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Kentucky fan was “scared to death” at end of UK-Indiana game, suffered ankle injury


She describes herself as a “die-hard Kentucky fan” and says not much can intimidate her. However, Megan Dills admits she did feel a bit overwhelmed at Indiana’s Assembly Hall Saturday when the Hoosiers beat UK 73-72 and she was knocked down when the crowd rushed the floor after the game.

“I was not intimidate at all until the end,” said Dills, 28. “I have a friend who is an Indiana alum and that’s how I got the ticket. I was not going to miss out on the ticket even though it was just going to be me sitting with all those IU fans.”

Dills, a 2007 Kentucky graduate with an animal science/pre-vet major, had UK painted on her face and wore a UK shirt. She almost says she can be a bit “mouthy” at games in support of the Wildcats.

“You couldn’t hear yourself think, much less scream for UK,” she said. “There was a girl two rows behind me that said, ‘Sit your blonde — down.’ I turned around and probably said some not so nice things myself back. But it was a good time, or at least it was until the end.

“All those fans came out of their seats and rushed the floor like idiots. The next thing I knew, I was knocked down five or six steps. I think the guy who actually knocked me down is the one who did at least pick me up. After I got hurt, I was scared to death.”

She had a swollen ankle she could barely walk on and a doctor confirmed Monday that she not only had a sprained ankle, but also some torn tendons. The injury has forced her to cancel a Playboy photo shoot this Saturday in Indiana.

“I just can’t do the shoot with my ankle like it is,” Dills, who also has a psychology degree from Northern Kentucky University, said. “But that’s okay because I do a lot of them.”

Dills, a Grant County native, grew up watching Kentucky games. “It was just a tradition with our family,” she said. “That’s where I learned that we do pray for basketball here because God does wear blue, too.”

She became a Playboy model and her first issue was for the “Girls of the SEC” where she represented Kentucky.

“That was spectacular and exciting for me. I always wanted to be a Playboy model or playmate, and then I got to represent Kentucky,” she said. “I worked the UK/U of L football game in 2007 as my first Playboy signing. I got a lot of notoriety for it because only a few girls are chosen every four years to do that (Girls of the SEC). Then my next issue of Playboy was as a college girl for UK in 2008. When I represent my school, I take it to another level.”

She let Jeff Goodman of CBSsports.com know that Monday via Twitter. She noted she had so much confidence in Kentucky in spite of Saturday’s loss that she would paint “I Love Duke” across her chest and go to a Rupp Arena game next year — “which would be like instant suicide” — if UK did not make the Final Four if he would use blue paint to write “I love UK” across his chest if Kentucky did make the Final Four.

“He wrote back and said he thought UK would be in the (national) championship game,” Dills said.

She’s currently friends with several UK basketball players, including Terrence Jones and Darius Miller, that she has met through friends and/or work.

“I really think a lot of Darius and I feel so bad for Terrence (because of the way he played at Indiana where he had just one rebound and four points). He is such a big teddy bear and is a sweet, compassionate person,” Dills said. “To see that look on him this weekend, I knew he was hurting inside. This kid cares. It’s not about the lights and glamor. He wants to win because he does care even if some fans don’t want to believe that right now.”

She insists there would never be a postgame scene in Rupp Arena like the one at Bloomington, Ind., last Saturday. She still remembers her father getting upset when she was younger and he would see UK players that did not have their jersey tucked in during games.

“We have higher expectations for our boys and school to live up to,” she said. “What happened up there would never happen at Kentucky. They were so distasteful and not very sportsmanlike. You would have thought they won the national championship. I just see us as different than other schools. Basketball really is like a religion and we respect the game. You would not have to leave a game in fear like you did Indiana. Besides, if Kentucky had played to half of its potential, IU would be singing another song today.”

Dills, who lives in Los Angeles but travels back to Grant County to see family, hopes to make some games in Rupp Arena this year. If not, she’ll be at the SEC Tournament in New Orleans.

