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Karl Towns Jr. worries about winning national title, not future draft projections


Now that the order has been set for June’s NBA Draft, don’t forget that one Kentucky player has already been mentioned as a possible No. 1 pick in 2016.

Incoming freshman Karl Towns Jr., a versatile 7-footer from New Jersey, has been listed as the top pick in the 2015 draft by one mock draft even though he’s yet to graduate from high school.

“I look at everything with mock drafts and projections, but I know there is nothing set in stone about any of them,” Towns said. “What is set that I can work hrd and do all I can to help my team win a national title. That’s what I have to do. That is not a projection. That is a fact.

“I look at being mentioned like that and it is great, but it is just all projections and guesses. What I have to do is take the physical action to make my dream a reality. I have to work hard, improve my game and do all I can to help my win a national title and if I win a national title and then can be the No. pick, that’s great.

“But all I am worried about is winning a national title. If the NBA knocks on the door after the season, that is great. But I know I just want to worry about winning. I can’t worry about projections.”

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  1. King Ghidora

    Looking forward to watching this kid play ball. He could really be special. Watching a 7’1″ guy flinging no look passes as he leads the fast break is not something you see often. He actually seems to play more like a guard than a center but he obviously can do the inside work. He seems to be willing to be physical too but who knows about how he will do at that until he bangs with some people his own size. I just can’t get past seeing him hit fade away 3’s on pull up moves.

    It’s not unprecedented to see someone his size play the way he does. Kevin Durant is the example currently. I think Towns can be as good as Durant and that’s saying something.

    1. TrueBlueJohn

      King, I have watched several highlight videos on this kid, and he seems to have the whole package. He can play inside or outside, and looks to be a match-up nightmare for anyone trying to guard him. It remains to be seen what he does against top level competition, but he will get that in practice. Who knows, before he is through, he may have us saying “Anthony Who?”.

      1. King Ghidora

        He’s played against some NBA guys in international competition and has held his own with them from what I hear. That’s saying a lot for a high school kid to do that. He could well be the player of the whole Calipari era that we look back to in our old age and tell our grandkids that we saw him play.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          You nailed it King, Town’s 2 Years of International Play and working with over six different Coaches in 2 Years, will more than give Him a leg up on Our Competition….Now, If we can just get Willie Cauley-Stein to Get physical and fight him tough on the Court. They would Both benefit greatly from that !

    2. larryvaught

      King, I think Towns, as highly as he is rated, is still under appreciated. Kid has all the tools

  2. Jay

    Karl T. seems like a great kid, I think The Big Blue Nation will love him. He has a great future!

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