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Kentucky fan who went to Bloomington has valid reasons for dropping Indiana series


For the Kentucky fans who did get inside Assembly Hall to watch the Wildcats play Indiana last Saturday, the loss was not the worst part of the day. Instead, it was the treatment many received from Indiana fans.

Tuesday I shared the story of Megan Dills, a 1998 UK graduate who was knocked down after the game and tore ankle tendons that forced her to cancel a Playboy photo shoot this weekend because of the injury. Today I have a letter from a 1996 UK graduate who asked to remain anonymous sent to Indiana, Kentucky and NCAA officials about the treatment she and her husband received.

She wrote:

“I would like to inform you of my experience at the UK/IU game at Assembly Hall in Bloomington Indiana on December 10th 2011.  Please understand I travel several times a year for away games and have experienced hostile environments from The University of Tennessee at Thompson Boling to the University of Connecticut at Madison Square Garden.  However, I have never been treated in a way that had me scared for my safety and unsure how UK fans would be treated if we won.  My seats were 30 rows up behind the UK bench.

On arrival at Assembly Hall, we wore black coats over our Blue shirts so no one noticed us.  However, my husband opened his coat and immediately someone got in his face and hissed.  We thought that was weird but not that unusual for UK fans since we are used to being everyone’s Super Bowl.  We walked up to our seats.  The first thing we noticed was UK warming up on the floor and IU fans chanting “F**k UK.”  When the lineups were announced the students turned their back to the floor and stuck their middle fingers up and said “F**k you” as they announced each UK player.  I understand students will be students but I would think IU would see this language as unacceptable. 

The game started and every time UK was fouled by IU a gentleman behind me would scream “F**k you” at the top of his lungs.  I can not explain the anger I felt in this environment from the IU fans.  We did not respond to the taunting and foul language directed at us and other UK fans.  We wanted to enjoy the game but it was hard because if you clapped when UK scored you really were not certain if something would come flying at your head or not.  When the shot was made for IU to win the game, we stood there for a second gathering our coats and, at this point, it got scary.  A couple of middle-aged IU fans came to our seats and stuck their middle fingers up in our faces and screamed “Get out of our f**king house.”  The hostility we felt was scary.  It was not your normal we won ha-ha.  It was pure hatred.  My friend who was in the upper arena would not even go to the restroom after the game out of fear for his safety.  We heard IU fans had talked about slitting throats and believed that was somewhat unrealistic but the anger we felt made us think twice. 

Also, I was not a witness to the fans who were spit on in Assembly Hall but those comments were made by UK fans that were outside of Assembly Hall after the game.  The fans that walked out of Assembly Hall without their blue covered up were screamed at and some IU fans would get in their faces and yell “you suck” and “F**k you.”   Fortunately, we covered up our blue.  We knew to do so from the experience at our seats. 

This was the most hostile environment I have ever encountered and I am writing to you to request that you not renew the series with Indiana University.  I understand next year the game will be at Rupp Arena and we need the home game.  However, I am asking you not to renew it the following year when the series goes back to Bloomington.  The environment there is not safe for our fans. 

I did not see one UK fan retaliate to their hostility but I fear this may not be the case next time.  I think most UK fans were surprised and taken off guard by their display of hostility this time but I am not sure what some UK fans may do next time if they are provoked like we were.  Also, UK needs to send a message to the Indiana University Athletic Department that we will not stand for our fans being treated like this and they need to send a statement to their students and fans that this behavior is not acceptable.”

I wish I could say she might be embellishing. But she’s not. I never heard the f-bomb dropped as much as I did at this game. To be fair, some Indiana officials warned students to quit using the word, but that was about as effective as  me telling the rain to stop falling during a thunderstorm. Unless you were at the game, it’s hard to describe the animosity. I know I talked to the parent of one UK player who was stunned by the atmosphere inside the arena.

I’ve always been in favor of UK playing Indiana, but after Saturday this fan has a valid, valid point she made to UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart about dropping the series before something could happen like it did with the Cincinnati-Xavier game last weekend.

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  1. P90X2Dude

    Colin Cowherd has talked repeatedly about the fan experience at pro football games and how it has become a venue for vile and hateful fans. Obviously this is not wholly owned by the NFL. I was worried for Darius Miller after the winning shot because he was on the floor and it looked like he was going to be trampled. I have been to many Tenn -Ky football games at Neyland Stadium and I have never been treated like the fans at the IU/KY game. Total lack of class and sportsmanship. I don’t know Big 10 rules for rushing the floor but I would too be in favor of dropping the series with Indiana unless the games would be played in Freedom Hall and somewhere else in Indiana beside IU’s home floor.

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    There’s absolutely no excuse for this sort of thing happening. I cheer my team as loudly as anyone when I attend a game, but I’ve never abused a fan of another school, and I’ve never seen anything described as above at Rupp. Being a fan means cheering your team, IMO, and not being verbally (or physically) abusive to other teams fans or players. I would hope the UK administration has some very frank discussions with IU and the Big Ten (or whatever it’s called now) about this type of unacceptable behavior.

  3. marilyn Hartley

    My son and I went to the game and were shoved ,pushed , screamed at and spat upon.There was absolutely zero security .I saw middle aged men and women acting like a mob.
    Perhaps the State Department should issue a travel advisory warning U S citizens to stay away from Bloomimngton …

    1. larryvaught

      Marilyn, that is awful. So many horror stories keep coming out. consider myself lucky to have had the students I did behind me during the game. They cheered in the right way, much like students do in the E-Rupp-tion Zone at UK

      1. T Bailey

        Maybe you were lucky. Or maybe your experience was typical. The broadcast zoomed in on a UK fan in full garb in the middle of the student section being treated very well. Also, you really don’t think the letter writer was embellishing when she talked about threats of slitting throats? Seriously? Pretty soon the story will be that everyone who was there was spit upon. Just a bunch of Hoosiers all expectorating on everyone.

    2. Darren

      This is a bunch of BS from sore losers.

      I was there, and outside of a couple of chants that were inappropriate by the students, UK were treated better than IU fans are in Lexington.

      I know you hate the loss, but take it out on your own team.

      1. King Ghidora

        Sore losers? I haven’t heard a word about this being about losing the game. We’re the BBN. We’ve lost games before. I’ve never seen this backlash before. But I did live in Indiana for years. I know the culture there. It’s horrible. I’ve lived lots of places. None of them could come close to the awful Bloomington culture. I’ve had mobs threaten me AND my wife. I’ve had people walk behind me insulting everything about me AND my wife. That nearly led to a very ugly scene because I wasn’t alone that day. I could tell 100 stories about bad experiences in Bloomington. Ever heard of Wayne Newton? Not the singer. The dope head who kept 25 dogs running wild on his place to protect his cash crop. Those dogs killed a census worker who was 71 and ate her. Wayne was from Bloomington. I knew him too well and not by choice. Then there was the threat of a drive by shooting at the home of my wife’s aunt. She lived in an upper middle class neighborhood. But the thugs had it in for her son so we sat on the front porch watching out for a possible machine gun attack on her home during a family reunion. Or maybe I should talk about the kid on the next street over who was shunned because he had mental problems. He killed himself. Or how about the kid that lived next door to him. He was left to die by his “friends” because he overdosed at a party. They left him face down in a ditch full of half frozen water. He died there that night.

        Bloomington is an ugly, ugly place and it has been for a very long time. Don’t tell me about being a sore loser. I lived in that part of the world. I wouldn’t go back for a million dollars. I detest Indiana. There are areas of this country I absolutely love. The people are friendly. It’s safe to walk the streets any time whether you are a local or not. Indiana is NOT one of those places. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the things I know about that place either. The gangs, the crime rings, the drugs, the attack dogs, the wannabe con artists (who live to cheat their “friends” – they will brag about it endlessly if they succeed), etc. etc. etc. etc.. Don’t tell me about Indiana.

        1. T Bailey

          Makes me wonder what you were doing to attract such wrath. I lived in Bloomington for seven years and never experienced a moment of fear of the place.

        2. Chicago Hoosier

          OMG, what a joke. Let’s all Google search “Louisville crime” or “Kentucky meth” and see what comes up. There are problems everywhere. This post is nothing but bigotry and jingoism.

          1. UK avid fan

            Let me guess T Bailey and Chicago Hoosier, your from IN. If so that explains it… Enough said.

  4. hdcky

    Everyone across the nation talks about how bad UK’s fanbase is but yet you never hear about the other fan bases. Yes, we do have some fellow UK fans that go overboard with expectations and cockiness but I have never seen a UK fan treat fans from another school with hostility and threats. The series should be dropped and I wouldnt even consider ever renewing it. I hope Coach Cal and the athletics officials that did attend the game heard the hostility and hopefully it was enough for them to seal the deal and end it. Im sure Calipari and the players heard plenty of the f bombs and threats too. UK should put the safety of their players first and drop it now before it ends like the UC/Xavier game did. Let the yahoos from up north enjoy their signature win. You would think a program with 5 national titles wouldnt rush the court for winning a basketball game but then again, they are from Indiana so I dont really expect anything but stupidity from them. Indiana……the kingdom of Meth makers!!!

