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Kentucky could be ready to target NFL coach to make a big splash


Before I head out to watch Kentucky fans stomp on Christian Laettner — remember it is all to benefit the V Foundation at a fundraiser hosted by Dick Vitale, Jeff Sheppard and Laettner — I thought I would share some of the many theories I’ve heard today on the UK football coaching search.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones says Louisiana Tech coach Sonny Dykes and Alabama defensive coordinator are UK’s top choices. No argument here against either. Dykes and his Tony Franklin-led offense have been terrific and could be on the verge of knocking Louisville out of a BCS bowl — and I know how sad that would make most UK fans — and I believe there has been contact at least with Dykes’ agent. Smart is a proven defensive mind from his time at LSU and Alabama.

However, remember the rumor about former Steelers coach Bill Cowher being high on the UK want list. Well, another source shared this information with me today:

“Kentucky wants a NFL coach and that seems to be the first choice right now. Mitch (Barnhart) has been spending a lot of time calling NFL teams and seeking permission to speak with various coaches. The smaller named guys such as Caragher, Brown, Kingsbury are definitely out. UK wants a big name splash from the NFL. Petrino is still in the mix and not tabled as of today, but now seems like an unlikely choice,” the source with close ties to UK said.

One former UK football player I talked to is frustrated more progress is not being made and wonders why “contact with prospective coach had not already been made” if Joker Phillips was going to be fired with two games left.

“The search has the organizational dynamics of a kindergarten Halloween party,” the player said. “If Petrino is not hired, and goes elsewhere in the SEC, I’m not sure UK can ever recover.  UK football will not recover from a no to Petrino decision.  Will financially and competitively ruin a Division 1 football program.”

That brings to mind a recent story by Chris Smith at Forbes.com about the value to Kentucky of hiring Petrino. He called hiring Petrino a n0-brainer for UK and wrote:

“Even leaving on-field performance aside, hiring Petrino would be a great financial move for Kentucky. Petrino’s marred reputation will help Kentucky get a top-tier coach at a bargain price, likely well below the $3.6 million he made each season at Arkansas. Kentucky is currently giving Phillips $1.7 million per season, and it’s doubtful that the school would have to pay much more for Petrino’s services. Moreover, Petrino was one of college football’s top CEOs while at Arkansas. From 2010 to 2012, the Razorbacks’ value rose a staggering 59% to $89 million. That increase was mainly the result of  strong on-field play on the back of the coach’s cost-efficient spending. In fact, Petrino’s Razorbacks spent the third-least per win of any SEC team in the 2010 season en route to the Sugar Bowl.”

Here’s more: “Thanks in large part to such basketball success, Kentucky’s athletic department contributed $1.7 million to academics in 2010. Those contributions will only surge higher with a successful football team. Hiring Bobby Petrino, it would seem, is one of the best ways to build one both on the field and in the balance sheet.”


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  1. Mike Flannery

    Barnhart actually suprised me with the timing of firing Joker, Matt Jones predicted it on his show after the Vandy game, I just laughed and thought, maybe the day after the Tennessee game. Hopefully, he will suprise me again with an excellent hire. Somehow, I just get the feeling it will be an unproven assistant coach from a winning program, and yes, at a bargain price. I will be the first one to offer an apology if he does hit a home run.

  2. Chuck

    Another great article Larry. I had seen reports that the revenue from the Arkansas had doubled from the time before Petrino was hired. Financially hiring Petrino would solve the funding issues that currently prevent us from upgrading the football facilities. There is not a doubt in my mind that the season tickets would sell out if Petrino is hired and I would say that they sell out rather quickly.

    If UK wants to make a BIG SPLASH, hire Petrino, all the other SEC schools will take notice and see that UK is serious about football.

  3. Tim

    If UK hires Petrino, will he have to pay for the women he hires to sleep with, or will UK cover that? This idea that it’s Petrino-or-bust is pure stupidity. It’s a fine example of herd-like non-thinking.

    1. LindaS

      He’ll be there 2-3 week and leave.

  4. Ben

    A pro coach is just a waste of time, while real,candidates get away! You think things are bad now! Wait until Mitch strikes out and then has to settle for Cutcliffe or worse!

    Pro coaches are too conventional and will not work at KY! They will have problems with recruiting and winning with lessor talent! Last time we tried this and luckily had Rich Brooks to fall back on. Mitch is not that lucky this time.