“As a student, I used to go into the E-Rupp-tion Zone at Rupp and loved it. I never had a voice when I left,” she said. “But as long as I get to see Kentucky play, I am cool no matter where I sit. Kentucky women, if you want to talk trash about basketball, we can list the lineup and throw a punch or two for all our boys because we love our basketball.”

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  1. Kyle

    Sorry Larry the picture and “Playboy model” has me totally distracted. What is this article about again? ;)

    1. larryvaught

      Kyle, read slowly this time. You will like the story too (ha ha)
      SEriously, I had no idea about Megan’s career. Her tweets at the game intrigued me and when we got to talking on the phone and I asked her about her job, that’s when she became my first Playmate interview. But hope to keep up with her career and UK connections as well at the SEC Tournament in New Orleans if not sooner

      1. TLuttrell

        This girl is a “die-hard” Kentucky fan. Really???????????? I was a friend of her’s while growing up going skating at florence fundome. never did i notice her as a kentucky fan back then (this was in the 90’s 95-99). i once was a friend of hers on facebook, that was until march of 2011. the reason i was deleted off and then ignored was because i was the only “die-hard” uk fan on her friends list that was disgraced enough to make bad comment to her when seeing photos that she had put up on her page that showed her wearing florida gear and sitting behind florida’s bench during uk vs florida sec tourney game last season. that to me doesnt define a die-hard uk fan. i consider myself to be one. and by my screenname she knows who i am so anybody out there ask her if that sequence of events is true and she’ll oblige unless if she is a liar amongst the other things that she is. i feel bad for her bummed ankle and all but she should have kept her story at that, instead of making it into a publicity ploy. it sucks everytime i have to watch the cats in defeat, those players out there on the court are like my brothers. i feel their pain. i take offense to uk players being disrespected by ANYBODY but thats just part of the game when fans of other programs come into play. just my personal opinion, megan is using the popularity of uk for her own personal gain and doesnt deserve any of the attention that she is currently receiving.

        1. larryvaught

          Information about where she got ticket in original article. And she wore a Florida shirt to a SEC tourney game because she got tickets from a Florida friend and was in the midst of the Florida section cheering for uk

          1. TLuttrell

            bologna. we’ll you’ll never see me in any other programs gear, or at a uk game wearing the other teams gear and dont give me that crap that she was rooting for uk when she was sitting right behind florida’s bench. this is a junk topic that is nothing more than a publicity ploy by megan and she “uses” the uk tradition and popularity for her own personal gain.

  2. Claude Hoffmeyer

    Larry, as I stated in your article about the IU game, I think Indiana should be dropped from UK’s schedule. Or get a hefty monetary payment to UK if Indiana does this kind of dangerous thing again . Indiana should pay for any medical costs Ms Dill endured.

    1. CollegeBasketballForLife

      Rushing the court is an all-too-familiar practice in the NCAA and by no means is it as outrageous as you convey it to be. As for the profanity, there will always be swearing going on in student sections; hiding behind the argument that “UK values basketball, we pass it down from generation to generation, we never act like that” is on its face hypocritical. Your student section most definitely uses profanity and for you to say otherwise would literally mean you are guaranteeing to an absolute certainty that: “All of the UK students, at all times, during every game, never use profanity, and are completely cordial and accommodating to the opposing team.”

      Should you believe such a theory, you are only displaying your own ignorance to the fact that you are a sore loser. The YouTube clips are endless, should you feel the need to actually “research” your crowd and what goes on during games.

      You choose this forum to voice your disgust because you lost a game that you should have won by 20, but didn’t, and for that matter, failed miserably. If you want to be #1 and have the “bragging rights,” then you have to take the heat when you play pathetic, because, had this been the tournament, you would be OUT, so be grateful it was a regular season game and move on.

    2. IUHoosier

      Or should they be dropped from the schedule so UK doesn’t lose again??

