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Julius Randle: “I don’t need anybody to baby me”

Julius Randle photo courtesy ESPN.com

Julius Randle photo courtesy ESPN.com


Eric Lindsey of coachcal.com has the only access to Kentucky basketball players during the summer and recently posted a preview of freshman Julius Randle.

Here are three Randle quotes in the story that seem to me to define what makes him so good:

— “I don’t need anybody to baby me,” Randle said. “I came here to be coached. I came here for somebody to push me and make me be the best player I can be. I feel like with Cal and his staff, that’s what I’m getting here. That’s why I love it so much because I know they’re not going to short-change you.”

— “I just like to be defined as a player,” Randle said. “Anywhere you put me on the court, I feel like I can be very effective. I definitely pride myself on being able to do a lot of different things, making my weaknesses my strengths, and just not being able to stop one thing.”

— “I just want to win,” Randle said. “I’ll do whatever I can to get better.”

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    I suspect that we’ll get our money’s worth plus interest!…Get em Julius!

  2. Larry Pup

    Great comments from a tremendous basketball player. Glad he is a Cat.

  3. Larry T Clemons

    LP, please explain to KOO KOO Joe, that this is why Players come here ! ” “I came here to be coached. I came here for somebody to push me and make me be the best player I can be. I feel like with Cal and his staff, that’s what I’m getting here. That’s why I love it so much because I know they’re not going to short-change you.” Not because of PT Barnum. Match the Coaches and Kentucky History & Tradition, ” Why wouldn’t you want to Play here “.

  4. Larry Pup

    Amen Larry T. And Joe, he is right, elite players know Coach Cal will get them ready for a pro career quick if they will listen and buy in to his methods. By the way, his methods are tried and true. Cal has said over and over that UK is the best coaching job in America. He is humbled to be UK’s coach, and has said so, publicly. In fact so is his staff. Robic and those other coaches know they are part of a storied tradition at UK and must be very grateful for the opportunity to work under a coach like Cal. So in essence, it is not Cal’s PR so much that makes him successful, it’s his ability to prepare super athletes for the NBA quickly. It is his remarkable ability to connect with today’s star players on their terms, building lasting relationships. He is a master at communication via modern methods, and uses these to his ultimate advantage. He is a tireless recruiter, and a man on a mission all the time. A players first coach, but a coach who was passed over by UK one time before and was discouraged by that, but his dream came true, and he is UK’s and BBN’s to cherish for as long as he wants to stay. John Calipari in my view is everything UK. Our head football Coach Mark Stoops acknowledges the role Coach Cal plays in everything about UK. Even football recruiting, and gladly welcomes his help. I for one as just a simple fan am very glad John Calipari is at UK. I hope he stays for a long, long time.

  5. coldspringmike

    Was glad to see Julius also mention “the staff”. I think a lot of times we get caught up in our head coach, and rightfully so, but coach Cal has assembled the top coaching staff in all of D1 basketball and it shows, not only on the court, but also in recruiting.

  6. Kokamo JOe

    Larry C

    That is what I often post. Calipari is the total package. He is the best recruiter in the country. He gets players who are on the NBA radar and he does not disappoint them. He sends them out as soon as possible. There will be none of this, stay another year and win for the team. Calipari knows that the best talent usually wins, and if he is going to get the pick of the litter every year he has to do as he has been doing.

    He appeals to the present generation. He knows the right people to help him land these star athletes, from rap stars to the most proficient professionals. BUT it is his ability to mold the freshmen and occasional sophomores into a championship contender, deliver them to the NBA, and the remarkably start over again each year…AND SUCCEED that sets him apart form other coachers.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      That’s the first time you said it professionally, candid and without passing judgement & MINDREADING….Thank You..

  7. Kokamo JOe

    Larry..forgot to mention.

    I often mention PR. I am talking about his message..kids first…..best day in UK history…coach for the name on the back of the jersey not the front.. that is part of the package. He has to get the freshmen before he can unite, mold and coach them. Take away any part of the package and Calipari is an ordinary coach. Put the package together and there is no coach in the country that is his equal.

    It is no slur of the BBN or UK to claim that these players are coming to UK because of Calipari. In fact, it is a compliment to UK in that they had the courage to hire him after passing over him for Billy Gillispie. . Calipari has changed the culture of UK and most of us love it.

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