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Kentucky’s Julius Randle “really wasn’t worried about offense”

uk v louisville logoBy LARRY VAUGHT

Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall said his team could not stop Kentucky when the Wildcats just decided to go to the basket and no one did that more or better than Julius Randle, who had 13 points and 10 boards to go with six assists.

“I really wasn’t worried about offense,” Randle said. “Coach has done a good job of defining my role, as I’ve said. When the lane was open,  sometimes that’s what you got to do, just do your best to get to the basket. But at the same time I love to create for other people.

“But I guess if that’s what he said was going on, that’s what happened. I just saw the open lane and went to the basket.”

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  1. dandr

    I love this version of Randle even better than the one putting 27 on Michigan State, because now there are severe consequences for double and triple teaming him every time he touches the ball. He was responsible for more than that yesterday with 13 points and 6 assists. I didn’t count how many resulted in 3s and and1s.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Assist Are POINTS !

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