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Kentucky fan Megan Dills remembers Indiana fiasco, wants Cats “to smoke” Hoosiers Friday

Megan Dills

Megan Dills


When Megan Dills went to Bloomington, Ind., to watch her favorite team, Kentucky, play basketball in December, she never envisioned how that game would impact her life.

She was knocked down when Indiana fans stormed the court after the 73-72 victory and injured her ankle so severely that it caused her to miss work. However, the story was picked up not only nationally, but also internationally because she happened to also be a Playboy model.

Now she says there’s “probably no way” she cannot be in Atlanta Friday when UK and Indiana play again — this time in the NCAA Tournament South Region.

“I am beyond words. I am so excited,” she said Sunday via telephone from her home in northern Kentucky. “I don’t see how I could not go to the game. I think our boys are hot for this game and have hated watching that replay (on ESPN of the game-winning shot at Indiana by Christan Watford).

“I want them to smoke them. Not just win, but shut down Watford. I want to see Terrence Jones dunk on his head. That is what I am envisioning. I am pumped. I do not want to say too much on Twitter or Facebook this week, but I am ready for that game now.”

She says her fall at Indiana has led to a lot of “really positive outcomes.” She was on a nationally syndicated show talking about the danger of fans storming the court. She went to Rupp Arena to write a column for the NationofBlue.com, an internet site devoted to UK sports, and had a story also appear on Playboy’s website. She’s been on various radio talk shows.

“I have a lot more friends in Big Blue Nation now. There are a lot more folks I associate with and meet for games,” Dills, who was in Louisville Saturday to watch Kentucky beat Iowa State while Indiana was eliminating Virginia Commonwealth in Portland, Ore.

“But on the other hand, there are a lot of people who dislike me, including some Kentucky fan. Unfortunately, when you put Playboy with anything, there’s such a negative connotation for some.

“But the hate has not overwhelmed the love and support. It has given me a platform where I can speak more vocally about our program and players. I never planned on this story going so big, but it’s good that it did. It opened so many avenues for me, including going to Rupp Arena as a guest writer and seeing what all goes on behind the scenes.”

She’s currently working on a new reality show that is being filmed in Kentucky.

“I actually wore blue the first day we filmed because it was a Kentucky game day,” she said. “You will definitely see me in blue and some 3 goggles up.”

She expects to see a lot of blue in Atlanta Friday, too.

“I want our fans to come to Atlanta and show how a fan base is supposed to be and supposed to act. I know it will be  house of blue. We are going to take over the Georgia Dome,” Dills said. “It would be easy for me to want to say and chant bad things at Indiana, but I won’t do that. Our boys will have our backs and take care of things on the court and we have enough dignity not to rush the court after beating Indiana.

“I had an amazing time at Louisville Saturday. I didn’t sit down. I was part of (Murray) Racer nation and was screaming so much that game I almost lost my voice before the Kentucky game. I was so proud of Murray, too, even though they lost (to Marquette).”

She also enjoyed meeting two fans from Michigan who were in town on business and bought tickets to the game.

“They had never seen anything like our fans and I got to tell them about all the mind-boggling parts of being a UK fan,” she said.

She admits fans sometimes now stop her because they recognize her and she has to re-tell the Indiana story.

“I have become so much aware of what happens when fans storm the court or field and how really dangerous it is,” Dills said. “Mine was just a simple injury and some people, especially some Indiana fans, made fun of it. But our players, or even their players, on the court could have been hurt and a lot of them hopefully are going on to be pro players. But now all I want to see is our boys walking off the court with a win. That will mean a lot more than any December win.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Megan, Yours was so much more than just a simple injury….It’s a contrast in Class and Chaos. I’m Understanding for Indiana’s excitement, but Kentucky Wildcats and BBN, only rush the floor for Championships. And even then,” because of you, Megan”, Individuals, Teams and Arena Personnel are talking about Safety In Celebration. The Country needs your respectful, proactive message (have you seen international soccer), keep up the Great work, while representing…On a personnel note; I hope Indiana, Louisville and Tennessee all get More Competitive for ” Our Wildcats “, because we can only be ” The Best “, when we Win against great competition. Thanks, Larry Gallery721.com

  2. Mike

    Why is this news? Storming the court is part of college sports and especially college basketball. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen….

    1. larryvaught

      Storming court yes, knocking down fans who are not storming the court, no

    2. Rodney

      This actually went beyond a court storming. It was more of a mob scene and just plain chaos. It was really a miracle that nobody was more seriously hurt. I would’ve been embarrassed if our fanbase acted like that. I’m with Miss Megan on this one. I want to bring the hammer down on the Hoosiers………..and bring it down HARD!!!

  3. Larry T Clemons

    Mike, that’s a little naive, remember, there are children, older individuals and Some who just don’t have the strength to withstand a Crowd Rush…re-think your comment, just a little bit. A least I know, in Rupp, BBN comes in Ages 2 thru 100…And yes even New Born and if legal, I know some fans , that would want their casket to be Court Side. Just one last game before burial…Jus’ saying…Baby Blue, Bleed Blue, Bury Blue. And yes, those are Blue and White Pearly Gates…

  4. LindaS

    @Mike, Larry was witness to this fiasco first hand. They made sure Dicke V or who ever it was left safely but fans were climbing over the media trying to get to the floor. Have you heard of the deaths at the Rolling Stones Concert, the soccer games in foreign countries and bull fights? This was the same thing, an immature mob mentality that could have killed and caused serious injury.
    Go Cats! Livin’ Blue and Lovin’ It!

  5. King Ghidora

    If you think Mike is bad you should see the article written on Bleacher Report. I write for that site sometimes and I know the rules there. Positive stories only is supposed to be a rule. Apparently they make an exception for UK. The story attacks everything about UK and Ms. Dills. Apparently IU fans think they are sinless but my guess is they have a copy of Ms. Dills work around somewhere. That’s a typical IU fan for you. Bash everyone who isn’t a Hoosier and they’ve never heard of the word hypocrite. What’s really bad is that several contributors and featured columnists chipped in to say what great work it was. It would be nice if some BBN members made a contribution to the discussion there IMO. Besides me that is. What happened at IU went far beyond the pale. That article even bashes Dill for fighting back when attacked verbally. What a bunch of low lifes.


  6. John

    If it would be possible to coordinate, and if we win, I have an idea that would bring all this home. If we could get the crowd to stand in unison, stretch out their arms and yawn, it would be perfect.

  7. lunchbox

    i wonder if bob will say KENTUCKY after we beat iu…it jus gets under my skin the way knight has come off in the media as if he has morals…another thing cal keeps talkin up crean an u never here crean defend cal…theres noway iu comes to rupp an gets treated like that

  8. Keeton

    It was disgraceful the way I.U. fans acted before, during and after the game. Guess it’s all that pent up frustration coming out after being irrelevant on the basketball court for so many years.

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