  5. P90XDude

    Arkansas was 9-1 last year; look at them this year with practically the same team. Well, whoever they get will be a better splash than 3 years ago. I just want to win games.

  6. Chuck

    See Cam Cameron, Chan Gailey, Dave Wandsteadt, and Al Groh as hot NFL coaches that failed miserably at the College level. It doesnt work that well at all. I would rather have Sonny Dykes as one of the pro guys.

    1. Bryan

      Mike Sherman also

      1. larryvaught

        heard some talk tonight about a possible Steelers assistant coach, but no name

        1. Chuck

          That would be Tod Haley. He has been rumored as a possible candidate. He could turn out to be a good hire. He is a disciplinarian that didnt get the pro’s to buy in as many coaches in the same mold have had trouble with. Honestly if Petrino wasnt in the conversation, I would be very happy with Haley as I think he would be a solid candidate. With Petrino involved, I think it becomes a risky hire for Mitch.

          Since Petrino has made it known that he wants the job, the pressure for Mitch to make the right hire increased immensely. You have a proven winner at the college level that has already excited a very down fanbase, that even though has some baggage, the majority of the fans that have stayed away from games have said they would be back if Petrino is hired.

          If Mitch were to hire anyone that is not at the level of Petrino at this point and this hire doesnt work out, Mitch will get blasted.

          Basically the large portion of the fanbase that wants Petrino, knows that this is a once in a lifetime chance for UK to hire a proven winner that has won big with lesser talent.

          If Mitch wants to win the fanbase back over, he needs to at least let it be known that he did indeed talk to Petrino. Most fans would be happy that he at least explored the option. As the AD, it is Mitch’s job to unite the divided fan base. Instead he makes derogatory remarks about that fan base that further divides it. Mitch needs to realize that the fans make the program as they are the ones spending their hard earned money in a tough economic climate.

          Sorry for the long post.


    Am I the only one that’s ready to pull his hair out over this?

    1. LindaS

      No you are not, but get over it, it’s Basketball season.

  8. Reality

    Thanks in large part to basketball success? Basketball retains 90% of the revenue it generates. It should read: “Thanks in large part to lucrative SEC television contracts and revenue sharing in the best football conference in the nation…”

    More money needs to be invested in UK Football infrastructure, budgeting, employee numbers, and coaching salaries for respected and capable coaches. However, this solution most likely does not include Bobby Petrino.

    Bobby Petrino put a major state university at risk for a sexual harassment lawsuit and numerous improper hiring practices lawsuits by having an affair, hiring his mistress to a position funded by state dollars, and hiring that mistress to the position over numerous more qualified candidates in violation of state hiring practices law. The fact that these lawsuits have not been made public or have not appeared in the public eye is immaterial.

    People need to let go of the idea that Petrino is the only coach in America that can improve Kentucky Football. That idea is narrow-minded and unrealistic. There are numerous coaches out there that can improve Kentucky football and the decision to not hire one that put his former employer at substantial risk of legal liability is in no way a “failure.”

    Larry, using the words of this former player is irresponsible. How sure are you that this man is tied in to the coaching search? How would this former player know what contact was made with potential coaches and when? How would this former player know anything at all about the organizational dynamics of this particular coaching search?

    Rumor-mongering and pot-stirring seems to be the order of the day. Neither of those things are productive or beneficial. The “excitement” of this coaching search has been usurped and has turned into a challenge to see who can hate Mitch Barnhart more for failures that have not happened yet and may never materialize.

    1. Tim Lawson

      Reality…. You sound like a lawyer!! You sound like a self righteous person who would put a dead beat dad in prison for life, throw away the key. Have you ever thought about the person and how people can change? He made a poor decision in his personal life that hurt his family first and foremost, the heck with the university. And look how Arkansas did this year without him. The man can coach and if his family can love and forgive him then there must be a good man there.

      1. Reality

        We are not his family. We are contributors to a potential employer. Some are hypercritical of the hiring manager of the potential employer for not giving BP a “fair shot.” I am, correctly, pointing out that a decision to hire or not hire has absolutely nothing to do with his family’s forgiveness and absolutely nothing to do with his “personal failings.”

        It has everything to do with exposing a prior employer to legal liability.

