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Julius Randle is mobbed by teammates after scoring the game winner against LSU. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)

Julius Randle is mobbed by teammates after scoring the game winner against LSU. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)


Slowly but surely Julius Randle is showing he’s ready to be the leader this Kentucky team desperately needs.

He volunteered to guard LSU’s Johnny O’Bryant Saturday.  He forced LSU guard Anthony Hickey to miss a potential game-winning shot at the end of regulation. He fought to get the ball and score the game-winning basket with 3.9 seconds left in overtime.

He became more vocal, more demonstrative on the court as the game wound down and the “will to win” that UK coach John Calipari wants clearly came out.

Randle was asked if  he’s noticed more scrutiny because he plays at Kentucky. Enjoy this answer that shows why he could be just what UK needs if it wants to make a long March run.

“It is what is (on the scrutiny). I don’t care about that. It may or may not be true, but I’m playing basketball. I didn’t come here to be liked. I came here to win a championship,” Randle said.

17 Responses to Kentucky’s Julius Randle “didn’t come here to be liked” because he wants a championship

  • UKFMLY says:

    “It is what it is”. That’s the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The same goes with the age of this team. They are young, they are talented and they are inconsistant. But they are getting better, and they are “Our Team”. I thought they showed some growth and fight(emotional and mental). And yes they made mistakes that a more experienced team may not but, “it is what it is”.

    I for one am enjoying the ride! ! !



  • Stevec says:

    We would have a different team if everyone else had the same fire in them. Don’t change Julius and maybe ,before we get to the Florida game it will rub off on some or all of the rest. You would be a great leader for this team. Take it and run with it we need you.

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  • Dave / New Mexico says:

    I like that attitude. I hope it spreads.

  • Prez says:

    Having played the game at HS and college and service level with some coaching I offer these positive comments..I bleed Blue and want to see these younguns reach the level they can..First they have to hustle back on D and not jog back with their backs to the ball and give up end to end easy layups.Second guard the guy tight jersey to jersey instead of laying off over 5 feet away..a hand up isn’t going to stop an easy 3 pointer that far away..I would recommend Cal show these young guys a tape of Creighton on how tight they play on the perimeter and stay intense the entire game..The Harrison’s and Young just do not play D with that intensity..just try it guys and see how easy you can shut down your opponents that are eating your lunch from the arc game after game..and work on your FT’s..March Madness is FT winning time..One more thing pass with authority and always remember a bounce pass is hard to block..a chest high pass is a piece of cake to block or steal

  • Too Late…..” We Like You, A lot ! ” And your Team and Coaches, Love You…Too !

  • L Denton says:

    Julius, as a long time UK fan I love your game and admire your all out effort on the court. You don’t rattle when provoked and that’s really big. (I will admit I get a little nervous when you take the ball out on the baseline. Watch your feet position stepping inbounds too early. Ref.s have let that slide some, but in the March madness they will watch things like that more closely.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t just like u Randle I LOVE u! U have shown us that u truly DO wanna win & I am so happy to see u trying to take over as the team leader!! I read in a previous comment that even tho u guys r the youngest team in the country, u all r coming together as a team & yeah u may all still make a few freshmen mistakes but hell u guys could have & should have beat the team who is now the #1 team in the nation ( this being Florida of course). I truly believe u guys beat yourselves that game by making a few too many of those silly mistakes. What really excites me about this team is that they r finally finding a way to win instead of folding when they have their backs to the wall & I don’t care where we r ranked or any of that crap. All that I see is us getting better & better & I am sure that no team is gonna look forward to playing us from here on out!

  • mary says:

    maybe all the team needs to play like randall. He reaaly fights when he;s in there. I believe Polytress and wille are going to shine bright in sec tournament. I bleed blue always

    • As we all agree. THE PLAY OF THE GAME by Julius Randle was The Win ! But, did you also know, it was no fluke, it was not luck, it was Knowledge….Julius, will be the first to tell Us and he has, that He knew that James was going to take it to the hole, He understood the moment and he knew His Team Mate…With That Knowledge, Jules paced himself down the Court, just following James, ahead of Him on His right….When James made his spurt to the right side of the basket, Julius made his move to the throat of the Goal….It was poetry, I saw Jules trailing Young, it was a perfect, (lucky) camera angle. That Play, was not luck, that was ” Knowing Your Team Mate and Having His Back.”

  • UKkathy says:

    Julius, you played a super game and am very proud of you. And, your comment that you didn’t come here to be liked; well, I prefer to hope you meant that for the opposition and, sure you and the BBN want to WIN. But, unlike any team in the nation, when you are a UK Wildcat, you ARE loved, now and for always. I hope you love us, too. Only ‘family’ can reprimand one of its own and still love them at the same time. I do hope your feelings have never been hurt by us. We want you to come back often as so many of your predecessors do. Good luck the rest of the way. And keep that winning attitude marching toward #9. GO CATS!

  • seaofblue says:

    Julius is the best player! Holds the team together.

  • Bob says:

    Reguardless of how the nation views the SEC from there stat sheets . LSU is an prime example of how tough these teams really are. This game was an battle and probally the best win Kentucky has had this year . I like the way they over come there mistakes in the last 2 minutes of Reg. and OT and won this game with what 3.9 seconds left . WCS stepped up big in this game as did the twins . I like to see them inside rebounding too, Young is always rebounding. I haven’t liked seeing an player like Lee not envoled more into this team threwout this year. I look for these young Cats to beat Florida in Florida and set the stage for there run at the title. I think we are going to see what this team truely is when there is no tomarrow.

  • Kim D says:

    Leaders are not always liked. They are respected. If there were a team ever in need of a leader it is this on. Lead Julius!

  • Royetta says:

    I have loved Julius’s game since he was a Sophomore in High School. The one player in this class that I really wanted UK to get. I knew what he would bring to the team. Love his ” hate to lose” attitude. Sure hope you get that Championship you came here for Julius!!!!


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