    1. Anonymous

      I’m not a fan of either team but are you really going to make fun of Indiana. Kentucky has nothing but stupidity and you just show it.

      1. TheProfessor

        Curious comment from someone who takes the “anonymous” tag.

      2. different anonymous

        Are you really going to call Kentucky and UK fans stupid, while not knowing when to use a question mark?

    2. T Bailey

      Maybe ending the series is a good idea. Some people are having a hard time dealing with the loss. I’m sure if UK were unranked and beat a number one team at home, they wouldn’t rush the court because they’re just too cool for that.

  5. Don V

    Drop the series. We ended the series in Football and nobody seemed to care.

    1. Rick

      Actually , IU ended the Football series because they could’t win, but the fans there were just as bad. (And, about the same size crowd).
      They may have dropped the Basketball game also, had they lost this year and next. We should drop it for them. How many programs around here do we have to support?

      1. Chicago Hoosier

        Actually, the series ended because both schools wanted to play more home games every year for $$$. IU leads the overall football series, and won the final game.

        1. Rick

          IU chose to end the series.
          You may want to double check your information, neighbor.

        2. Rick

          IU chose to end the series.
          You may want to double check your information, my friend and neighbor.

  6. lunchbox

    this was not a 1 time deal…..every1 should remember the cal’s a cheater chants from last time an the f you’s…i no crean an cal r friends but what do we gain from playin them? if the ppl in rupp acted this way coach cal would b on espn sayin he was sorry 4 the way r fans acted but crean lets it happen an says they deserve it.. yes they deserve it but come on u treat ppl the way u want to b treated…..i theink dickie v should hav said sumthing 2 he jumped over jones but didnt he notice the f you’s….we gain sumthing from playin nc i think it wouldnt b smart losein the nc game an keepin iu

  7. MH

    I’ve too have a bad feeling about what could happen the next time Kentucky plays up there. Their fans have just lit a fuse on what could become a very explosive situation. We need to drop this game NOW.

    1. larryvaught

      next trip could be a disaster. And also a little surprised there has been no comment or reply from anyone at IU about these stories

      1. Krice Cook

        I am just curious—-Why no “horror stories” from two years ago when #2 UK came into B-town and won? Has the IU fan base “fallen” that far in two years? And please, let us not act as if UK fans cannot be nasty in their own accord. Remember the chant “baby killer”? I took my wife to Rupp Arena last year for our Anniversary against Vanderbilt. It was Senior night. During the second half a gentleman about two rows behind of starts the C-A-T-S cheer. When he noticed I was not cheering he jokingly stated, “C’mon man, you go to get into the spirit”. My wife tells him, “He’s an IU fan”….And the obscenities started to poor like rain. “How in the !@#@# did you get THESE seats”? Or, “Stupid !@#@# IU fan, what are you doing in OUR HOUSE”!….So you see it happens everywhere. You cannot possibly speak on the behalf of 17,000 fans, It is impossible. Unless of course, you sat in every seat during the game.

        BTW- Besides that ONE episode, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Rupp. And my point is: Would it be fair to me to stereotype all UK fans over one or two who “acted up”?

  8. Ben

    I agree that we should drop the IU series before someone gets hurt. Our player’s and fan’s lives were placed in jeopardy and that is not right in any sport! The President and Head Coach of Indiana University are responsible and should be held responsible. The easiest solution is to drop the series after next years game.

    My son and I were at Commonwealth this year for the TN game. it was a great atmosphere and we teased the TN fans a little, but it was all in good fun. No one was ever threatened or cursed at by fans.

  9. Hoops Malone

    two points:

    1) I am disappointed that President McRobbie or a member of the IU Board of Trustees hasn’t made a public statement condemning the behavior of their fan base before, during, and after the game last Saturday. By all accounts, it was appalling. These despicable actions are typically addressed immediately by University leadership. By not saying anything, we should assume President McRobbie and the IU Trustees support abusive language, threatening behavior, and prejudice ideology.

    2) What is far less shocking is the reaction from IU fans who believe it’s okay because, “Kentucky fans are just as bad”. Okay…assuming this is accurate, wouldn’t Hoosier fans feel compelled to take the high road? After all, UK fans are just a bunch of dumb hicks who lack the sophistication and intellectual capacity to carry out civilized discourse, correct? Anyone else see the irony here???
    A part of me hopes that, when the Hoosiers come to town next year, IU fans suffer the same experience doled out to our Big Blue supporters who spent time/money in Bloomington last Saturday. But we all know it won’t happen (save the typical “drunken idiot” segment in every fanbase). What will happen? IU fans will get treated like every other visiting fan at Rupp – some playful ribbing before the game followed by well wishes for the ride home.

    1. Hoosier93

      I do not condone any abuse towards fan from any opposing team…that being said how can you mention prejudice ideology when your hallowed areana is named after one of the most prejudice people ever?

      1. Rick

        Where would you rank Robert Montgomery Knight on the Abuse Ideology scale?

        1. Tony

          Maybe IU students were just treating their visitors the way Knight treated the visitors. (And, the students themselves).

          1. Chelsea

            Coach Knight wouldn’t even allow fans to wave at opposing teams during foul shots. He was known to get on the microphone and tell the student section to, “Shut up, or get out!” He commanded his players and his fans with an iron fist, and they loved him for it. Does this forgive his act of placing his hand upon a player’s throat? No, I don’t believe his actions were always correct, just like I don’t believe students should have their SATs taken for them. I also don’t believe coaches should be allowed to cheat, simply move to another school, and continue to cheat.

      2. King Ghidora

        What a typical Hoosier reply! Absolute myth and hatred. You just made the point of everyone here. You have ZERO evidence that Rupp was a racist. There isn’t any. But we all know what a monster Bob Knight was cursing on live tv endlessly, throwing chairs, choking players, etc, etc.. Yet he gets a job at ESPN just because he feeds the haters like you.

        1. Richard Stevens Jr

          That shows how narrow minded and stupid you are my Ky. friend!

          1. King Ghidora

            So you do have evidence? Let’s see it. Making allegations you can’t back up is a really stupid thing to do. Believing everything you hear on tv is a really stupid thing to do. Considering how high your IQ rates based on those two statements alone gives me plenty of reason to believe I’m having my intelligence judged by someone who would be invulnerable if it was really true that what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

      3. TheProfessor

        A statement born in ignorance and prejudice itself. How ironic is that.

  10. Jan in Ind

    As you can see from my name I am from Indiana born and raised, but when it comes to college sports I bleed Blue and have for many many years, never considered being for another school. I’m just so sorry UK fans were treated that way in the state of IN. It makes me very proud to back UK. Yesterday I was thinking how Coach Cal had asked what series we the BBN would like to see end and I myself had thought the Louisville series, ( I know that is just my opinion ) but living this close to L’ville I hate hearing all the bad things they have to say about UK especially if they happen to win. However after hearing about and reading about the abuse that was suffered by UK fans just because they love and follow their team then I feel like everyone else END THE SERIES WITH IU!! I know they will say we are scared but to tell you the truth it is just not worth getting our team,coaches and staff and the fans injured. Do something about it, don’t wait until it gets anymore out of hand.

    1. King Ghidora

      Indiana was instantly my choice for the series to drop. I know too much about them.

  11. Mark Russell

    When you idealize one the most bitter and obnoxious men ever as your Patron Saint, how can you expect “his people” not to act similarly? His arrogance and lack of class has rubbed off on more than one generation of IU fan. The worse thing is they feel their superiority is justified.
    I hope all of BBN remembers this when we play them and respond, not in kind, but with quality sportsmanship. Fan give and take is one thing – that display in Assembly Hall dehumanizes people (I fear that is the path of our culture).

  12. Kentucky Packrat

    We watched the game during a family dinner (on ESPN3 through Number One Son’s XBox), so I wasn’t at 100% attention span. Even so, I don’t remember Vitale or what’s-his-name saying anything about the crowd being nasty or hearing abuse over the TV. Based on your comments Larry and what I’ve heard here, the ESPN crew should have known about it at least.

    For those of us who watched the television more closely: did ESPN talk about the crowd attitude?

    1. UKFMLY

      No. They were to busy talking about stuff that did not matter

    2. Rick

      Dick Vitale was sure worried about his and his Grandkid’s safety. THAT was easy to hear on TV.

  13. Judy

    Only one person can stop inappropriate behavior at a game: the coach. If Tom Crean took the mike and said, “this is not who we are at IU,” it would end. For years Duke fans and players have been subject to this kind of behavior at the University of Maryland, where the student often wear “F*CK DUKE” t-shirts. The administration of Md responded to ESPN’s complaint by saying that “this is a first amendment issue, and we have asked the Attorney General of Maryland to give us an opinion.” The AG came back and said a simple thing: being in the arena is a privilege, not a right. Therefore the body that controls the arena has the right to set the rules.
    Coach K, whether you like him or not, does not tolerate this kind of behavior by the Cameron Crazies. More than once he has taken the mike during a time out – which he has called for this purpose – and reminded the Crazies that they represent Duke University, and as such, may be excited and creative but not abusive.
    I love IU – my daughter went there, and I want the best for Tom Crean and his program. This type of behavior is not “the best” and I am sure the university wants a better image. Let’s hope they take the steps to ensure that this behavior is not repeated. You can be a rabid fan without being a violent or abusive one.