        Your little diatribe about me “sounding like someone who would put a dead beat dad in prison for life” has no basis in reality and smacks of a lack of personal responsibility. It also has no bearing on hiring (or not hiring) Bobby Petrino as the coach of the University of Kentucky.

  9. Tim Lawson

    Wow..!! Some of these so called “Fans!” kill me. It is a no brained to go hire Petrino if you want the best chance to win. Church is on Sunday and that’s where you go, college football is on Saturday, and I want to watch a winner. And give these kids/players the best chance to win and fill up the stadium. Do we want to really win or continue to talk and write about it on these shows? It’s time to Put Up or Shut Up!!!!

  10. Reality

    Why do people continue to minimalize what BP did in Arkansas? It has nothing to do with going to church. It has everything to do with exposing a state university to legal liability.

    Is it just people with no hiring responsibility? No manager or person with hiring responsibility anywhere looks at a candidate that was fired, for cause, and who exposed his prior employer to substantial legal liability and says “Yep, no-brainer.”

    Don’t minimalize it. If you’re in favor of BP, just say that you’re perfectly OK with UK taking on an employee who exposed his prior employer to legal liability. Stop couching it in terms of “church” or “personal failings” because those don’t play a part in any decision to pass on BP.

    1. Mike Flannery

      Reality…it sounds like you were sued by someone you really trusted and you are still paying for it. You sound like a person who would put someone in prison and throw away the key, or are you the GM of the Falcons? Litigation is a fact of life, however, most people learn from their mistakes. With Sandy Bell’s oversight of compliance and the importance of his family, BP should be given another chance. If it doesn’t work out, we will not be any worse off than the program is now….BP offers hope, much more than the “de minimus” risk of litigation.

  11. Chuck

    Is that you Matt Jones? Sounds just like what you said on the radio today.

  12. Jimcats

    Wouldn’t it be sweet to have Commonwealth ticket demand (to watch a winning team) be so great that it would make sense to enlarge the seating to SEC level, 80k+ or so?

    1. Chuck

      An expansion would be a legit possibility. It happened back in the Mumme era cause he excited the fan base after the terrible Curry Years. Sorta like what we just went thru.

  13. Reality

    I’m certainly not Matt Jones, but if he said something similar on the radio today, he was absolutely correct in his assessment.

    Chuck, do you have a rebuttal to the argument that hiring managers must not overlook a potential employee’s termination for cause from a prior employer for exposing the employer to legal liability?

    Jimcats, that would certainly be sweet. Who’s to say BP is the only coach to get UK there? Surely you’re not so naive as to think that BP guarantees that while any other coach unequivocally guarantees that it will not happen, right?

    1. Chuck

      1st off, Petrino was never charged with Sexual Harrasment, nor were any other charges brought up.

      His days of hiring a female employee would be over and that opportunity would never arise again as all hires would have to be approved by the AD.

      Also there is a reason why companies require their employees to attend SH training, its to remove the liability away from the company and put it on the individuals. I have seen several high ranking managers fired for SH for just subtle comments and then see these guys go to work for other corporations in the same position.

      1. Reality

        He wouldn’t be “charged” with sexual harrassment. That is not a criminal matter. It is not the fact that the actions didn’t (or haven’t) resulted in suit that we know of. This also doesn’t address the improper hiring practices claims that the passed-over candidates have due to the improper hiring of Ms. Dorrell.

        The legal exposure is enough, however. SH training does not remove liability from the company. It may be an argument in favor of a potential dispositive motion during the litigation, but does not bar the claim. This is particularly the case where a company (or university) is hiring someone with a history of violating SH policies at prior employers.

        1. LindaS

          Football players aren’t the only ones who hire their girlfriends. One is now a used car salesman. Kentucky it is 5 pm do you know where Richie Farmer is?

    2. Chuck

      I will agree that his past transgressions do not make him an attractive hire, but people make mistakes in life, its human nature. With that said, he is still the best coach that is available right now and we are looking for a football coach.

      1. Tim Lawson

        Well said Chuck, and that is what we want for our Kentucky football, to win and have a chance to be competitive. I am not happy with the baggage but they are all correctable and I truly feel that BP learned a lesson from this and wants to prove he has changed. And what better way to do it than win games at Kentucky. Then “Reality” would even be a fan.

