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Julius Mays on coming to UK, fans, message to recruits, future plans and more

Vaught’s note: Former Kentucky guard Julius Mays recently made an appearance at Freedom Ford and Honda in Ivel, Ky., and vaughtsviews.com regular Jami Young talked to him and also took pictures to share. Enjoy.

By JAMI YOUNG (@jami_lauren)

I recently had the opportunity to interview former University of Kentucky basketball player, Julius Mays. I hope you enjoy my interview of the class act known as Julius Mays.

Question: What was it about UK that made you decide this is where you wanted to spend your last year of college basketball?
Julius: “Just the great fan base, the school- the education part of it- and getting my masters. It was a big part of my decision and obviously the opportunity to play in front of Big Blue Nation, play for Coach Cal and get the experience of a lifetime; all played a major part of me coming here.”

Question: Did you have a moment when you stood back and said ‘Okay, these fans are crazy?”
Julius: “No, I’ve never said they’re crazy-but you know-I had a moment when I had to step back and say guys you got to be really appreciative of these fans because they travel with us everywhere we go.  We got a huge crowd win, lose or draw they always cheer their hearts out for us.

Question: If you were Coach Calipari, what would you say to the recruits who are considering UK as their college choice?
Julius: “I mean, there is no place like it here.  You are going to get the best coaching staff, best fan base and the experience of a lifetime that you won’t get anywhere else. Once you are a wildcat, you are always a wildcat.”

Question: Just curious, what is the one food you cannot live without?
Julius: “Probably my mom’s chicken.”

Question: Who is your favorite NBA player of all time?
Julius: “My favorite NBA player of all time? It would probably have to be Kobe Bryant.”

Question: What are your future plans and do you have anything you would like to say to the Big Blue Nation?
Julius: “My future plans are still up in the air. I’m still going to push to keep playing whether it be in Europe or in the NBA. Whatever opportunity presents itself and then after that I plan on breaking my way into coaching. My message to the Big Blue Nation is that I just appreciate the fact  they took me in. You know I felt like I’ve been here for four years and I only had the chance to play one. I wish I could’ve played longer, but you know, fortunately, I am very happy for the opportunity that I got and for the time that I got to play here.”

In closing, I would like to say the jersey  #34 has been worn by many UK greats: Kenny “Sky” Walker, John Pelphrey, DeAndre Liggins and now we can include Julius Mays to the list.

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  1. Scott

    And the greatest #34 of them all (to us old coots, anyway): Mike Casey.

  2. Larry Pup

    We will miss you Julius. God bless.

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    Nice article, and I really enjoyed seeing the photos of Julius and Jeff Sheppard. Thanks, Julius, for coming to Kentucky and being a ‘Cat. As has often been stated, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

  4. Sully

    Have to think Coach Cal has thought about adding Julius to the staff as a coach.


    He had me until he said Kobe. HA.

  6. Judi Cole

    We fans are also lucky to have players like Julius who appreciate everything that UK has to offer. He will be a great ambassador for our program. Best of luck to him as he pursues his dreams. His leadership will be missed and was appreciated. I can envision him being a good coach someday.

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