  14. Ezel Jones

    Listen, don’t drop the series. Let’s treat the IU fans the same way next year when they come to Rupp. I know that sounds impossible, because people from Kentucky are just too friendly, but I think if we get drunk enough before the game it could happen. But if we drop the series we will be taunted by IU fans for being weak, and scared.

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      I would be inclined to “kill ‘em with kindness” as was so wonderfully described in the blog by the North Carolina fan, who was not only treated with respect by Kentucky fans during the UK-NC game, but some UK fans invited him out to dinner. Plus, I don’t think Cal would stand for such rude behavior. After all, he gently warned UK fans before the first Louisville game that he coached at UK to be on their best behavior.

      I also agree with Larry. I can’t believe the IU administration and Coach Crean hasn’t addressed these numerous stories of UK fans being mistreated. It certainly doesn’t do their school any favors.

      And I don’t remember ESPN mentioning a thing about the vulgar comments by the IU fans during the game.

      1. Davis

        I hope UK fans treat IU fans the same way the UNC fans were treated.

      2. Bryan

        Yeah, Coach Cal is all class. The previous UK-UofL game in Rupp was a prime example of how “classy” calipari is. He was over on the sideline yelling at UofL’s Reginald Delk that he would have Eric Bledsoe kick his a** The less than 200 Cards fans that showed up were showered with abuse and insults. Including the tired Pitino “Baby Killer” insult. I’ve seen your class first hand at UK-Georgia football game at Commonwealth a few seasons back. I was sitting about three rows in back of a Georgia fan who was minding her own business and cheering on the Bulldogs. A couple of younger UK fans, who had been nipping on the flask, told her to sit her fat a** down, and the B word was thrown out for good measure.
        So, spare us the southern hospitality and graciousness. You guys have some rogue elements in your fan base, just the same as IU, UofL, WVU etc.

  15. Charlie

    Unfortunately – you spit in my face – I am inclined – – – to spit back!!! Come what may – – – unfortunately in some respects – – – I am a PROUD hillbilly. Thus – the series should be dropped!!!!! Charlie

  16. adh

    Just from reading comments and hearing people talk, the next game at Indiana will end up being a Pistons-Pacers type situation. I know I don’t want to be there when it goes down.

  17. UK McCoy

    The reason your older Hooligan fans hate UK so much is because they still remember the painful loss when they were 31-0 and KENTUCKY beat them in the elite 8 to prevent Bob Knight from going undefeated as UK’s expense.

    Lets just hope Indiana can somehow get in the big dance and find their way in our region. Then we can show them how good they really are on a neutral court. We would beat them by 20 or more.

    As far as dropping the series. I want us to keep the UNC series now that we get the recruits that UNC once did. Also, UNC is going to be a top 25 team unlike Indiana.

    Just another nugget from the past. The next time a Duke fan brags about the Christian Laettner’s shot in a non-title game. Just remind them of Jack Givins game when we won a national title OVER Duke.

    It’s going to be a great year as a Wildcats fan just wait and see!

  18. UK FAN

    Who cares if the IU fans say were scared screw them, we dont need this kind of behavior from a fanbase, IU/UK series needs to end

  19. Jody

    I agree. End this series. Was it ever really a REAL rivalry after Bob Knight left? The win/loss record since Knight left is a little lopsided to say it is a true rivalry. Knight vs Hall added flair to the series back in the 80s because of their one time friendship. Someone is going to get seriously hurt if they don’t end it. Could you imagine if someone had a child at this game? I would have been outraged if my children had been exposed to this. You would think a university that is considered in the top 6 or 7 of all time, and has won 5 national titles would have more class than to rush the court. Act like you have been there before!!!! Rushing the court proves one thing…they considered themselves inferior to UK before that win.

  20. Basketball Fan

    I’m sorry to be hearing this but I do believe the author of the letter is either a lier or likes to embelish. The letter begins by saying during warm-ups the crowd was chanting “F-UK”. I too was at the game and heard nothing during warm ups. There were 1 or 2 “F-UK” chants by the IU students during the game but not pre-game. The UK fans in my section received no such treatment. In fact at Yogi’s before the game several UK fans where in the bar and showed no hostility other then friendly jokes going back and forth. Never saw a UK fan being harrassed at any point during the day/night of the UK game. I know some jawing can occur and every fanbase has its share of idiots but these stories coming out sound like sour grapes and an attempt to tarnish IU.

    1. Cat in TN

      You should consider yourself lucky. From everything I’ve heard about Saturday, you were one of the few UK fans that didn’t experience such treatment.

      1. Basketball Fan

        Honestly I’ve talked to a few friends who also went and said they were treated the same way. The IU fan I sat down next to even offered to buy my a beer after the game. I just wanted to share my experience as it was a comlete 180 from the letter above. Thought it was a great atmosphere for a college game can’t wait for the game in Rupp next year.

    2. scott

      I heard them pregame not loud but I heard them and I did see their middle fingers stuck up during announcing UK players. Glad u did not experience it But too many people saying the same thing and saw one guys story about bad treatment at a bar too. You were lucky and so was I no one got in my face but I did see it happen.

    3. IndyAlum

      There were at least 2 “F*&$ Kentucky” chants before the game during warmups. The second time the PA announcer came on and warned that profanity would not be tolerated. Lot of good that did…

    4. UKFMLY

      Larry heard the F-Bombs thats not sour grapes. This issue was also covered by Matt Jones on his show that is on Insight cable at 11pm each night. He was on last with a reporter from Wkyt and called in the worst crowd he has ever seen in his life. That’s atleast 3 reporters saying similar things. That’s not sour grapes.

      Besides there is no reason for sour grapes. UK will still be competing for a championship and IU for a NCAA bid. No reason for sour grapes over a BLIND SQUIRREL GAME!!!


      1. Basketball Fan

        If IU fans are like this how come we haven’t heard any of this before last Saturday’s game? Look I’m trying to defend the folks who supposedly did this but there is zero susbstance to an anonymous letter on the internet. If these things happened why weren’t the cops called? Why wasn’t somebody in a postion to do something called upon? 3 reporters saying IU’s stadium was wild and crazy doesn’t translate to backing up claims of asault and verbal abuse.

        1. Basketball Fan

          Not trying to defend…don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

        2. Rick

          What are you talking about? Every (Nearly ALL) the Football games in Bloomington, I have attended. I’ve been treated exactly the same as this letter. EVERY time I’ve been to a UK – IU Football game, in Bloomington.
          In my opinion, the vast majority of people that attend IU games are either IU Grads or IU Students. And, that ( to me ) makes their behavior even stranger. But, combine their inferiority complex with alcohol and you have a Football game in Bloomington. Easily the most disgusting group of supposedly educated people that I’ve been around.
          You want more proof? Ask anyone that’s ever been to an IU vs Purdue game in Bloomington.

    5. Wildcat fan

      Yeah…about that.


      How about some video proof…you must be deaf.

    6. dan simon

      Don’t know where your ears were my friend but the chants came through clearly on tv so you’re saying that they did it during the game and not pregame made it OK?

  21. adh

    I agree with the “kill them with kindness” when they’re here. We’ll show them how real fans act whether they deserve it or not. There will be boo’s and comments during the game, sure. But once the game is over, they’ll walk out untouched, maybe with a few congratulations or a “good game” here and there from UK fans.

    Everything will be thrown their way in good fun. I have been going to games all my life (I’m 32) and have had season tickets for the last 10 years. I have yet to see a physical altercation with a rival fan, inside or outside of Rupp.

    I went to a game at Tennessee a few years ago, one when UK basically needed a win to make the tournament. It was boo’s and comments toward our way the entire time. But once UK made their huge comeback and the buzzer sounded, it was all “congratulations” and “you guys are definitely in the tournament, do the SEC proud.”

  22. NeverHappensAtUK

    yea this kind of stuff would never happen at UK. Their fans are the best! Whatever. See link. The point is, there are bad apples in every fan base.


  23. FourThinInches

    Next time we go to Indiana, UK fans will be ready for this. I fear the people who like to fight and start stuff will be heading up there after hearing about all this spitting, cursing, and objects thrown. Reminds me of a Cincinnati Bengals game.

  24. Me

    You would have thought they had won the NCAA championship game the way they rushed the floor….this is sad and pathetic

  25. Tim Foster

    My wife and I were at the game. I posted on the Catspause what we had to go through. The F— Kentucky in your face and we did see someone get spit on. My car got keyed and rocks thrown at us. It was the worst treatment I have ever been through in an opposing arena and I have been to quite a few. I was totally shocked by the behavior of not just the IU student’s but the entire fan base in Indiana. If UK fans act like this I would be ashamed to call my self and UK fan.

    I read where Dickie V tweeted out that UK fans need to get over it and tip their hat to IU for winning the game. I am all for that. They won congrats to them. I also seen he tweeted out and said he thanked the adminstration for protecting him during the the floor rush. I have one thing to say to Dickie V I love how you love the student athlete Dickie but some of us was not lucky enough to have protection from a riot crowd after the game. Keep your mouth shut unless you know what you are talking about.

    1. Rick

      Yeah, he was scared to death on TV. How many UK fans had “security” to protect them?

