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Here is part of what freshman running back JoJo Kemp had to say after Saturday’s loss to No. 9 Missouri.

On what needs to be changed going forward …

We need to keep our heads up. There were just too many mistakes. We just have to be more consistent. We do that and we’ll have a ballgame.”

On how frustrated the team is …

We get frustrated because we know we can make those plays. At practice there is good energy and everyone is working hard. We come here and we make little mistakes.”

On whether he thinks this team is better than when they began the season …

Yes, because everyone is playing together. It’s the little mistakes that are killing us. I am a little surprised [with our mistakes] because I know we have it in us. We just need to capitalize more, be more consistent, and limit the mistakes.”



7 Responses to University of Kentucky running back JoJo Kemp on future, frustration, team improvement

  • Mike says:

    My take….Coaching staff has now instilled the confidence and “will to win” in this team and probably wont at this late date. Coach keeps saying the same postgame comments week after week.

    • Stephen says:

      The guys we are counting on to produce on that field every Saturday are predominantly freshman and sophomores. The sophomores were rookies on a poorly coached 2-10 team last year. “Will to win”? If anyone thinks these kids don’t go on that field with a will to win, then they’ve never played organized sports! There is another cliche that’s more apropo here – “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Experience, maturity and success will show them the “way”. Missouri is a prime example of this…look at them last year and now. Franklin goes down “next man up” comes in and they don’t miss a beat. That’s called depth…that’s called preparation… THAT takes TIME!

    • Larry Pup says:

      Hey Mike, everybody who follows UK football and has followed UK football through all the lean years know the score here. Why don’t you give it a break and give our team and coaches a chance. If after three or four years and the same results take place you can be critical then. It is getting old from you my friend.

  • ukcrazycat says:

    Don’t forget that this is the SEC and turning the UK program around won’t/can’t happen overnight. So, to take a line from a animated movie I like to watch with the kids, Meet the Robinson’s. All the UK staff and players can do is ” Keep Moving Forward “.

  • Mike says:

    Stephen….The way this team took the field yesterday and most other games as well this year, did it look to you that they were pumped and ready to get out there and show that they felt confident and possessed the will to win? You did make some good points. Coach said himself postgame that it is their job to get them prepared better to start a game.

  • shinny says:

    Wow Mike! Stephen is right. Let me ask you Mike were you watching last year? Now that was a team that was NEVER ready to play! This is not like building a basketball team, it take recruiting EVERY year to build a football team with QUALITY depth.Stay away Mike and come back in 2015 and make your negative point about coaching and preparing. I’m going to do my own preparing while the stadium is being improved, I’m going to invest in some more good seats while the getting is good!! How about you?

  • Stephen says:

    I see your point… I think it’s difficult for us, the fans and bystanders, to know and see what they truly dofeel when they walk on that field. These guys know they are overmatched…they know it because they are the ones that actually lived through that 4 game gauntlet of top ten opponents…and then they walk on that field Saturday against another one? I feel for these kids…but I truly believe the effort is there…I truly believe the effort is there from both the players and coaches.

    I know you are tired of hearing it…but its going to take the Kemp’s, Timmons’, Hatcher’s, et al to be walking on that field as SENIORS, Barker’s and Elam’s as JUNIORS, and a whole bunch of freshman and sophomores just like them before we are going to know if this thing is going to work. All I’m saying is give them time to develops before we tar and feather these kids and this staff.

    I’m Stephen and I approve this this message!


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