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Josh Clemons’ comeback inspires JoJo Kemp, who sees him as a “man-child”

Josh Clemons (20) carries the ball for Kentucky. (Victoria Graff photo)

Josh Clemons (20) carries the ball for Kentucky in 2011. (Victoria Graff photo)


Here is what JoJo Kemp had to say about Josh Clemons, perhaps the biggest surprise in spring practice, after Saturday’s scrimmage:

Question: Has it surprised you how running back Josh Clemons has come back from a second knee surgery and is playing so well this spring?

Kemp: “Yeah and that is good. I look at him as one of those guys who will never give up. He is going to keep fighting and that’s what you need. When I am down and I have a bruise that makes me want to pop up, I look at him and he is one of those guys that is determined. He had those two major injuries but it is not stopping him. He is still out there fighting and competing. He has been making a lot of plays and that makes me get fired up and makes the coaches get fired up. He is good person.”

Question: Is he making more plays than you expected considering his injuries?

Kemp: “Exactly. Josh, he is one of those guys that is like a man-child. He is big. He is aggressive. He is one of those guys that will fight through anything.”

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  1. Mike

    It is great to have all these positive stories coming from both the players and coaching staff. Obviously things are much further along than a year ago at this point. I will be happy if we can play close to 500 ball this year and if we can get a little help from lady luck possibly even sneak into a bowl along the way. Quarterback performance and consistency will be a major ingredient in our success.

  2. Larry Pup

    OLine has to step up too.

  3. Barry

    Let’s not expect too much too soon. This team has so much to work on and that will present a challenge in itself. One or two players won’t fix this team’s problems. If one or two players try to do too much they could actually hurt the team’s progress. It’s hard enough to get 5 kids to play together on the basketball court, trying to get 22 to do that on the football field is so much harder. I wish the team the best, but a bowl game may not be in the picture for the upcoming season. Winning 4 or 5 games with 1 or 2 of those being an SEC game would be a good next step.

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