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Karl Towns believes he can combine with Trey Lyles to give UK “dynamic duo”

Karl Towns

Karl Towns


Karl Towns Jr. was glad he got a chance to room with future Kentucky teammate Trey Lyles during the Nike Hoop Summit last month.

“He really mixes up his game and his skills,” said Towns, a 7-foot center. “He has that ability to step out and shoot and dribble like a guard, but he also has that ability at 6-9 to make great power moves to the basket. His ability to do what he needs to do on the court is just great. You are going to have two versatile players coming to UK. He brings the overseas type of game and power for a guy that size and can do just about anything Coach (John Calipari) wants.”

Towns is also a versatile player with the ability to shoot outside, score inside, run the court, block shots, handle the ball and more.

“It’s going to be great, quite a dynamic duo,” Towns Jr. said. “He can guard the 3-4, I can guard 3-5. Trey has the ability to spread the court, so do I. We can both move our feet unlike some other big guys. We can both also block shots. We should be able to do all we can on the court.

“Actually, we have four great options (with Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker) coming in to Kentucky in our class. I think we can all do a lot of things very, very well to go with the great players they already have at Kentucky.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    So Glad Coach Hall, is seeing the Talent that will be on the Court Next Year ! Coach Hall is a Treasure for Our Program…Hope Dakari is watching a lot of Patrick Ewing tape, (Georgetown Days). It’s important for Dakari, (all our Players) to understand, sometimes You Have To Get Angry, to Get Powerful, To Get The Edge ! That’s truly the difference in a Great College Player and an emerging NBA Player. The NBA Player, looks for every edge, based on, Who He’s Playing….Sometimes it Mental, Sometimes it’s Physical and Most Times, with an NBA Great, ” It’s BOTH ! “

  2. Phillip Barker

    Karl and Trey are going to create havoc…can hardly wait!

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    The combination of players that Cal can put on the court next year is simply mind-bogglin as each of the big guys, in particular, have a different skill set. It’ll be interesting to see if Cal uses a platoon system or rotates one or two players out at a time. All in all, a nice problem to have.

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