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John Calipari won’t “dignifty” claim by Rex Chapman he’s going to Lakers, says he has “best job” now


ARLINGTON — Before Kentucky played Connecticut in Monday’s national championship game, former UK star Rex Chapman posted on Twitter that it was a “done deal” that UK coach John Calipari would leave to coach the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers immediately denied the claim. So did Calipari when asked about him after his team’s 60-54 loss.

“The Lakers have a basketball coach. Kentucky has a basketball coach. I got the best job in the country. I’m not going to even dignify that stuff,” Calipari said.

Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart also said he didn’t expect Calipari to leave.

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  1. Barry

    Time will tell soon enough.

  2. Stephanie

    Rex Chapman is no longer a member of the BBN after this nonsense, please go elsewhere Rex

  3. Richard

    Right or wrong (and most likely wrong), Rex lost a lot of respect for the timing of that tweet. The best thing to do is to totally ignore him from now on. Great season Cats!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Hard to believe Rex would be so stupid and irresponsible, that is something you keep out of the bright lights and current game time situation. That should be investigated, legally…Sports Books had 100’s of millions of Dollars on this Game. This TWEET By Rex, is exactly the Edge, that can shift millions in Wins or losses. This is a serious action, with ramifications that will reach the NCAA & possibly the Justice Dept. Any outside manipulation that could adversely and directly effect the outcome of The National Championship Game is not a simple mistake…

  4. R Moreland

    If Cal takes the Lakers job or any other job for that matter i wish him the best of luck and thank him for bringing the fun back to UK basketball. He took over a train wreck when he got here. As for Rex you really have to question his motive behind this tweet before the game. Does he need the attention that bad? To try and shift the focus from a group of 18 yr olds getting ready to play in the biggest game of their life to himself is very shallow on his part.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Does Rex gamble, does he have sports debt ??? These should be checked. That was a million dollar tweet…

  5. tslexky

    Maybe he can go hang out with Richie Farmer. LOL


    I haven’t been happy with his comments for a while but never said anything about it because of who he is. But this is below LOW. Even if it were true(which I doubt) if you are a UK fan you don’t say that before the biggest game of the year. Very disappointing! ! !

  7. Kokamo Joe

    It is a free country. Let him tweet whatever he wants. Why get our drawers in a bind over something like this? To me it is flatulence in a whirlwind. Calipari will do what Calipari pleases. A silly tweet does nothing but upset those who are constantly on the lookout for something to be offended about. Give it a day or two and it will be forgotten.

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