      1. UKFAN197TONE

        HA! What’s the win/loss record for IU against UK again? UK-31. IU-24. You’re welcome. Don’t get cocky. Just because your fans beat up girls don’t make you tough.

  3. Juan4UK

    Well Larry, as of last night I had read enough. I read the “Anonymous” letter that was sent in to KSR. It mirrored exactly what I have read in most places I visit on the web. Over and over again I have heard the stories of the absolutely foul treatment of UK fans. Never have I heard such scathing reviews of another fanbase. I would encourage people to email the University Leadership at IU, maybe even UK. For those who are interested, these are the one’s I sent to: (I meant to cc not bcc)
    to: iupres@indiana.edu
    bcc: athldir@indiana.edu,

    As of now at 2:00 pm I have received no response, I do not expect to.

  4. Don V

    Hey Larry you have a tough job but somebody’s got to do it, right?

  5. Megan Dills

    Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to talk with you about the common love and passion we share for The University of Kentucky and our beloved Wildcats. I wanted to chime in on the upset over IU’s fans behavior and the atmosphere that our boys were subjected to.
    I am not nearly as irritated with being knocked down at the game as I am by the disgruntled, hostile chants by the fans. Rivalry is fun and serious to those on both sides but fun doesn’t describe the use of profanity. I don’t find (FU UK) to be in good taste or morals when there are children at home watching the game or for those that may have been in the stands. It was more than disappointing, it was disgusting. I have always felt that UK basketball was a family oriented sport; something that has been passed down from one generation to the next. It’s obvious that IU does not value their program or hold it as in of high regard as we do. They should be ashamed.

    1. larryvaught

      Great points Megan. I know Rupp can have some rowdy fans, but never have I consistently heard the type of language I did on Saturday from so many folks. Disgusting is a good word to use

    2. John

      And these people think that we lack culure……

      1. Ian

        “Culure”?? Do you mean culture? I think you may have just proven a point.

        1. John

          And what point would that be?!?!
          Perhaps it is another point, that we have comments posted where the spell check didn’t kick in and we also have those Hoosieresque type that point out spelling errors.

    3. Juan4UK

      I agree with this, I have no problem with foul language or good nature taunting, it’s a part of the experience to a point. It’s when things become aggressive, vicious and truly hostile in a primal way with seems to be the recurring theme. Another thing that I hadn’t thought of, what about someone bringing their KIDS to the game? Did anyone see any kids there?

      1. larryvaught

        Juan, it was no place for kids Saturday

        1. Marthas_Broom


          Explains what happened to your cats.

          Seriously, though, do you realize how pathetic this makes UK look? You are world famous for having the rudest, loudest, most obnoxious fans in any sport.

          You got beat. It happens. Get over it, and stop whining like a bunch of butt-hurt crybabies. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but it’s beneath the dignity of a program with UK’s history.

          1. UKFAN197TONE

            Really? I’ve been around the world and never heard one bad word used to describe UK fans.

    4. AJ

      I think you’re just upset that you weren’t even one of the 15 hottest girls in the arena.

    5. HoosierMan

      Ha, someone who takes her clothes off for money talking about “family values” nice…

    6. JK UK

      All this talk of morals from a Playboy model…interesting.

  6. King Ghidora

    I’ve made a lot about IU and the fans there lately. This is another brick in that wall as far as I’m concerned. But I’d really like everyone to read this blog from a UNC fan about his experiences at Rupp and in Lexington. This is the Lexington I remember. I’ve had some bad experiences at UK I suppose but not many. The experience in this blog is what UK and the BBN are really all about. Those who have raved about how UK fans are “racist hicks” would really benefit from this read. Please read this. It tells the whole story IMO.


