regardless of his passion for Kentucky.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Just knowing that there is a good chance we get Luke has really made my day…this kid is one of those, “does a lot of everything extremely well” players. Viewed from a stock market take, I’d buy big time!

  2. coldspringmike

    Larry, you remember another “lefty” from southern Ohio who played in 1970’s ? Kevin Grevey had a pretty good career at UK, would love to see Luke do the same.

    1. larryvaught

      Kevin Grevey one of my all-time favorite players at UK, coldspringmike. REally a good guy too

  3. Anonymous

    coldstreammike – – Kevin was a fraternity brother of mine ( along with JDC ) – my Dad was a volunteer for a celebrity golf tourney ( let’s say 90′ ) in Orlando – – Dad said Kevin do you remember my son **** and Kevin said ” Wilbur, I love your boy and I’ll carry the sign from here on in”. Greeve’s is the very best !!!!!

  4. coldspringmike

    Anonymous, Kevin is one of my ” favor-r-rite” players of all time. Being from No. Kentucky and receiving the Cincinnati papers ( 2 back then) I followed Kevin’s high school career and was thrilled to death when he became a Wildcat, such a solid player. When he was on fire he could really light it up.

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