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Kenny Payne breaks down “interesting dynamic of big guys”


Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne said that UK has an ” interesting dynamic of big guys” after watching four games in the Bahamas.

“Marcus Lee, who can really move his feet, who’s energetic, who can offensive rebound, who can catch lobs from anywhere,” said Payne during a press conference after Friday’s win over the Dominican Republic. ”

You’ve got Karl (Anthony Towns), who is skilled, who can pass it, who can shoot it.”You’ve got Dakari (Johnson), who is a big bull. You’ve got Alex (Poythress). We’ve got so many different, legitimate players that it’s very difficult to find out, who are you going to take away? Then another steps in.”

Payne said there’s “no question” Lee is bringing a spark into the game like he did in last year’s NCAA tourney win over Michigan.

“His energy is what is important for us. We need his energy. He’s an energetic player. That’s his personality and that’s what he brings to the table.”


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  1. Paul

    Always the worrier ……….
    I’m concerned about the number of minutes in a game divided by twelve.
    No matter how “team first” they now seem, there are still young egos, pride and that three letter thing worth millions just ten months away.
    Let’s be honest, in the big picture all the games until late Feb. really don’t mean much ( excepting UL, UNC & UF ).
    I’m no coach but the platoon system may be more than and ” island idea “.
    How about subbing WCS and Lyles on each of the platoons seen in the Bahamas. Then use Lee and Booker ( and Willis ) as first in’s for both squads. Obviously, KT could play the 4 if WCS went to that platoon.
    That would represent an almost perfect division of labor and they all would be in competition for the eight man rotation come March.
    Wha’da you think ?????????????

  2. Paul

    My humble apologies to Dom Hawkins ( who I think is playing great ball ) – -he would be included in the first ins for both squads.

  3. Todd

    I see nothing wrong with playing 12 guys especially early on, obviously we will have fresh legs late in the season. Lets be honest this is a great problem… I loved it when we would press and rotate 10-12 players back in the 90’s. I love the platoon system. It keeps everyone involved and focused… .

  4. Juan4UK

    Gosh, this team is so deep and we FINALLY get to see it under Coach Cal. My gosh!
    It’s beautiful. The only nerves I feel is how many will get played each night. More specifically, 10, 12 or all 16.
    I have a feeling I’m going to say the so many times this year I might as well create an ‘e-signature’ to put it on everything I write online:
    I don’t think Cal can justify NOT playing 10-12 guys every night. Derek Willis and Dom Hawkins have show that they can fit in at this pace and as smooth cogs in the machine.
    Cal is right that they don’t NEED to play 40 min. Look at all their numbers in the 20 they are getting now. Not too shabby,and NOT TOO far off from a full game stats from last years PT.. Just a case of more guys filling the state sheet. Which of coarse makes the performance of all, you guessed it, more efficient.

  5. jeeepcat

    I think we start Twins, Alex, KAT (or DJ) and WCS
    Then the next five, is really the next seven – i.e. it will change as needed

    IMO, if we try to cut the rotation under ten – it’ll hurt us. The should be plenty of minutes for up to 12 based on foul trouble, someone having an off night, etc

    Cal admitted that he “forgot guys” on the bench last year and that’s why I also believe that platooning is critical.


  6. Tomr

    Unfortunately, we’ll have guys missing games from illness or injury, minor hopefully, so playing time will be worked out, and Cal will handle it.

  7. jerry

    Let the good times roll…. GO BIG BLUE!!!

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