  7. King Ghidora

    I thought I would go ahead and post an excerpt from that blog. It really is important IMO. It shows the true nature of the BBN. It is NOT the BBN that gets portrayed in the media. Anyway here’s a couple of paragraphs. I hope it inspires some to read the rest of the blog. I am attempting to use some HTML tags. I

    “During the game itself, whose particulars I will not comment on except to say that it was an exhausting and elating stretch where every minute movement on the court seemed to draw a thrilled agony from the crowd, I noticed that the Kentucky fans are some of the smartest basketball watchers I have seen. They gasp when Anthony Davis gets missed rolling to the hoop, and they cheer pre-emptively when Doron Lamb curls around a second screen on the baseline. And although I was not exactly a shrinking violet in my support of Carolina, the only time anybody even thought about heckling us was when a 14-year-old in front of us made “three goggles” at me with the peculiar sort of turdishness which is the true domain of 14-year-old boys.

    After the final buzzer, after John Henson’s shot was blocked and the final five seconds elapsed with the players obviously as stunned and gassed as the crowd, the dentist’s cousins immediately offered their hands and said good game. Ditto three-goggles-turd-boy. And every Kentucky fan within twenty seats. Listen, I am not taking the frustrating fan’s high road when I say that it was impossible for me to be upset as I walked out of that arena. But like I said, the mood was much more celebratory than competitive. The feeling among every person I talked to, Cats fan or Tar Heel, was that the game we’d just sat through precluded any ill will. I think I must’ve heard “We’ll see y’all in March” at least two hundred times.”

  8. King Ghidora

    I just read the letter at KSR mentioned here. Am I still alone in thinking IU is the biggest hole in all of college basketball? I also read where Dick Vitale says that UK fans should keep their shirts on and not make up “excuses” for the loss and even Rex Chapman followed his lead. As I have said many, many times Vitale has attacked the BBN relentlessly for decades. Not a word was mentioned about the foul atmosphere at Bloomington. I suppose for someone who thinks the Cameron Crazies are cute this is nothing new. So I wonder why Vitale feels the need to employ bodyguards at times when he comes to Lexington? Isn’t he just experiencing the same treatment UK fans get at IU? I can tell you there were multiple times I could have used a bodyguard in my encounters with IU fans.

    I never once blamed the loss of the game on the fans. I did say the refs made a big difference and they did as they always do anywhere in the state of Indiana. That’s a fact and I can prove it. I have game tapes dating back for decades and it wouldn’t be at all hard to prove my point. I predicted exactly what would happen in an email to another regular here. Davis would be in foul trouble early and would get a quick foul in the second half to severely limit his playing time and his ability to play aggressively. I remember the days of the phantom foul being commonplace in the SEC but that is no longer the case. Indiana is known far and wide for still employing that tactic.

    I had only a few complaints about the IU players and it was nothing out of the ordinary. But the fans there are a riot ready to happen. Mark my words, some day that crowd will kill people. They nearly did on Saturday. Again I know about the effects of fan harassment at games. The high school I would eventually attend played a football game at a school where the fans acted a lot like the IU fans. The visiting team went through the crowd of fans (who had rushed the field to exact revenge for losing) like a buzz saw through butter. Young, well conditioned athletes have a huge advantage over middle aged hooligans bent on destruction. Dozens rode ambulances to the hospital that night. One ref was beat over the head repeatedly with a football helmet. It was a horrible scene by any standards. But it can’t compare with a crowd the size of the one that gathers at Assembly Hall. This could well be the result of a situation gone out of control on that level.


    Uncivilized behavior has a way of bringing about uncivilized results.

    1. Anonymous

      Oh get off your high horse and quit acting like UK fans are God’s gift to the world. It’s gotten sad and pathetic reading this nonsense on here. Perhaps if you “predicted” what would happen Saturday with the officials maybe you should have told Calipari. Why don’t you ask him why Christian Watford was able to shut down Jones while you’re at it. This is below even UK fans. Stop you’re crying and take the loss. Don’t act like UK fans don’t cuss at games and get rowdy as well. You all act the same, now grow up and pop your mothers breast out of your mouth.