  26. NeverHappensAtUK

    Tim, I am a fan if IU, and I would not have treated you in such a way, as I’m sure the majority would not have. So please, do not lump the “entire” fan base in with a few bad apples who find no problem with harassing some UK fans. I’m sure that there are bad apples just the same within the UK fan base. But, I’m smart enough to realize that those are just bad apples within an otherwise typical, passionate fan base. This is the same type of attitude that’s befitting to racism. Racists take a few bad incidents of some bad apples in a race, then label an entire population as that way. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Rick

      And, it’s called IU. Why don’t you tell us a bedtime story about Bobby Knight?

  27. Anonymous

    You all a bunch of idiots! There were only a few UK fans at the game. Yet somehow hundreds of UK fans got physically and verbally abused! I call bullshit on all of you!

  28. Jeff Boyd

    The worst thing about the Indiana fans is that they are not loyal fans I live in southern In and in the last 3 years you couldn’t find an Indiana fan around here they were all on the Butler bandwagon now that Indiana is winning again they love them

  29. RJ

    The series should not be continued. The Indiana series is just a TV money maker for ESPN and the Universities. The young players are not far enough along to really benefit from the game. Heck they are still learning plays.

  30. She's Maybe A 7

    C’mon guys. She’s not even that hot. Our fans did Playboy readers a favor.

  31. LindaS

    I remember a couple years ago when that ‘other’ school and little slick quick rick went to Lexington to play a game and the students and fans were talking about making posters concerning him and his little blonde bimbo. Cal said none of that would go on under his watch. As people entered RUPP posters were checked to make sure none of them were inappropriate.
    I believe the things reported as happening at the game last Saturday did happen. I happen to work with 2 of their fans and they were extremely nasty after the game and they still are being nasty. I remind them it is only the 4th win in 20 years and it only matters in March when we see who is at the big dance. One loss or one win does not make a season or a coach.
    Remember several years ago a young man was killed in a drunken driving accident and now UK no longer allows alcoholic drinks to be served inside the arena or the stadium. They took action when a terrible accident happened. They have shown responsibility as well as Coach Cal with the little slick quick rick incident.
    I am sure there are UK fans who are as nasty as some of the IU fans but I have never heard the vile chants or the destruction of personal property at a UK game.
    A couple years ago some cars were keyed at that ‘other’ school and it was blamed on a UK fan. It was done in the parking lot of Freedom Hall during the game. When the perpetrator was arrested, he was a fan of that ‘other’ school and he wanted UK to to be blamed.
    If what happened last Saturday had happened in Lexington, Coach Cal would have addressed it at his news conference, he would have apologized to Coach Crean, the fans from the other school and the whole Commonwealth of Kentucky. The president of the university and the AD would also have addressed it. We have yet to hear any apology or even mention of what happened from anyone in Bloomington. I really thought Coach Crean was a class A person. Say what you will about Cal and his one and dones and wanting to win, but wanting to win so bad and ignoring a situation that could have been deadly is unforgivable.
    Dick Vitale is too wrapped up in himself to pay attention to what is going on around him. He is not going to say anything bad about the former home of booby nightmare because booby has Vitale in his front pocket.
    Go Cats!

  32. LindaS

    Find out how a fan from NC was treated in Lexington Dec. 3, 2011. Compare it to the situation in Bloomington.


    1. Basketball Fan

      Did you skip my account of the game? Obviously because it paints a picture in a different light then the one you are trying to portray.

      1. LindaS

        I did read you comment and it is evident you are an IU fan and you are not admitting the truth.
        You did not see the harassment because you probably were not hear it. I have a colleague at work that I saw today and he had some one spit on him, try to trip him and told him to take is f-ing a** to hell.
        Did you read all of my post, did you read the story from the NC fan?
        I believe everyone has a right to cheer for there team but then can at least be civil about it. The problem with the younger generation is lack of discipline, mommy and daddy hovering over them all the time, they don’t know how to stand up for themselves or respect other people. Maybe if they put down the video games and read a book or volunteered these things would not happen. You don’t have to be a bad ass just because you think it is cool and your video idol says he is one.

      2. LindaS

        I did read you comment and it is evident you are an IU fan and you are not admitting the truth.
        You did not see the harassment because you probably were not hear it. I have a colleague at work that I saw today and he had some one spit on him, try to trip him and told him to take is f-ing a** to hell.
        Did you read all of my post, did you read the story from the NC fan?
        I believe everyone has a right to cheer for their team but they can at least be civil about it. The problem with the younger generation is lack of discipline, mommy and daddy hovering over them all the time, they don’t know how to stand up for themselves or respect other people. Maybe if they put down the video games and read a book or volunteered these things would not happen. You don’t have to be a bad ass just because you think it is cool and your video idol says he is one.

        1. LindaS

          sorry ’bout the double post, my internet burped.

  33. Adrian B

    What a load of crap. The egos of the testimony are fantastic (you do realize IU wasn’t treating UK like the Super Bowl but because there’s a rivalry there and they happened to be #1 at the time, yes? That this program needed the win? Context is key) and it’s a bunch of “What ifs” and “next times.” Lots of hearsay and one experience. No UK fans EVER swear at the refs or the opposing, oh no! It’s a bunch of sore losers trying to take things away from a team with an admittedly overzealous fanbase.

    F-bombs on a college campus! Well I never! In my personal experience with Kentucky fans (from the days of pathetic IU football no less!) I was treated similar if not worse. I guarantee you no one was talking about slitting throats. And the fact that people just swallow this is even better. IU won. KU lost. Move on from it and grow up.

    1. scott

      Wish it had been KU instead of UK. If you read it they expected it from students not adults…and it was the hostility associated with it. If you were not there you could not exactly explain it…

    2. UKCrazyCat

      Congrats to IU’s team on the win, they deserved it. They played their hearts out. As for your post. Do you really think this person made this story up because they were upset UK lost. If you do, I feel sorry for you. I know, I was there, had similar things said to us and after the game, we got to change a tire. Some one slice the left front on my friends van. It was his fault for not removing his KY license plate. Thank goodness IU did win, I’d hate to think what could have happened if they hadn’t.

      1. T Bailey

        IU’s lost a lot of games over the years– both big and small. And no one’s ever been killed over it.

  34. UKCrazyCat

    Well, I’m the kind of person who can read how someone is feeling, just be the look on their face. And I’m telling you I truly believe this. T jones didn’t take the day off at the IU game, I think someone threatened him or his family with their life. I told one friend of my this and he said that was a little far fetched. After reading the story am not sure it is.

    1. UKallday

      My family are born natives of KY. My brother chose to go to college there because of the musical program, however when UK beat IU many years ago in Bloomington, someone decided to throw a rock through his windshield because of his Kentucky plates. This hate on hate crime must cease!

    2. UKCrazyCat

      Wow, when my 5 yr old talks to me while I’m typing, I can’t keep my mind on what I’m doing. I really can speack and type in english. You couldn’t tell it with this post.

    3. UKCrazyCat


  35. Raised in Louisville, Went to Indiana

    So, I grew up in Louisville. Went to Saint X. I was a Louisville Fan. Then I went to Indiana for college. Since then, I’ve been living in San Diego. I’ve been to this game 4 out of the last 6 years. I didn’t go this year, because tickets were too expensive (both airline and stadium tickets). Here’s my perspective based on experience:

    Louisville fans love going to games, they’ll travel, do whatever it takes… the games are the event. It’s a social thing. People like being seen and it’s great when UofL comes out on top. When Louisville loses, it stings for a little bit, but people go home and wake up to a new day.

    Kentucky fans live and die for UK Athletics, obviously with Basketball leading the list. Basketball is everything. Cats fans can tell you that they should really have 12 banners, and they’ll let you know all the years that they should have won a championship starting with 98 and going backward. They take things personally. Everything. If someone starts a “Christ-ian Laett-ner” chant, it seems like a kick to the stomach. When Kentucky loses, fans will walk out into the cold without their jackets and punish themselves. They’ll replay the game at home and try to dissect why they lost. Kentucky fans were so upset with Tubby (a good coach) and Gillespie (awful), that getting Coach Cal was a must regardless of what baggage he had from his past.

    Indiana fans live and die for IU Basketball. That’s it. Basketball. IU’s soccer program is the equivalent of UCLA in basketball, and no one is ever bothered if the football team wins one game. Indiana Basketball moves mountains in the state. Indiana has been down since 2000 when Bobby got fired. Sampson tried to reboot the program, but he instead put us back another 6 years. Now we have Tom Crean. I don’t think anyone can say much about this guy.

    So, why am I stating the obvious?

    I want everyone reading this to realize s??? is based on perspective. When I convinced my IU friends freshman year to drive to Lexington and see the IU v UK football game, I thought I knew UK better than anyone. What happened? I felt that I was treated s???ty. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t want to go back.

    This is something I think about all the time. Even when I was in Rupp Arena after Indiana beat Kent State to go to the Final Four… I thought, man, I don’t want to be “that guy” who ruins someone else’s experience.

