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Joker Phillips says Barnhart never said no to anything he asked for to help the players


Joker Phillips emphasized again Tuesday that he never asked Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart for anything he did not get.

“And all I asked for was things that would help the players: Jeremy Jarmon’s position, everything I asked for as far as recruiting. Anything that would benefit the player, he never once said no,” said Phillips.

Phillips has no regrets about not asking for more, either.

“Bells and whistles don’t sell places. They don’t. They just don’t. They help a little bit, but they don’t sell places,” Phillips said. “I was at Notre Dame, and if you’d have seen the locker rooms and the meeting rooms, they weren’t there. And they’d won a few championships there. I don’t think the bells and whistles help. I think steady recruiting and, again, making sure that you have a guy (quarterback) that can pull the trigger here and then making sure you have your two upper-level (recruiting) classes stockpiled.”

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  1. lunacy43

    I think I would constantly be asking for more support, especially from a marketing standpoint. I tend to agree that the shiny new weights aren’t what typically get the players. I think football fails to pull out all the stops ala basketball when it comes to selling the program, the spring game, the city, and the former and current alumni that are in the NFL. Not that it matters now, but I hope our next staff has more push to promote the program

  2. Ira

    Norte Dame…Winning Tradition, National Championship, great education, history of winning that alone can help recruit.

    Joker Phillips nails his own coffin with this allegory. Joker Phillips is another Charlie Weiss although he didn’t have Norte Dame’s name to recruit with. Along came Brian Kelly who can coach. Two different coaches, two different stories. One a loser, one a winner at Norte Dame. Joker Phillips, proven nice guy just like Charlie Weiss.

  3. RJ

    Simply means that Joker was not asking enough……

  4. Love SEC F-Ball

    I agree with all comments above.

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