      1. King Ghidora

        Thanks for providing solid proof that IU fans are exactly as described here. Vulgar and insufferable. If you knew anything about what I’ve said you’d know that I said UK lost because they were outplayed. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that Davis, who hasn’t been in foul trouble even once this year, was constantly in foul trouble. Yes Jones failed to produce at all but there are other theories about why that happened. At any rate I have clearly said IU outplayed UK and deserved to win. So your conjecture is totally invalid.

        I have lived in Indiana. I spent a good deal of time in the Bloomington area. I know the people there too well. I know how they act and in all my visits to Rupp and before that Memorial I have never seen the kind of actions you describe anywhere in Lexington. I’ve sat in the student section. Never once did I see a fan from another school harassed. I have the last game recorded. I can provide lots of evidence of bad behavior there and just fyi, it is not acceptable to use vulgar language just because you are a student. UK has always been very much out in front of preventing any bad behavior from their fans. I can’t say the same about IU. In fact Bob Knight led the bad behavior and set the tone so low that only whales and elephants could hear it. And IU fans of course.

        I’ll go ahead and address the lies told by Ryan below. Rupp was never shown to be a racist despite what you hear in the media. Show me one racist quote of his that actually has a witness willing to back it up. Eddie Sutton was never accused of cheating. He was accused of losing control of the program. Dwayne Casey was accused of cheating along with Eric Manuel. The case against Casey was such a joke that he won a huge lawsuit against Emory for destroying his reputation. The evidence against Manuel was as pitiful as it gets. I could cite that evidence but you wouldn’t listen anyway. And as for Cal, the NCAA TOTALLY CLEARED HIM OF ANY WRONG DOING in a move that was unprecedented before and since. How many investigators have you hired to prove the allegations the NCAA said were false?

        This is exactly the kind of claptrap that comes from IU. Lies, insinuations, and hostility. Knight taught you well. Wait a minute. Didn’t IU fire the guy for being such a scumbucket? Of course they did.

        You are so wrongheaded about these things I’m amazed you manage to dress yourself. Anyone as stupid as you must have problem coping with the simplest of tasks.

        1. YouMustBeFromKentucky...

          If you’ve never seen a fan of an opposing team harassed, you’ve never been to a college basketball game…or any level of basketball game for that matter. Either that or you got shafted worse than Helen Keller cause even she could see and hear the verbal abuse that goes on at Rupp, Assembly, and every other college court in the country.

          1. King Ghidora

            More slanderous insults. The fact you “believe” things are the same everywhere just shows that you think the behavior at AH was typical and ok. It is neither. Are you aware that people die when humans rush to a point like they did Saturday? It isn’t like a football game where there’s a huge field. You get that many kids on a basketball floor and people can get hurt. And once again, I’ve seen the aftermath of sports riots and IU is well on it’s way to starting one. I’m not talking Xavier / IU. I’m talking soccer riots where fans attack opposing players and many people die. You really need to get your head out of “but they do it too” and learn some respect for your fellow humans. That’s probably hard for you if you’re from Indiana but trust me, most of the world lives by those rules. And, again, I’ve lived in Indiana so I know what people are like there. Don’t tell me it’s the same as everywhere else. It’s far from the same. It’s not in the same league with most places. You can bash Kentucky all you like but I lived in Indiana. I KNOW what people are like there.

        2. Hoosier

          Oh u mad, bro?

          Follow up question, are black people allowed in Rupp yet?

  9. Ryan

    Please. Rupp is like that sometimes and as far as respecting the game, I am fairly positive UK has a legendary coach who is racist, been put on probation by an alcoholic cheater and most recently hired a cheater with two NCAA Final Games wiped from the books. Your asterick is coming soon.