    But when people like “UKCrazyCat” start spreading nonsense like the fact that Terrance Jones took the game off because he or his family got death threats, it really makes people in the state of Kentucky look bad. Think before you type nonsense. Think about perspective. Think about the idiots who will repeat your nonsense. Yes, you can be upset. Losing sucks, especially when you’re #1 at the time, but has there ever been a game where you said something to another fan? Really think about it. You may have said something in jest, but that other person may have taken it differently. Instead of wasting people’s time with these posts of “oh, I’m pretty sure I got spit on” or listening to some girl who needed enough attention to be in Playboy is saying she “got hurt” – start by leading by example. Kentucky is an awesome University with awesome students. My little brother is a Junior and loves it. We need to separate Cats fans into those who went to the University and those who clearly didn’t. The good Cats fans need to set the example.

    Thanks for listening.

    Go Midwest…

    P.S. if Louisville beats Kentucky on Dec 31 at Rupp, remember to be nice on the way out!

    1. UKCrazyCat

      Just to let you know, before you try to shame me with your reply, you need to READ my post. I’d didn’t state anything as FACT. The only people who will repeat the nonsense, is some one who read your reply.
      In many local papers and radio programs, it was being said that Jones had ( took the game off ). When Dicky V says on tv that something was really wrong with Jones, you know it was obvious. When I watched it again on my dvr, I could see he looked really confused. Why? It’s not like he forgot how to play. Something was wrong, but what? If you would like to know when in the game I’m talking about, and you have it recorded, let me know. Then you tell me.
      Also, I have NEVER said anything out of the way to any fan of another team and I don’t hold your reply against you.

      P.S. I’m also a UofL fan when UK is not playing them and Coach Cream was a good hire for IU’s program. At least he holds himself was class.

    2. UKCrazyCat

      Oh, I forgot. Thanks for pointing it out to me that someone might mistake my post as fact. I don’t want to start a terrible rumor.

  36. Billy Jo

    I was at the game in the balcony level wearing my full UK away uniform. After the game I got punched in the stomach from some guys that were attempting to storm the court. I think one of them also shanked me with a pen. Once outside in the parking lot a large group of IU fans gathered around my car and proceeded to urinate on it. When I said stop, they slashed my one tire. I couldn’t believe the hostility. Instead of contacting the police, I decided to contact the UK athletic department. I hope we never play IU again! Did I mention i’m 89 years old? Oh, and on the way back to Kentucky, my mobile meth lab came unhitched!!! I think those IU fans had something to do with it! They are the devil!

  37. LindaS

    Billy Jo, stay in Indiana, you are not a UK fan.

  38. Tim

    To lend a bit of perspective to this, wanted or not, my best friend is from Lexington and is a diehard UK fan. Im from Ft Wayne and bleed the cream and crimson. We are both embarrassed when our programs cheat i.e. Sutton and Sampson. We both congratiulate one another and MEAN IT when the other’s team wins. He is not your typical UK fan. He eats, drinks, sleeps and urinates UK basketball. However, he is intelligent enough to admit that UK fans are out of control in their support of Kentucky. He is does not like Calipari being the coach due to his prior FLAGRANT violations and the fact that many of the players that he recruits have no interest whatsoever in college and are allowed to act like thugs during the game. He understands most UK fans could care less if he cheats or not as long as they win. How can you take pride in being rated #1 when you are putting five pro players, wasting educational scholarships, on the floor every game? Whatever it takes to say “WE WON!” I guess. Bob Knight would NEVER stand for that, nor will Tom Crean. I, for one, am prouder of our players who have to work to achieve excellence than I would be of five NBA-bound thugs with raw talent, yet minimal intellect, playing street ball. In an interesting side-note, he also tells me UK fans will use any excuse to rationalize a loss- ie Jones receiving death threats. How classless is it that your little Lamb said Watford’s shot was “lucky”? Maybe ‘Pari’s little Lamb shouldn’t have been so meek when he missed his free throws. Maybe raw talent isnt the answer to a national title. After all, it takes diligence and INTELLIGENCE, which few UK players will have the opportunity to develop because they have no use for college. Good game, UK. Sutton, Pitino and Calipari are all class acts. That evil, unethical Tubby will never again prevent you from seducing one and done players from showing the world that college is not for education- its simply for allowing Calipari’s Cult a stepping-stone to the NBA while pleasing the “win at all costs” UK Nation. I wasn’t at the game, but I can guarantee you’re talking about less than 1% of IU fans and I can guarantee the same things happen at the UK games. Just an interesting sidenote…in a state where racism is tolerated and even promoted- UK fans have no problems idolizing a bunch of street thugs who never intend to get a college degree- simply because they allow UK to win a college basketbsall game. I would stop watching IU if we ever started recruiting thugs,

    1. UKCrazyCat

      Tim, let me point out what is WRONG and RIGHT about this statement.

      To lend a bit of perspective to this, wanted or not, my best friend is from Lexington and is a diehard UK fan. Im from Ft Wayne and bleed the cream and crimson. We are both embarrassed when our programs cheat i.e. Sutton and Sampson. We both congratiulate one another and MEAN IT when the other’s team wins. He is not your typical UK fan. He eats, drinks, sleeps and urinates UK basketball. However, he is intelligent enough to admit that UK fans are out of control in their support of Kentucky. He is does not like Calipari being the coach due to his prior FLAGRANT violations( What violations do you refer to? Cal never implicated in anything, not Camby or Rose )and the fact that many of the players that he recruits have no interest whatsoever in college ( This is the NBA’s fault, and do you think Coach Crean would turn down any player Cal has recruited, I don’t think so. )and are allowed to act like thugs during the game. ( WHAT??? )He understands most UK fans could care less if he cheats or not as long as they win. How can you take pride in being rated #1 when you are putting five pro players,( jealous you didn’t get Teague? ) wasting educational scholarships, on the floor every game? ( I agree, they should be able to go out of highschool or stay in college for 3 yrs. )Whatever it takes to say “WE WON!” I guess. Bob Knight would NEVER stand for that, ( Knight coached in a different ERA, and is the biggest THUG in basketball!! Not many players were good enough to jump to NBA out of highschool then. )nor will Tom Crean. ( Coach Crean is a Class Act ) I, for one, am prouder of our players who have to work to achieve excellence than I would be of five NBA-bound thugs with raw talent, yet minimal intellect, playing street ball. ( Who is the thug? )In an interesting side-note, he also tells me UK fans will use any excuse to rationalize a loss- ie Jones receiving death threats. ( I wasn’t trying to make excusses for the loss, IU played thier hearts out and deserve the win, but something was clearly wrong with Jones. You need to read my post and not insert your own words )How classless is it that your little Lamb said Watford’s shot was “lucky”? ( He was lucky to get the shot off, not make it. I knew it was in when he shot it. Also Teague fouled the guy with the ball in the backcourt. )Maybe ‘Pari’s little Lamb shouldn’t have been so meek when he missed his free throws. Maybe raw talent isnt the answer to a national title. After all, it takes diligence and INTELLIGENCE, which few UK players will have the opportunity to develop because they have no use for college. ( Tim, if you went to college, would you finish if some one offered you MILLIONS to do what you love? If you say you would stay, I don’t believe you. )Good game, UK. Sutton, Pitino and Calipari are all class acts. That evil, unethical Tubby will never again prevent you from seducing one and done players from showing the world that college is not for education- its simply for allowing Calipari’s Cult a stepping-stone to the NBA ( What are you going to say when Zeller leaves this year or next? )while pleasing the “win at all costs” UK Nation. I wasn’t at the game, but I can guarantee you’re talking about less than 1% of IU fans and I can guarantee the same things happen at the UK games. ( All idiot fans need to get a life! )Just an interesting sidenote…in a state where racism is tolerated and even promoted- UK fans have no problems idolizing a bunch of street thugs ( Who are you refering to? Only thug on UK’s team I can remember was Carruth. And Zeller is a bit of a hothead, just didn’t show it at the UK game. I watched him in an earlier game and he should have gotton a T. ) who never intend to get a college degree- simply because they allow UK to win a college basketbsall game. I would stop watching IU if we ever started recruiting thugs, ( WHAT??? please tell me who is a thug.

  39. Tim

    Its extremely interesting how many UK fans are so gung-ho to drop this series “AFTER NEXT YEARS GAME AT RUPP”. I’m confused. If it’s that imperative to drop the series and players lives are in jeopardy, as you suggest, why is it so important to play the game at Rupp next year? Once again, It’s all about a WIN, again, for you. You also know your fans could, and will, be the same way when we visit Rupp. Are your lives and those of your players more important than ours? How selfish.The majority of you have blinders on, are jealous when you lose, and have a win at all cost attitude that overlooks cheating and players who waste college scholarships while being allowed to act like thugs and are chomping at the bit to leave college and play in the NBA. ThanK God, my best friend, who is a diehard UK fan since birth realizes how extremist and over dramatic the majority of UK fans are, I guess we would be that way too if there were nothing else but drugs, moonshine, racism, and incest in our state. One last note, in a state with such rampant intolerance for persons of color, how are five guys barely removed from the ghetto so highly revered? Once again, it serves your best interest. But would you allow those players to marry your daughter? good game, UK fans.

