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Kentucky contract has a lot of potential extra perks for Mark Stoops


Kentucky released the 16-page contract that new football coach Mark Stoops signed Nov. 26 that will eventually pay him $11 million over five years.

I read through the contract and picked out a few facts/tidbits that I thought might be of interest to you:

— Stoops may receive up to $1,250 worth of shoes, apparel or equipment each calendar year.

— He must comply with any and all reasonable actions to increase student and fan interest in and support of the football program.

— He must notify the athletics director of any offers of employment.

— His coaching salary from UK is $400,000 annually.

— His compensation for participation in multiple media programs and athletically-related endorsements, Stoops will get annual compensation of $1,600,000 in year one; $1,700,000 in year two; $1,800,000 in year three; $1,900,000 in year four; and $2 million in  year five.

— Stoops must provide a written detailed account to the athletics director and university president at least once annually — or more often if requested — for all athletically related income or benefits.

— If UK wins five or more SEC games, he gets $100,000.

— Beginning with the second SEC win each season, he will get $100,000 for each SEC win.

— If UK wins the SEC Eastern Division, he gets another $100,000.

— If UK wins the SEC championship, he will get $200,000.

— If the football team has a 2.75 or better cumulative GPA, he gets $25,000.

— He will be provided with two late model automobiles for office and personal use.

— Stoops will get 16 regular season stadium football tickets for each home game. He may request use of a box of 14 seats. He will also get four tickets to each home basketball game.


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  1. Bryan

    Larry- when can he officially announce the staff positions that he has already filled? I heard him at the press conference say that there was an official hiring process that they must go through.

  2. Fancy

    UK Jobs must be posted on official UK Jobs Posting for a minimum of 2 weeks.

  3. Fancy

    Correction: UK Jobs – could be potentially less than 2 weeks. Maybe be required to be posted for only 1 week; think it depends on circumstances.

    1. larryvaught

      no idea on posting, but pretty sure he gets who he wants

  4. john4uk

    Here’s hoping Coach Stoops earns those bonuses,especially that $200,000 bonus for winning the SEC championship.Can’t wait to see who he brings on board for his staff.

    1. larryvaught

      best attitude to have john4uk. would love to see him collect them all. good negotiating by his agent

  5. Old Cat

    We should give kudos to Tim Couch for his past and continuing participation in this process, just wondering if other Cats were also involved. Also thanks to RJ Corman for the use of his plane, was this the same plane that broughth Cal in? If so could that be an omen?
    I hope that Stoops breaks the bank on incentives! I am convinced that his sights are set higher than 5-6 wins a year and a sometimes bowl which would seem to appease some fans but not me.

    1. larryvaught

      Old Cat, believe it was only tim. And hope this is the start of lot of private planes being available for UK football to recruit

  6. Larry Pup

    Larry V. This was interesting reading. Pretty good deal for coach it sounds like to me. I can see why they are expected to produce, can’t you?

    1. larryvaught

      Produce and you really count the money

  7. Jim

    Giving Stoops a 100K for each SEC win after the first, each season , is a brilliant incentive. If he won the majority of them, he really fattens his wallet.

  8. RJ

    I love incentives. When I was Business Development Exec we paid a livable base salary and everything else was incentives. We had one of the highest paid sales/marketing forces in the industry. We loved paying every dollar we paid our guys and they did verrrry well. Incentives work but only if the organization supports the effort and makes the incentives possible to achieve.

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