  10. B'town Hoosier

    Get off your high horse. 1) The anonymous e-mail to KSR is BS. It DID NOT HAPPEN. I was at Nick’s, upstairs, and when UK fans walked in, they were booed. Not in a mean way, just a rivalry way. NOTHING else happened. At the game, the only problem I saw was the UK fan in front of me would not sit down. No biggie for me as I am young enough. But the fan behind me is 70+, and could not stand for extended periods. I asked the UK fan to sit, but was told, “We don’t sit during a UK game.” Finally, she relented.

    2) I have been to several IU/UK games in Lexington during the 80’s and 90’s, and usually was treated well. But a couple times I was yelled at, cussed at, and “accidentally” had the guy behind me spill his drink on my back. Just admit, we all have fans who are jerks. UK is no better than IU and IU is no better than UK….well, except on the court this year.

  11. hoosier

    In 1998, my dad took me to the IU/UK game in kentucky. I was 10 years old at the time, wearing an AJ Guyton jersey. A large group of UK fans started chanting “f***k you” at me. I was ten.

    Please don’t expose your ignorance by thinking IU is so terrible, and that UK’s fans all wear halos. Every team has fans who say or do things that shouldn’t be done, but they are the exception. There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with rushing the court. That’s what any team does when they knock off the #1 team in the country – especially a team that’s been through the 3 long years that IU has.

    It all boils down to the fact that you need to quit whining and bitching and accept the fact that you lost the game. All you are doing by continually complaining about alleged “terrible treatment” is making yourself look like a bunch of whiney pussies.

    As a last comment, I would like to remind you that John Calipari is one of the posterchildren of NCAA coaches for cheating. At IU, when Sampson was found to be a cheat, we fired him. At UK, Coach Cal’s actions get swept under the rug.

    Please, for Christ’s sake, quit making yourselves look like fools. Accept that you were outplayed in a tough environment, learn from it, and move on. UK will most likely do very well in March (as much as I hate to say it), and can use this game in an extremely tough Assembly Hall environment as a benefit for their very young team to learn to handle pressure. So, continue to whine like bitches and make yourself look ridiculous, or take the learning experience on the chin like a grown man. Up to you.

    1. John


  12. UKMel 1603

    Why do so many IU Fans stalk a UK website??
    We lost, you won. It’s over. Time to move on.
    They just bad mouth us because they have been bad for so long now, this victory is like the National Championship to them. They could end the season right now and be content.
    We will be there in March! I highly doubt once the Candystripers get out of the friendly confines of ASSembly Hall their luck will hold up.

    1. Stephanie

      And Indiana is getting criticized for lack of hospitality and sportsmanship.

  13. CampCrean

    @UKMel you are such a hypocrite. We want it to be “we won, you lost” but you idiots keep crying and crying and crying. I have been to Lexington and let me tell you, your student body are the most racist, foul mouthed pricks I have ever seen. You guys were playing Tennessee and after a hard foul all I could hear was “get that monkey off the court” “he belongs in the zoo.” UK fans are good at one thing: overshadowing a loss with constant crying. Maybe next time you won;t come back, because apparently you guys can’t handle Indiana.

  14. LindaS

    @King, I posted that link on the post of Kentucky Fan Who Went to Bloomington, thanks for sharing it here. I hope you read what I posted.

  15. UK/IU fan

    I am in neutral territory here in terms of who I rooted for. I grew up watching UK, but attended IU and I did not care who won. I’ve been to my fair share of games at Rupp Arena, as well as Assembly Hall and I was there at the game. To be honest, there is not that much of a difference. For anybody, beating the number one team in the nation is huge, so yeah, they rushed the court. At the end of the day, fans from any college you go to are going to be rowdy, and loud, and at times obnoxious but it is all because of their love for the team.
    I too find it funny that a you people are backing up a playboy model that is talking about morals, really thats a joke. And she burned herself when you decided to sit in the middle of the Indiana student section, that was not well thought out if you wanted to be treated well. Students at UK would not treat an IU fan in the middle of their student section well either, so get over it, it’s your own fault.
    The fact is, IU won. And it sucks for all UK fans. Could they have beat IU? Absolutely. But they didnt. And if anything this is a huge opportunity for them to learn and grown from this experience. They will benefit greatly from understanding how to play in a crazy atmosphere, because this is one of the many they will face this season. So UK fans get over it, and quit bashing Indiana. MOVE ON. GO WILDCATS, GO HOOSIERS