    1. UKCrazyCat

      Now your just being a racists. Move to Indiana then, you FIFI. ( freaking idiot from Indiana )

  40. Todd Keelin

    Very disturbing and totally uncalled for. I know we live in a free society but the language and behavior at sporting events is getting rediculous. While not anywhere near that level, even at UK football and basketball events I have been ashamed to take my children. Especially anywhere near students or the student section. At the UK home games I have not seen that kind of hatred hurled at other teams, but if a call is bad or general conversation is one cuss word after another. Our society is detiorating rapidly. No longer do people care what they say or who hears it.

  41. IU Student

    I was in the student section during the game and at no time did the students turn their backs and flip off the players. In fact, you couldn’t even hear the players names being called due to the noise. This letter reeks of bias and haughtiness and I’m shocked that Mr. Vaught would even include this on his site. The inclusion and endorsement of this by Mr. Vaught seriously calls in to question his journalistic integrity and skills.

    Please, the game is over, IU won, there are no substantiated reports of any serious injuries, quit being juvenile and just admit this is sour grapes.

    P.S. Mr. Vaught, please change the look and layout of your website, its abhorrent.

    1. larryvaught

      NOt sure where IU student was sitting, but certainly saw the middle finger used where I was. Fortunately not by guys and gals near me, but by others who also liked the “F” word a lot

  42. Steph in Lex

    I live in Lex, but I am an IU fan, alum and Hoosier born. I wear a favorite IU hoodie often (no, it didn’t just appear because of a win – I support them through every loss and win). If you truly experienced that (or just happen to notice over other situations), I am sorry for your experience. Immediately after the win, I saw IU fans stating that UK played a great game and they are a great team.

    I can say there is an air of superiority here but you’re a fan and don’t see it. I’ve seen some of the fan forums and it’s UGLY. The hatred an anger that follows a loss can make one fear living here – I feel some fans’ lives depend on a win.

    As far as storming the court, I love this article (posted from UK fan site): http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/12060/anatomy-of-an-upset-indiana-stuns-kentucky

    UK played a great game, they are a great team. I just hope Indiana is bouncing back.

    1. larryvaught

      Steph, fair and honest comment. Appreciate your insights and you certainly are right about how ugly it can get after a UK loss. EVeryone should have the perspective you do, and thankfully most of the folks who post her regularly are exactly that way

  43. scott

    I want the IU student to know I sat behind UK bench also about 15 rows up and students behind goal nearest UK bench did turn around and put middle fingers in the air…now I am not sure they did it the entire time of the line ups but I saw it because I was almost at the very end and basically faced them. I think the students were being students but the adults were ridiculous.

  44. IU Fan

    I am personally completely against all unsportsmanlike behavior (I will not boo the opposing team and tell anyone around me to stop). I have been a season ticket holder at IU for 7 years and grew up in southern Indiana and can tell you from my experience as a lifelong Hoosier fan who refuses to take part in such ugliness that the majority of the crude and unacceptable behavior comes from out of state students who think the rivalry is 100x bigger than it actually is, and when one person does something in any crowd, the crowd thinks they all can do it. IU administration repeatedly reminds fans to keep the behavior civil, they have student athletes announced via a video before each game. But drunk students are difficult to control in large numbers. Having said that, almost every complaint the UK fans are giving about IU fans I have seen the other way around. It is a very intense rivalry both ways, mistakes have been made on both sides (anyone who thinks their team is without fault is blind) and no matter where they play the game emotions will run high. Personally I think the series should be kept because it has two teams 3 hrs apart, who are two of the top college basketball programs in history, playing against each other. I do think it should go back to alternating between Louisville and Indy in the hopes that some of the crazy students don’t overwhelm the crowd.

  45. Robert Montgomery Knight

    Two words…butt hurt

  46. Brandon

    I made it to the game and was in Row 41 (dark part at IU). I never heart the FU chants???

  47. LindaS

    This is getting ridiculous. It is a ‘he said-she’ said situation. Maybe some people didn’t hear what was going on in certain sections because it was so loud where they were sitting and maybe they was not in ear shot of what was going on. Say what you will about Kentucky Fans, but don’t you dare call Larry Vaught a liar. He is the most respected and honest journalist on this earth. He does not print innuendo, rumors or lies.
    Why did security make sure Dookie Vitale got safely off the floor and not the Kentucky players and coaches. Why didn’t security make sure the media was safe?
    For only the 4th time in 20 years IU beat Kentucky. Everyone wants to beat Kentucky because they want to be Kentucky, however, no one will ever attain that goal. Past mistakes made by Kentucky were always paid in full. Not once did we have a coach who threw a chair across the floor. Not once did we have a coach go to a foreign country and if he ever goes back he will be arrested. Not once did we have a coach caught on tape grabbing a young man around the throat or slapping him. Not once have we had a coach who slapped another coach on the back of the head.
    Coach Cal has never been charged, investigated or found guilty of any infraction. He reported the Camby situation himself. He has shown more class to opposing coaches and players then any coach you had or have even now. I respected Tom Crean until this past Saturday when he did not address or apologize for the fiasco when the game was over. If this had happened at Kentucky penalties would have been levied against Kentucky. Kentucky walks on glass every day because fools are trying to pin something on them. They try to dig up any dirt they can find. Let me tell you, I have heard from other people at other universities, major Universities, Kentucky has had the cleanest program of any college since Sutton was coach.
    It seems the mentality of the gang at the game Saturday were trying to emulate their former coach who should have been arrested on numerous occasions and should have been fired long before he was. However, IU WAS MORE INTERESTED IN WINNING then having a coach who respected women, players and other people. WINNING WAS MORE IMPORTANT THEN INTEGRITY AND ETHICS. Larry Vaught has more integrity and ethics then your coach or fans. If you want the real scoop on IU, read below and find out why the now have Tom Crean and why the mentality of booby knigthmare still lingers over the campus in Bloomington.

    From Spots Illustrated, Dec. 2009
    1962: Trips guidance counselor in hallway while coaching Cuyahoga Falls (Ohio) High School. County school board declines action; Knight praises “good no-call.”
    December 7, 1974 he hit Joe B Hall on the back of the head. Kentucky beat what might have been Knights best team ever that day.
    He first snarled at me in 1974 when his best Indiana University basketball team won by 24 points over a good Kentucky team. That day he cuffed the Kentucky coach, Joe B. Hall, on the back of the head at midcourt late in the game. So at a press conference I asked, “What happened between you and Coach Hall?”
    Angry, the coaches had left their benches. After a minute at midcourt, Knight put out his right hand and brought it up quickly behind Hall, slapping his head hard enough to move it forward. Then they shook hands.
    Eyes narrowed, Knight said to me, “We’re here to talk about basketball. Any basketball questions?” Someone did as he was told, asking a basketball question. Then I said, “Now could you tell us what happened with you and Coach Hall?”
    “I said basketball questions. Any basketball questions?” Another one came. Nervous but determined, I jumped in again. “Coach, 17,500 people saw you hit the Kentucky coach at midcourt with the game going on in front of you. What happened?”
    Knight actually smiled. “Patience, David. We’ll get to that. Any basketball questions?”
    Finally, he answered me. Slapping Hall’s head was a friendly tap, he said, the same thing he does with players. Later, as I wrote a column calling Knight’s behavior condescending, here he came across the court. Uh-oh. Dave Kindred 1-5-98
    1976, Knight pulled guard Jim Wisman off the court by his jersey
    1979, Knight was arrested for assaulting a police officer during the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico. Knight was angry that a practice gymnasium was not opened to his team, which went on to a 9-0 record in the tournament. Knight was later convicted in absentia in a Puerto Rican court. However, the charges were later dropped when Indiana Governor Otis Bowen refused to cooperate in extraditing Knight to the island commonwealth.
    It was reported (although years after the incident) that Knight choked and punched IU’s longtime sports information director, Kit Klingelhofer, in the 1970s, over a news release that upset the coach.
    1980 — Fires a starting pistol at post game news conference to startle a Louisville newspaper reporter.
    1980’s, he lectured iconic radio play-by-play man Cawood Ledford about UK’s rule violations before a game. (at the time, IU star Steve Alford had to sit out as punishment for posing for a charity calendar.)
    “I know you’d like to be at full strength,” Ledford said to Knight in a pre-game interview. “But it still must be kind of a special game. I know it is on the Kentucky side of the river.”
    To which Knight responded, “This game, because of all that’s transpired down here over the years with recruiting, and all the crap that’s happened here, isn’t nearly so special to me as you might think.”
    1981: Stuffs LSU fan into garbage can at hotel. Knight says he would’ve thrown him into parking lot but did not want to violate stringent municipal anti-littering laws.
    1982: Yells maniacally at ESPN’s Dick Vitale, but, as luck would have it, at that very moment Vitale also is yelling maniacally and does not hear a word that Knight says.
    Jan. 19, 1985 when the Hoosiers played listlessly in an 86-84 loss at Ohio State. Knight was so enraged with the lack of effort by Giomi and by swingman Winston Morgan that he made them fly home on a different plane from the one carrying their teammates. “I didn’t want them in a situation where I’d keep pounding on them,” Knight explained.
    Jan 24, 1985 Giomi was not allowed to practice with the Hoosiers, and when Indiana played at Purdue on Jan. 24, he was barred from the team bus. Instead he rode to the game with Brad Bomba, the team doctor.
    1985: Kicks megaphone during Illinois game. Megaphone is removed from arena immediately.
    1985, Knight threw a chair across the court to protest a referee’s call during a game against the rival Purdue Boilermakers. Knight was suspended for one game and received two years’ probation from the Big Ten Conference.
    1987 After being called for “…the cheapest technical foul I ever received” (Knight: My Story, pg. 292) during an NCAA regional tournament game against LSU in March 1987, Knight slammed his fist down on a telephone at the scorer’s table while complaining to the head referee. After the tournament, Indiana University was fined $10,000, and Knight received a reprimand.
    March 1987 — Bangs fist on scorer’s table during an NCAA regional tournament game against LSU. NCAA fines IU $10,000 and reprimands Knight.
    Nov 1987 During an exhibition game against the Soviet national team in November 1987, Knight ended the game by pulling his team off the floor half way through regulation. Knight had received two technical fouls for leaving the coach’s box, while the Soviet coach had received none for committing the same offense. Enraged at the non-calls against the Soviet coach, Knight ordered his team off the floor after he was expelled, effectively ending the game, which the Hoosiers were losing at the time.
    Nov. 21, 1987 — Knight won’t leave the floor after being ejected. He drew three technical fouls which resulted in the game being forfeited to the Soviet Union team. Knight later is reprimanded by IU.
    April 1988 Women’s groups nationwide were outraged by Knight’s comments during an interview with Connie Chung in which he said, “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” Knight’s comment was in reference to an Indiana basketball game in which he felt the referees were making poor calls against the Hoosiers.
    Knight claimed he asked Chung not to use the comment in the story immediately after saying it. Knight claimed Chung said it would not be used, while Chung denied ever agreeing to that. A crowd of about 300 protested Knight’s comments on the Indiana University campus.
    1989 Knight called C.M. Newton the “Director of Corrections” when he became UK’s athletics director.
    March 25, 1992 In 1992 prior to the NCAA regional finals, controversy erupted after Knight playfully mock whipped Indiana players Calbert Cheaney and Pat Graham during practice. The bullwhip had been given to Knight as a gift from his team, however, several black leaders complained at the racial connotations of the act (Cheaney is black.) (Knight: My Story, pg. 297.) Supporters of Knight assert that several white players had received similar treatment, but this instance was the only widely reported incident. Knight apologized for the incident; however Cheaney later revealed that the incident was staged for the benefit of the press after Knight’s players tired of being repeatedly asked about how tough it was to play for Bob Knight. Cheaney feigned whipping Knight with a towel as a response to this.

