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Karl Towns Jr. can’t “wait to catch some (UK) football games”


If he has any spare time once he gets to Lexington early next month, Karl Towns Jr. knows what he wants to do.

“I love golf. I can’t wait to try out some new golf courses. I love trying out new golf courses that I have never been to,” Towns said. “I know I am going to like everything about the way Kentucky is. The city is alive. It’s a very controlled atmosphere, and I love that.

“It all evolves around basketball, but I can’t wait to catch some football games. We have great recruits in football, too. I can’t wait to watch the women’s basketball games and just enjoy that, too.”

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  1. King Ghidora

    There has never been a lack of entertainment at UK and this year will be one of the best yet IMO. Hopefully it will rank right up there with 1977-78 but that doesn’t seem likely. We may see the national basketball championship but the football team was 10-1. Every team ahead of that football team in the polls went into their bowl games undefeated. There were 5 of those teams without a loss that year putting UK at #6 in the polls. They won the SEC the year before that but were ineligible to win it in 1977 because of sanctions. Alabama was undefeated that season though so I don’t remember if they would have won if they had been eligible. I’d really like to see UK football get back to that level without the recruiting violations. Something tells me the NCAA will come looking if they start to get really good again.

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