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Jordan Swindle explains what being “baddest dude” on offensive line means


Kentucky junior offensive tackle Jordan Swindle was called the “baddest dude” on the offensive line by coordinator Neal Brown — and loved every minute of it.

“Definitely a compliment.That is what I strive to be,” Swindle said. “In high school I had to be the nastiest due on the offensive line because I was always little under developed compared to other guys. I had to be the one to outgrind other people and make them not want to play.”

So what does baddest due mean to him?

“That is being relentless for me. Just every play go after him and get in his face and make him wish he was not being blocked by me. Nothing dirty, just relentless all the time,” Swindle said.

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  1. Larry Pup

    I hope he stays relentless, he’ll have many opportunities.

  2. David

    What happened to the other d in dude or am I missing something? Jordan must be a big time scrapper. Good luck this year Jordan and make thos blocks for our Quaterback and Runningbacks. Go Cats!

    1. David


  3. Edward

    Jordan, when you get down to the Gators we want you to put the faces of the defense into the into the Swamp to allow our RB’s to step on their butts as they cross the goal line. We know that you and the rest of the offensive line will make certain that the uniforms of our QB’s remain nice and clean till the end of the game. “til the battle is won”

    Go Big Blue!

    1. David

      I am with you Edward on this one. I want to beat Florida bad this year and I honestly think we have a shot of doing it.

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