        1. Reality

          I would be a fan if he won, and if he kept his nose clean. I’m not sure how much personal contact you have with Bobby Petrino, so I have no insight about why you “feel he learned a lesson and wants to prove he changed.”

          The scary thing is, you might feel that right up until UK is plastered all over the national news with a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against them. I don’t know BP personally, so perhaps he has.

          The point of my comments is that this is not a “no-brainer” or something everyone sees as an obvious choice. Anyone with hiring responsibility would be extremely nervous about someone who exposed a prior employer to that sort of liability, and did so in such a brazen and unrepentant manner, continuing to lie about it to the bitter end. Lost in this discussion are the thousands of text messages sent from a University phone, which is subject to an open records request at any moment from anyone who desires it.

          This is not a “no-brainer” and never has been. This is an extreme liability risk at a high-profile public university. The more people that acknowledge that fact, the more people will come to understand that, if BP is not hired, it is not because Mitch Barnhart hates football. It will be because the risk of hiring BP and exposing the University to legal liability was too much to overcome even extremely high coaching acumen.

          1. LindaS

            Before they hire him they should talk to his ‘friends’ in Lexington West and not particularly with anyone connected with the football program…no wait, talk to some of them too.

  14. Juan4UK

    I’m not trying to inflame this situation any more, and this is not an attack one way or another. This exposure to a lawsuit was/is a very real possibility. Anybody who is in charge of a $100m outfit, has to look at this situation.

    1. Reality

      Read very carefully the portion of that article that gives us very relevant information:

      An employer may have immunity from a sexual harassment claim in certain circumstances, but never in a situation where the employer “knows or should have known” of the behavior.

      Which is the entire problem with hiring BP. The fact that any immunity claim will be denied due to his previous behavior.

      1. Chuck

        He has never had a “Claim” against him though. He very well may at some point, but on all accounts she was consenting to the affair prior to her being employed by the University. Had the relationship not been prior to employment, then a claim for a lawsuit would be validated.

        That would be like a Husband and Wife going to work for the same University and all of a sudden one day, the wife files a claim for Sexual Harassment. The case would be dismissed immediately as this one would likely have been.

        1. Reality

          Chuck, your analogy does not work. It is nothing like that at all. It is more along the lines of a supervisor hiring a subordinate with whom he is currently having an illicit affair over hundreds of other more qualified candidates, gifting her $20,000 from university coffers, hiding the relationship from his employers, lying about the relationship when confronted with it directly, and only owning up to it when it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.

          The fact that a claim was not (or has not yet) been filed has absolutely no bearing. The fact that the university was exposed to a claim at all is unacceptable. Consent does not matter. It is not a defense to a sexual harassment lawsuit that it began as a consenting relationship.

      2. NostraDanis

        Do you find it burdensome to be all-knowing? Just curious…

  15. grant

    Since Cowher has been retired i know that his name has been thrown around in the pros’ for jobs , and i think at one time the bears and dolphins were ready to unload serious money to lure him out of retirement, and i would bet if jerry jones thought he could get him skies the limit on money. so why would he want to come to uk, it can’t be money, he wants to go on the recruiting trail and deal with all the ncaa rules? do not believe this one about cowher.

  16. Ira

    How long has Cower been out of coaching? How long has it been since he has been around college kids? How old is this guy? Can he even connect with these kids now days? Does he relate to them the same way Sumlin does at Texas AM or Saban does at Bama? I think those are some of the questions I’d be bringing up.

    We know what Petrino can do and has done. Petrino was just in the Sugar Bowl. When was the last time Cower even coached a game?

  17. Jim

    The people that don’t like the idea of Petrino being hired at UK are either content with watching the football program continually lose every year or are delusional about Kentucky’s chances of winning games with a lesser coach.

    Unless Mitch hires John Gruden, he had better sign Petrino before another school does. I sure don’t want a washed up NFL guy or some NFL assistant who can’t work within the coaching and recruiting rules of college athletics. I would be willing to bet that UK has a much greater chance of being put on probation, if they hire an NFL guy.

    1. Reality

      The above post is a poor example of an ad hominem argument. You have no rebuttal to the actual argument, so you instead conjure up two false premises that you use to describe the presenter.

      Neither are true. The people who understand the reasons Petrino is not a “no-brainer” hire are far more varied than the “delusional” or the “content.” I, for example, am neither.