    Dec. 7, 1993 During a game against Notre Dame in 1993, Knight allegedly kicked his son, Pat, who was then a player, after he made a bad play on the court. Later, both father and son claimed that Knight had really kicked the chair his son was sitting in.
    March 9, 1994 At Michigan State in 1994, Knight “head-butted” Indiana player Sherron Wilkerson, who had just sat down after coming out of the game. In his book, “Knight: My Story,” Knight blamed the contact on severe back pain he was experiencing at the time, which flared as he bent over to speak to Wilkerson.
    During a speech at Assembly Hall, Knight said “When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past, I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass.” Real classy.
    1995 Knight was shown berating an NCAA volunteer at a 1995 post-game press conference following a 65–60 loss to Missouri in the first round of the NCAA tournament held in Boise, Idaho. The volunteer, Rance Pugmire, informed the press that Knight would not be attending the press conference, when in reality, Knight was running a few minutes late and had planned on attending per NCAA rules. Knight was shown saying: “You’ve only got two people that are going to tell you I’m not going to be here. One is our SID [Sports Information Director], and the other is me. Who the hell told you I wasn’t going to be here? I’d like to know. Do you have any idea who it was?…Who?…They were from Indiana, right?…No, they weren’t from Indiana, and you didn’t get it from anybody from Indiana, did you?…No, I—I’ll handle this the way I want to handle it now that I’m here. You (EXPLETIVE) it up to begin with. Now just sit there or leave. I don’t give (EXPLETIVE) what you do. Now back to the game.”
    March 17, 1995 — IU fined a record $30,000 after Knight berates an NCAA volunteer at a news conference following IU’s first-round loss to Missouri.
    1997 Former IU player Neil Reed alleged that Knight had grabbed him by the neck in a choking manner during a 1997 practice. A videotape of the incident was shown on CNN.
    March 1999 — Knight pays a $10,000 fine, rather than accept a suspension from an NCAA tournament game. The fine resulted from derogatory remarks Knight made to
    1999, An IU investigation inquired about an allegation in which Knight berated and physically intimidated a university secretary, once throwing a potted plant in anger, showering her with glass and debris. The University later asked the coach to issue an apology to the secretary.
    June 1999 — Christopher Foster accuses Knight of choking him during an altercation in the parking lot of Nuestra Mexico, an Ellettsville Mexican restaurant. After much publicity, no charges were filed.
    1999, Assistant coach Ron Felling claimed Knight threw him off a chair and punched him in the chest after an eavesdropping Knight overheard him criticizing his program and methods on the telephone. (Felling allegedly said “Knight’s ranting and raving … takes the fun out of winning”). Felling sued Knight for assault and received an out-of-court settlement of $35,000 from IU. Many feel it was Felling who precipitated Knight’s 2000 firing by Indiana University president Myles Brand by leaking a video of a practice session to the media in which Knight appears to strike and hold the throat of player Neil Reed.
    Oct. 12, 1999, Knight accidentally shot long time friend Thomas Mikunda in the back and shoulder with a 20 gauge shotgun while shooting grouse. Two years later Mikunda sued Knight, claiming Knight coerced him into lying to investigators. The suit was settled out of court soon after. Knight was cited for failing to report a hunting accident and hunting without a nonresident small game license. He pleaded no contest to each count.

    February 19, 2000, Clarence Doninger, Knight’s boss, alleged to have been physically threatened by the coach during a confrontation after a game. . (This incident was not publicly known until The Star reported it March 30, 2000).
    March 14, 2000 — In a televised CNN/Sports Illustrated report, Neil Reed alleges Knight grabbed him by the neck during a 1997 practice, that Knight ejected IU President Myles Brand for talking during a practice and that the coach wiped himself with toilet tissue in front of players to make a point.
    March 23, 2000 — IU Bloomington Athletics Committee asks IU President Myles Brand to investigate Knight.
    April 12, 2000 — Videotape of 1997 altercation between Knight and Neil Reed airs on television.
    May 10, 2000 — Jeanette Hartgraves, secretary to the IU athletics director, tells The Star she felt physically threatened by Knight in a February 1998 confrontation in which he called her a “f—— bitch” and was advancing on her in anger. Clarence Doninger, stepped in to restrain Knight. Hartgraves also told of an episode in the late 1980s in which an angry Knight flung a potted plant against a wall, shattering a ceramic pot and a glass picture frame. Hartgraves said she was showered by glass and debris but not injured.
    May 11, 2000 — Two more accusations surface about violent behavior by Knight. WTHR (Channel 13) reports that Knight attacked assistant coach Ron Felling and threw him off a chair after overhearing Felling criticizing the basketball program in a telephone conversation. Other sources told The Star that Knight choked and punched IU’s longtime sports information director, Kit Klingelhofer, in the 1970s, over a news release that upset the coach.
    May 13, 2000 — On the eve of a special trustees meeting to decide his fate, Knight issues a public statement promising to better control his temper.
    May 14, 2000 — The IU board of trustees meets in secret to decide Knight’s fate.
    May 15, 2000 — At a news conference, university officials announce Knight will keep his job, but with a “zero tolerance” policy under which any new incident could bring about dismissal.
    September 8, 2000, IU freshman Kent Harvey told campus police Knight grabbed him roughly by the arm and berated him for speaking to the coach disrespectfully. Knight admitted putting his hand on the student’s arm and lecturing him on civility, but denied that he was rough or raised his voice. The coach was fired from IU two days later.
    Sept. 10, 2000 — At a Sunday news conference, IU President Myles Brand announces he fired Knight after he refused a request to resign. Brand cited several instances< of unacceptable behavior by Knight since the zero-tolerance policy was instituted, not just the altercation with Kent Harvey, for his decision.
    Jeremy Schaap of ESPN interviewed him and discussed his time at Indiana. Towards the end of the interview, Knight talked about his son, Patrick, who had also been dismissed by the university, wanting an opportunity to be a head coach. Schaap, thinking that Knight was finished, attempted to move on to another subject, but Knight insisted on continuing about his son. Schaap repeatedly tried to ask another question when Knight shifted the conversation to Schaap's style of interviewing, notably chastising him about interruptions. Knight then commented, "You've got a long way to go to be as good as your dad (referring to Schaap's father, Dick Schaap)!"
    Sept. 12, 2000 — In a live interview televised on ESPN, Knight says his accusers lied and university officials distorted their accounts of what happened.
    February 2004 Knight again made national headlines for a "verbal dust up" with then Texas Tech University Chancellor David Smith at a Lubbock supermarket.
    Feb 3, 2004 altercation with an LSU fan, allegedly shoving him into a garbage can. Knight claims that the fan used obscenities to provoke the incident.
    March 2006, a student's heckling at Baylor University resulted in Knight having to be restrained by a police officer. The incident was not severe enough to warrant any action from the Big 12 Conference.
    November 13, 2006, Knight was shown allegedly hitting player Michael Prince under the chin to get him to make eye contact. Although Knight didn't comment on the incident afterwards and as of yet hasn't done so, Prince, his parents, and Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers insisted that Knight did nothing wrong and that he merely lifted Prince's chin and told him "Hold your head up and don't worry about mistakes. Just play the game." Prince commented, "He was trying to teach me and I had my head down so he raised my chin up. He was telling me to go out there and don't be afraid to make mistakes. He said I was being too hard on myself."
    October 21, 2007, James Simpson of Lubbock, Texas, accused Knight of firing a shotgun in his direction after he yelled at Knight and another man for hunting too close to his home. Knight denied the allegations. An argument between the two men was recorded via camera phone and aired later on television.