  16. King Ghidora

    Indiana deserves all the bashing they can get and then some. I lived there. I know those people all too well. You’re so full of the idea that it happens everywhere that you can’t even see that it does NOT happen everywhere. It only happens at places with a moral code that would make Satan blush. Indiana is the worst place in America that I’ve seen and I’ve been around quite a bit.

    The “somebody else does it so it must be ok” argument is a crack head argument. Didn’t your mother ever say to you, “if someone else jumped off a cliff would you do it too?” “But mom all my friends smoke crack” is not a valid response for anyone with actual morals.

    But in the same post you put down someone for moral choices. What a joke that is. All you visiting Hoosiers are doing is proving that we were right to say what we did about you. So feel free to continue your bash fest. It only makes us look more right all the time.

    Linda I did read your comments there. I know I can count on you to see things in their proper frame of reference. I also know that you live and work along side Lousiville fans and that they have never treated you with the hostility ascribed here to IU fans. In short, even UL fans are better than IU fans. Apparently people just ignore my descriptions of what my life in Hoosier land was like. The suicides, the over dose cases left for dead face down in half frozen water, the “guard dogs” that destroyed the life of a census worker, the drive bys that I saw happen and the ones I expected to take place, the mobs that threatened me and my wife, the mobs that harassed me and my wife, etc. etc. etc.. I’m not repeating every story I’ve recounted here for days. Suffice it to say I’ve lived in Indiana and it’s the home to countless low lifes. And the people posting here just continue to prove that with their lies and false allegations and their equivocating about their moral failings.

    I don’t lose sleep over any single basketball game. It’s the height of ignorance to think anyone would. I do worry about what can happen when fans go too far. I’ve seen the results of that and it isn’t a pretty sight unless you think hundreds of people heading to the hospital with concussions and other life changing injuries is a pretty sight. And that was a high school game. Think Xavier / UC times 1000. Think soccer riots. Think death and destruction. It absolutely does happen.

    1. someguy

      Wow. You’re an idiot. I mean… this is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. And it would be laughable if it wasn’t so offensive

      1. Anonymous

        someguy, why don’t you wake up and smell the roses and while you are at, get yourself off a UK site, we don’t need or want you here. Get over it.

  17. pink

    She’s gonna sue cuz she’s too old as a model ! No brains for school so why not call the lawyer….but very streetwise lass. Next stop..the old dude with bucks.

  18. CalipariforPres

    Frankly I am heartbroken for this poor girl that will have to suspend her vocation of taking off her clothes and becoming spank material for horny old men. Seriously? Is this what we’ve become? Are we so enraged with the loss at IU that we’ll listen to any bimbo’s tale of woe? I don’t even think she’s attractive. I didn’t make it to the game and wouldn’t have wanted to go anyway. All the media outlets picked this game as the upset and I KNEW that this was what the environment would be like. I was not going to subject myself, let alone my kids to that scene. But let’s be honest here, Indiana is a classy program. They went through some ridiculously hard times after a “scandal” regarding too many phone calls — doesn’t seem like much of a scandal in the wake of Penn St. and Syracuse. Let’s not act like we wouldn’t be just as excited as them to rejoin the upper tier of basketball after fielding the teams they were forced to play these past few years. We all know that UK is a great program, but so is Indiana. Both have a rich history and I pray coach Cal doesn’t do something stupid like drop this game. Judging by how upset everyone still is about the loss it’s pretty apparent that this game means something to everyone.
    The SEC has a rule that fines schools that don’t prevent court rushing. Hopefully the other leagues will join in and do the same, but let’s not act like it’s because we have a sense of moral superiority and that’s why it doesn’t happen. I love being by the student section when I go to games in Rupp, but NEVER when I bring my kids. They are too young and you are all delusional if you think our students are well mannered. I’ve heard the f-word so many times there it’s lost its impact.
    We’re UK — we are so much better than this “playmate” and her bimbo rants. Good game Hoosiers – enjoy it now. It’ll be a while before you win against UK again.