      Tell me, Jim, what is more delusional? Someone concerned about the very real problem of a potential coach exposing his prior employer to lawsuits of several types, or those stuck in the endless loop of thought that Bobby Petrino is literally the only coach that can win football games at UK? Is it more delusional to be concerned about demonstrated behavior or to ignore that behavior completely under the false premise, with absolutely no evidence in favor of it, that BP has learned a lesson and can be trusted to never do it again?

  18. Bill

    Some of these statements ring a bell. So how’s it working out with Mike Leach in the Northwest? No so good, huh. Seems that bandwagon is a bit empty now. Losses and more abuse allegations. You better be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Character, or lack of it, has a way of catching up with folks. I’m thinking of Southern California and Kiffin too. This may or may not apply to Petrino but even his advocates seem aware that there is a risk factor involved. I don’t agree that anyone who doesn’t like of the idea of Petrino being hired at UK are either content with mediocrity or delusional. That’s a bit strong.

  19. shinny

    Wow I doubt we want a pro coach, I agree with others that has not worked out to well. I was against Petrino at first but no doubt he can win. The point about lying to his boss does bother me–if it is true. However somebody in conference is going to take a 2nd chance and I’m for protecting our interest–hire him before he goes to Tenn. Wasn’t the bear a little salty!!!!!

    1. Jesse

      I’m curious is someone in the conference taking a 2nd chance on him or is it the 3rd or 4th chance,I’m just asking.

  20. Larry Pup

    Reality..my friend you make some good points, but I say Petrino’s chances of getting hired by another SEC school is very high. And then chances are UK will have to line up against him and get the shit kicked out of us. Somebody is going to hire this guy baggage and all. That is why we hire lawyers to write and structure contracts. If your comments are the letter of the law, then BP quite possibly never works again. I don’t believe that for a min. Just look at Bill Clinton, he is doing pretty good for himself, and is a complete pervert. We are not hireing a serial killer here. If you shunned everybody that has had a lapse in judgement over a female you would have to fire half the congress. Rick Pitino is a good example. He is still on the job, and doing quite well. I don’t condone BP’s past actions on the job, All I’m saying hire him to kick this football program in the butt and win some games. He can do it and keep his nose clean in the process. Petrino knows if he messes up this next college gig he is finished for good. I say hire him. He’s the best of the choices I’ve heard including the pro coaches mentioned.

    1. Reality

      And what if he doesn’t keep his nose clean? You presume his future behavior will deviate from his past behavior. I don’t know what evidence you use to support that conclusion other than your gut feeling, but I have seen nothing to demonstrate he will act any differently.

      More importantly, those in a position to make a hiring decision cannot just imagine that he has changed. Any University hiring BP is waiving their right to immunity from a sexual harassment lawsuit. Given his past behavior, that is an enormous problem.

      You again call what he did a “lapse in judgment over a female.” That is a gross understatement of the situation. Call it what it is: Exposing a public university, funded by tax dollars, to lawsuits where damages can run into the millions of dollars. Pitino did not expose UL to liability. If he had, he would have been fired as well.

      Think about the severity of the situation: Arkansas fired this guy after going to the Cotton Bowl and while Arkansas was considered a dark-horse National Championship contender. Arky did not fire him lightly. They did so because that was the only course available to them.

  21. Cowboy

    I usually enjoy the speculation of a coaching search.. this should be an exciting time to be a UK football fan as we anxiously await who will take the program forward. The steadfastness and inflexibility with which people argue for, or against, Bobby Petrino is making the unity of the program impossible regardless of who is announced…. Bobby Petrino or anyone else.

    As much as I love coming to this site, and a few others… I may just be done with them until after a coach is chosen and the dust has settled. I will get behind whoever it is at that point and root for them and the football team I enjoy watching. The good natured banter/back and forth about this candidate or that candidate is fun to read and participate in. The “you are a moron if you dont see it my way” is not. (For the record, not pointing fingers at this article, or anyone who has left a reply….just a general statement)

    1. larryvaught

      YOu are right Cowboy. We all have opinions with no real right or wrong at this time. Why I always try to be open minded and appreciate input from any and all

  22. Tom S

    It’s a simple question. Is the risk worth the possible reward? I believe if you know what
    to watch for going in that you can minimize the possible risks. Put him on a short leash and watch him like a mother watches her toddler on a busy street corner.
    Write his contract up such that there is a rock solid morality clause of some kind and put most of his big money to be paid at the end of his contract.