    1. ChicagoHoosier

      Sept. 10, 2000, Bob Knight fired by Indiana University, a full 11 years ago. I’m sure he also caused the attack upon the Twin Towers nearly a year to-the-date later. Seriously, get over yourself.

    2. Brandon

      and Rupp was a raging racist. what does this have to do with the game? blah.

      1. King Ghidora

        Typical IU fans. When met with iron clad facts they resort to unproven accusations and personal attacks. Yep. Knight taught you well.

        Linda that is an incredibly well researched post and very attentive to detail. I think there are some other things that could have been said but to completely report on Knight it would take weeks. His obscenity laced tirades on national tv were among the worst things he did IMO. It led to a whole generation of people like Brandon and ChicagoHoosier. And they actually think they are making valid points. I’ll just invite them to prove their allegations just once. Get over that. Rupp retired almost 40 years ago but the lies continue or are you the only person on earth with actual proof of this racism of Rupp’s? Someone ought to tell you about Rupp’s support of the Children’s Hospital in Lexington and also about his visits there to kids of all colors. But that would void your pathetic mythology and you wouldn’t want that.

        Again I hold up these two as perfect representatives of the attitude of many I met while I lived in Indiana. Obviously not everyone was like that. But a bigger percentage of people were like that over any of the places I’ve lived or worked in the eastern half of the US. I was a truck driver for years and I met people from many different areas. Indiana took the cake for low lifes by far.

        Great job Linda. The fact these two crawled out of the woodwork only serves to prove your point.

  48. 1983 IU Fan

    I would like to see this game moved back to Indy and give each school 20,000 tickets to sell.
    A neutral site would eliminate the vast majority of this issue.

    1. King Ghidora

      LOL so you think Indy is a neutral site? Sure it is. I’ve seen how neutral Indy was. UK got hooked into that scheme once already. They learned better. Louisville is a neutral site. Lexington is less than 30 miles closer to the Yum Center. That’s nothing. If the series is going to continue every game should be played in Louisville period. It’s insane to go to Bloomington and Indy isn’t much better. The trouble with that 20k seats each arrangement is the old RCA Dome held almost 60k and it was a 2-1 advantage for IU. At Freedom Hall it was always an even split.

      IU has always wanted a “neutral site/ IU dominant site” series calling it home and home. What a joke. Just like the IU fans STILL here proving what we have known all along, that IU fans are uncivilized and dangerous. If it was up to me I’d NEVER sign to play IU again and those that think it’s about losing one game are just off their rocker. It’s about the hate. You know. The hate Mike Davis openly bragged about. The hate coming from Bob Knight still to this day with his bash fests against Calipari. The hate the IU fans showed in spades at the last game. Why should UK want to play there? It’s not like IU has a top program these days. They won 4 times in the past 20 years against UK. I’ll admit Cal likes to play cupcakes but not the kind that are laced with poison.

  49. LindaS

    I agree 1983IUfan. I’d like to see the Big Four Tourney like they use to do. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  50. 1983 IU Fan

    How about Ky,Louisville IU and PU with the Indiana and Kentucky teams alternating

    who they play every year? I still think IU and KY would have enough interest to hold the game at Lucas every year.

  51. Chicago BBall fan

    What’s remarkable about these stories is that no UK fan – not one person – apparently was offended or scared enough for their own safety at any point in time in Assembly Hall to seek out a security personnel or police officer. If these ravaging college students were really so dangerous, why wouldn’t these fans take more action to protect themselves? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    And somebody else made a great point earlier – two years ago, there seemed to be no stories about similar treatment to visiting UK fans in Assembly Hall when UK won. Apparently IU fans are only cruel when UK loses? Keep in mind – it takes 4 years for the average student to graduate, and there’s probably very little turnover in season ticket holders for a program like IU, which means the overall fanbase was probably quite similar for those two games. Again, it just doesn’t make sense. These stories were written with an awful lot of emotion & here say, and very little fact.

    And I think people are going overboard complaining about the middle fingers. If you’ve ever lived in New York or Chicago, it’s practically a part of daily life. Sheesh.

  52. LindaS

    any place neutral, even the chicken bucket in Lexington West. (Yum Center)

  53. ColdestZ

    Pathetic. Are you going to take your ball and go home too? It’s like petulant children at play. You get beat once and want to cancel the series? Good riddance. As far as fan treatment goes… I live in “Cat Country” right outside of Louisville. I did not attend college at UK but god forbid, another Kentucky institution. I have been accosted at gas stations, restaurants, and a freaking boat rental for wearing a t-shirt with my alma mater on it. I wasn’t fully decked out in a hat and full gear just a shirt. A man approached me and told me I had a lot of nerve wearing this shirt in “Cat Country” and others won’t be as kind as him and some had been “strung up”. This was in front of my terrified 4 year old girl and 10 month old son. WE WEREN’T EVEN AT A GAME! My elderly aunt went to Rupp arena with two of her 80 year old friends. She was pushed and spat upon for the shirt she wore.

    1. WarmestA

      Link to an article or video proving these allegations? You’ve received a link to a video proving the chants that so many IU fan have tried to refute.

  54. WarmestA

    “This was in front of my terrified 4 year old girl and 10 month old son.”

    And they knew enough at 4 years and 10 months old to know the man was a crazy UK fan that was referring to your attire? Was the man of a different skin color or did he dress a certain way? Maybe these were preconceived notions that your children picked up from you?

    1. ColdestZ

      “Link to an article or video proving these alegations?” I didn’t realize this was a trial. Sorry I failed to grab a camera when being randomly accosted. It’s true and I don’t care if you believe or not, that’s not the point. The point is there are some pretty hostile catsfans as well. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Your replies are all the proof I need. You implied I was a racist and a liar in your posts, pretty low stuff. My kids were scared because a strange man was aggressive in tone and posture towards their father. They don’t know anything about silly college sports rivalries or how they make the less civilized around us act out.

      1. WarmestA

        Your original point seemed to be that UK fans want to cancel the series because UK lost, not because of how they were treated. UK fans can take razzing, but when it comes to physical abuse by the masses, that’s a different story. I don’t suppose there were another 5,000 people dressed in UK gear when your kids got scared? If so, you might have a point.

        Indiana fans will have to come to Rupp Arena next season. In my opinion they won’t get harassed and spit on when walking down the street. UK fans won’t single out a fan and start chanting “a$$hole” at him/her. UK won’t be chanting “F&$# Indiana” prior to tip.

        Not buying it? Refer to the blog post by the UNC fan. UK had every reason to be threatened by UNC. They very well could have come to Rupp and won that game. But UK fans were cordial and didn’t resort to obscene chants and physical violence.

        Maybe what you’re alleging did happen, I don’t know. But what I see you doing is taking an isolated incident and attempting to use it to prove a point about why UK fans want to cancel the series. That’s a single person. The incident at IU was person after person with more than one account of such incidents and this type of behavior was exemplified by the video I referenced.

  55. Steph in Lex

    It looks from these posts that game-goers have stories to tell, and it wasn’t just the UK/IU game. Have we really placed our value in a win or loyalty to a college sport to demean even abuse other people?

    I’ve worn a Tarheels hat around Lex – I’m not a fan, but it was free and I’ve worn it for years. Last summer, a man walked up to me and stated, “You better not be a Tarheels fan.” He had a serious look on his face, but the reality was, it was in jest. Had I wanted to feel out the drama, I could’ve taken the story in a different direction.

    And so I ask, when you have a story to tell, do you see it only from your perspective? Did you decide to feel defensive and make the story worse than it really was?

    When safety feels compromised, however, that is another situation. And I would hope that it’s reported to the officials in the moment, not as an after thought on Twitter. It becomes hearsay at that point and nothing will change.

    Also, considering the number of smart phone carrying people, where is all the footage of this?

  56. Justin

    As I see it both side have gone to extremes to make a point. I would like to point out there are currently multiple videos displayed on the assem fanbly hall big screen telling fans and students poor behavior of the sort mentioned will not be tollerated. These videos are played before and during the game along with info if security is needed. I am a die hard IU fan. I take my devotion seriously enough to wear my IU gear while attending Purdue. If you want to talk hostile… that being said I find it repulsive that a home team even boos at the oppoing team players intro. Stop labeling people before you know them. Let’s let our basketball do the talking. All of us.

    1. larryvaught

      Justin, thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion in a classy manner. I agree. Let the basketball do the talking

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