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Kentucky assistant Orlando Antigua glad to see players having fun


Kentucky assistant coach Orlando Antigua was glad to see UK players celebrate the way they did after Saturday’s overtime win over LSU.

“You want them to have fun, especially toward the end of the year. They have put in a lot of hard work and you want them to enjoy their rewards for working that hard,” Antigua said Wednesday.

He likes the way the players are even slapping the floor when the play defense.

“It gets them out of themselves and into each other. When you have that kind of passion and energy, it helps,” Antigua said. “I just think they are enjoying the moment and playing the game the way we ask them to and they are getting enjoyment from that.”

He says the players play so much basketball all year, that now it is just a matter of “if it clicks and they enjoy working together.” That’s why he said seeing the “pure joy” of Saturday’s win was what the coaching staff had been working to se.

“We want them to understand that that is what it is supposed to feel like,” Antigua said.

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  1. Bruce Swenson

    It started a while back after the players had their team meeting. It’s good seeing them having a good time for a change. I think sometimes coach’s don’t realize that the players need a few pats on the back every so often even in the heat of a game.

  2. Mike

    Believe there has been a couple of comments out there saying that Coach O might be CIW when Cal departs. Anyone else hearing same, and I don’t know what coaching experience he might have?

    1. Anonymous

      Mike, I prefer Orlando getting HC experience elsewhere first, CIW tough duty for anyone, particularly if never a HC.

  3. Mike

    Anonymous….agree. The term CIW has left an awful bad taste in a lot of mouths because of the Joker fiasco.

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