    1. Reality

      Tom, the big issue is that a morality clause does not lessen the liability of the hiring University from a potential lawsuit. The Forbes article linked above does a good job of explaining why UK would be waiving its right to assert that it did not know or that it should not have known of a potential issue.

      Your solution, watching him like a toddler, cannot be performed. And even if it could, how is this guy so indispensable that you’re willing to hire a “handler” to follow him around and make sure he doesn’t sexually harass someone or otherwise embarrass the University? Isn’t it much better to hire a real coach that doesn’t need someone peering over his shoulder 24/7?

      1. Ira

        You know Reality you make great arguments for not hiring him, now why don’t you cross the isle now and give the arguments on why UK should hire him.

        So now I want to hear you break down on why UK should hire him. Break it down for us in detail. Point by point.

        1. Reality

          I’ve already stated that if BP is hired and conducts himself as a professional, I would have no problem with the hire.

          I think the pros of hiring BP are well known to anyone who cares to look at the situation. The problem is those who minimize the risks with hiring BP or ignore the very valid reasons for not hiring him. I haven’t seen anyone disputing that he is a coach that wins football games.

          1. Ira

            But that isn’t what I asked, you broke it down in detail on why you wouldn’t hire him.

            Give your reasons on why you would. You gave us all your cons, none really of the pros. Play the other field for a change.

        2. Reality

          There is only one detail, one point. BP is a good coach. Not the best coach, not a savior, not a once in a lifetime coach, but a good coach with a great offensive system.

          That’s literally the only argument why UK should hire him. Funny, when you get down to it, right? Only one point in favor and hundreds of points against.

  23. Bryan

    Are there any “big name splash type” NFL coaches that have had a lot of success in college ball in recent years. I don’t really count Saban or Spurrier who left college and came back. Pete Carroll is the only one I can think of, who coached the Jets for a year or two in the 90’s. A previous poster mentioned Al Groh, Chan Gailey, Dave Wandsteadt, Cam Cameron, and Mike Sherman. All of these guys have been average or below average. I don’t think we can take that chance. If we can’t or more likely won’t get Petrino, I’d rather go all in on Smart with Dykes next up.

  24. Bryan

    Great points on the money angle, Larry. It sounds like we are close to getting the 85 million in bond funding for football. I’m sure a lot of this money will be used to build income producing things, such as more entertainment suites, club seating, etc., which you would have no problem selling if you are winning. If we can combine these things with the rise in value that Petrino has a track record of bringing to programs, it would have HUGE ramifications on not only the future of the football program, but also the University. I think the upside is so great that you have to take a chance on the baggage that Petrino brings. High risk, high reward. Thanks again for the info.

  25. Larry Pup

    Reality..you are probably right from a legal standpoint. I am really not that up tp speed on that sort of stuff. I say give the guy a chance. Shucks, I’ll yell for Mickey Mouse if that’s who UK hires. I for one think all this talk about Petrino is a pipe dream anyway. It would be nice, but I don’t think it will ever happen at UK. Mark it down though my friend, he will coach somewhere again. Some AD will take the risk.

  26. RJ

    The only take-away I can find in reading these posts is that everyone is passionate about winning some games. So am I. But all this speculation is probabily why we are out here talking about it and MB is inside making the decision. Face it, we’ll just have to wait and see. I doubt that MB is listening to us much anyway. But, he will be next season if he messes this up!

  27. JCC

    You describe the Tony Franklin led explosive offense….that offense may not come with Dykes. That version could become the La Tech HC Tony Franklin led offense if Dykes takes the Kentucky job.

    1. Reality

      I remember watching that explosive Tony Franklin offense at Auburn. It was horrific and got TT fired.

      I can live without Tony Franklin.

      1. Chuck

        You obviously dont know the whole story behind Franklins time down in Auburn. Since I live down in Bama, I got to live thru all of it with some of my good friend who are well connected to their University.

        Tubbs wouldnt let him run his offense and there was a major divide between the coaching staff as none of Tubbs staff wanted or liked Franklin. THere were multiple arguments between Franklin and some of the other assistant coaches, in front of the players. Tubbs thought that by firing Franklin that he could save his job.