  19. Hoosier Fan #1

    Does the Kentucky bimbo need a shoulder to cry on?

  20. you'reajoke

    You’re such a joke. This is actually an hilarious article. Great job! In order to get into the student section you have to have a student id, thus you were not. If you were then that’s your own damn fault. If you weren’t and got “trampled” by the few students in your area it’s most likely because you’re top heavy and dumb. I’m sorry low blow, but really. If this story were written for a valid reason and not to just to gain attention I would too take you seriously and feel bad.

    Also great job on name dropping everyone you know. That made complete sense in this article and was extremely relevant. I mean knowing you like to hook up with college basketball players still fits in perfectly with you falling down the bleachers. That’s really cool and all since the whole team will likely be in the NBA next year. Maybe this article will become really popular and you’ll actually be a playmate and not a wannabe. Hope you got a lot of publicity!

  21. CalipariforPres

    Also, did anyone notice that she went to NORTHERN Kentucky University? So relieved to find out that our girls have more class than this.

  22. UpsideWillz

    Seriously one of the LEAST attractive ‘playmates’ I’ve ever seen. Not ‘hatin’, just truthin

  23. MT

    Poor thing….she has a boo boo on her ankle. ahhhh……I feel really bad for her.

    Go IU!!!!

  24. IU Grad

    No comments on the game because it is what it is. I do think “King Ghidora” is a complete moron. C’mon King, really? Where in the hell were you living when you lived in Indiana? I am sure there are places in Indiana where that environment exists just like any other state so choosing a place where there is that much violence and blah blah blah says a little about your intellegence and decision making skills. You’re a very narrow minded individual and YOU should be ashamed and embarrassed of yourself for spilling your ramblings on here like you have. You choose high dollar words an phrases to try and make yourself sound more intelligent than you really are, but the fact is your an idiot and you really should be happy with that. For you to say the things you have said about Indiana people and lumping them all together is really stupid. Also, saying that Kentucky fans don’t cuss and taunt is even more outrageous. I have nothing against anyone that is not an IU fan or who is a die hard Kentucky, Illinois, Nebraska, etc fan. We all love basketball and the competition it brings win or lose. You win some, you lose some and you learn from that. For anyone to say their team is the best and above all others is an idiot and doesn’t live in the real world. All teams have some idiot fans no matter where you choose to wave your flag of allegiance.
    One last thing. You sit and type all your ramblings and comments on other posts behind the safety of your keyboard and act like your all offended by what they say. Yet your turn around and engage in the same game they are playing. You call others names and label them just as fast and with just as harsh insinuations. Don’t be such a hypocrite!

  25. Stephanie

    Does anyone realize why the court was rushed, why this was such a tremendous win for IU? Have you not seen the recent record for them? Ms. Dills, how do you know UK would not do the same if they were in the same boat?

    You stated that the guy who knocked you down, helped you back up. So, this was not a deliberate shove, and obviously one with remorse. You also admitted to your own sassy mouth and “… it was all fun” until your injury.

    Why is this story continuing and getting worse?

    I wish you a speedy recovery, as I’ve had sprained – even broken – ankles caused by others. I’m sure you know that you will heal, but the emotional wound is your choice.

  26. Stephanie

    P.S. To King Ghidora: Fishers, Indiana was just rated the safest place to live.

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