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Julius Randle insists he is pain-free and reported foot injury will not be issue in NBA

Just in case you missed, Mark Murphy of Bostonherald.com had a terrific interview with former Wildcat Julius Randle after his workout with the Celtics after a Yahoo report indicated that several NBA executives said Randle would need surgery on the same foot he hurt his senior year in high school.

Randle denied the report on Twitter and his mother, Carolyn Kyles, blasted the report.


“My foot is fine. Everybody has their opinion on what (I) should do, but I’m pain-free. No pain before, during or after (the workout). I’m fine. (Surgery) has never been considered. I talked with my own doctor and met some of the best surgeons in the world and they said they wouldn’t do anything with it,” Randle told Murphy.

“My mom is my biggest supporter, and she’s always going to have my back. If someone says something about your kid, you’re going to want to kill that person. That’s who my mom is. She takes it to the extreme for sure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love her to death.

“(The foot) won’t be an issue, whether teams tell me they want surgery or not. It’s a minor injury that I suffered in high school. Nobody said they wanted me to have surgery.”

Randle played pain-free at UK. He’s been going through workouts pain-free. Now he says he’s pain-free.

Remember, a lot of strange stories/reports surface at draft time, but the guess here is that Randle’s stock is not going to suffer over this because he’s not trying to hide anything and apparently is open to any exam any team wants to do.

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  1. King Ghidora

    There was clearly something going on in the championship game but I don’t think it was too serious or he wouldn’t have played at all. He only played about 32 minutes in the title game and 27 against Wisc.. I know he only averaged about 34 mpg during the season but most teams would keep the lottery pick guy in the title game unless something was going on. By comparison the twins played 39 minutes (Aa.) and 37 minutes (An.) in the title game and James Young got 35. I know Randle plays really hard and needs a break especially considering how teams lean on him but we saw him trying to walk off something when he was out of the title game. But I don’t think it was all that serious. Just nagging.

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