        1. Reality

          When Franklin was hired, he ran his offense in the Peach bowl and improved the offensive output. Why, after that showing, did everyone turn on Franklin and keep him from running his offense? Why was Franklin hired if no-one wante dhim?

          Tuberville fired Franklin in October and resigned in November. Even Auburn’s AD said that he was shocked that Tuberville resigned and that he asked him numerous times not to leave.

          What you heard may be true, but it isn’t backed up the the timeline, the resignation, or the statements of the AD.

          1. Reality

            My above comment demonstrates that I was wrong about Tubs firing as well, so I’m as much as fault as you are there.

          2. Chuck

            Tubbs was forced out, he was given the option to fire his entire staff or leave and he chose the later. What Auburn was running was not Franklin’s offense, just like what TTech is running is not Neil Browns offense, its a hybrid of what Tubbs wants to run.

            Tubbs was forced to hire a new offensive coordinator when he hired Franklin and most of the staff were close to Borges and never gave Franklin a chance.

            The Auburn boosters and Alumn cannot stand the fact that Alabama is killing them in recruiting and has passed them by since Saban arrived in T-town. The thought was to move to a more exciting offense to be able to draw in better recruits as they thought that the kids wanted to play an exciting style of ball.

            Also if you think that Jay Jacobs has alot of control, then you are sadly mistaken. He is a puppet, the big money guys down here get what they want and if they want Chizik gone, after 2 years away from a national title, then he will be gone and Jacobs will likely be shown the door as well.

  28. Larry Pup

    Reality..I’m sure glad your not hireing anybody, you like nobody. Who do you want? enlighten all of us. Like someone said on this blog before “Lobby for Bobby.”

  29. Andy P

    It’s no surprise to me that Mitch wants a NFL guy. That’s been done many times at football schools far better than UK and, with the exception of Pete Carrol, has failed every time. Mitch lacks intuition – he’s a bean counting geek who can’t think outside the box.

    There’s only one “home run hire” and his name is Bobby Petrino

  30. Larry Pup

    Reality..BP is not only a good coach he is a great coach. A blind man could see it. He will also recruit top football talent too. Something UK has never really been able to do. Has everywhere he has ever been. So that’s two points in his favor which seems to me if you are looking for a quick fix to your football progarm, he is the man for the job.

    1. Reality

      So long as you are willing to accept two things are true:

      No coach is a guarantee; and

      Bobby Petrino is a significant legal liability.

      There’s no dispute about his coaching, or put a more correct way, his results.

  31. Larry Pup

    If Reality is a lawyer,”GET A ROPE!”

    1. Reality

      Yes, any detractors who are looking at the potential legal implications of hiring Bobby Petrino should be hung.

      We don’t want anyone taking a rational look at this situation.

  32. Larry Pup

    Most of us who want BP are not saying he is the only coach worth looking at. What we are saying is that he far outshines any of the others we have heard are on the list. No doubt there are other capable coaches, but can they field a team like BP could. I doubt it.

    1. Reality

      What makes you assume that the names you have heard are the only names being considered? I think everyone has to admit that coaching names right now are all rumors and speculation. This assumes that you know everything there is to know about the candidates being considered, which is untrue.

      Hiring BP looks attractive to fans who do not have to concern themselves with the legal liability inherent in his hiring and who do not have any professional stake in the hire or the consequences. Those with hiring power do not have the luxury of weighing only the positives in this equation.

      1. Chuck

        Granted it is a risk vs reward type of decision that Mitch is faced with. Its not easy at all, but in the end it comes down to Mitch at least exploring the option by talking to Petrino and those that are around him to see if he has truly changed. Most of the fans that are clamoring for Petrino would be happy if he is at least given a chance. From what has been reported, Petrino has not been contacted or spoken to anyone about the opening from UK.

  33. Larry Pup

    Reality..give me a football coaches name who is better than BP. Base that on football success only. I would like to hear who you want. You have bad mouthed other names, Franklin, BP. Who do you want or who do you recommend out of the names we have been told are under consideration. You seem to know it all. By the way, I do agree with you about Mitch. I have never bad mouthed our AD. He will do what is best for UK. I am only spouting off as a no name fan who would love to see UK win a football game every now and then before I die. I am getting to old for a poor hire.

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