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John Calipari to fans on media critics: “Don’t give’em your eyeballs” on their websites


Because of UK’s recent losses — and Florida, not Kentucky, dominating the Southeastern Conference — there has been more and more criticism/questions about UK coach John Calipari recently from national media members.

Apparently Calipari has been paying attention to those critics and doesn’t want them impacting UK fans based on what he said on his weekly radio call-in show tonight. Here’s what the coach said:

“They’ve been doing that my whole career. You got guys waiting in the wings waiting for anything. And all of sudden, the story comes out, and it’s like, where was this build up and venom in this story? That’s part of it. I mean, you just say, ‘Hey, I do what I do.’ I know why I do it for kids. I’m comfortable in my skin doing what I do. I’ve made it very transparent how I do my job and what I feel about my job. I love coaching here, and all of the stuff that goes with it. Again, we lose a game and it’s an international incident. They’re talking about what’s wrong with me and the program on First Take (on ESPN). While yet other teams lose three or four games – ‘oh they’re fine.’

“That’s just being at Kentucky. It’s what it is. They know they can tweak you fans. So they tweak you, and you go bonkers. I love it though. So then I don’t have to say anything — it’s like you’re an army for me. All they do is tweak me or tweak the program or tweak a guy and all of a sudden it’s like army ants coming at you and there’s no end to them. They come and they just keep coming.

“But, some of it they do to get your eyeballs on their site. Don’t do that. Don’t give ‘em your eyeballs now. Some of those people, those nasty dudes, don’t give ‘em your eyeballs. Paste it, and everybody read the paste if you want to read it, but don’t give ‘em your eyeballs. The guy will be in a soup line in another six months. Don’t give him the eyeballs. Selling pencils ain’t a bad deal either. That’s why I go to church every day, because that’s how I feel sometimes.”

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  1. Katie

    And that’s why I didn’t bother reading Pat Forde’s article. No point reading stuff that’s written to get a rise out of fans.

  2. Linda Shumate

    Coach, in my opinion,you are a great coach. Yes, I fuss at all the missed free throws, missed lay ups and fouls. Then I have to step back and think to myself, these are just 18/19 year old kids, playing with young men that they have only been friends with for 6/9 months. It has to be hard on them also. I just hope most of them stay around a couple more years so that they can mesh together and mature some, in basketball and in life. But one thing, I wouldn’t want any other coach. God bless you Coach Cal.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s how every wildcat should show they got there coaches back

  3. Anonymous


  4. Eric

    Coach, continue during UR job. I am a fan and I for one have UR back. Our guys are good but I think our twin guards play too small. At 6’5 they don’t seem to have the hops. Should be slamming consistently on smaller guards. They need quick first break to the basket to slam and not yo yo to get shot off. They will learn.

  5. Kokamo Joe

    Calipari thrives on PR. He is an expert. Gold standard. Every other college program wants to be us. Kids first. 40 wins. Only state with one major program. And on and on.

    When things don’t go right, he is his own worst enemy. He would do well to talk less.

    I read Forde’s article. It is critical, very critical. Most of it has the ring of truth. Pushed too far, yes.

    Like it or not, some criticism is deserved. Instead of denial, Calipari should suck it up and prove the critics wrong. He could do that with a turn around.

    Support the team and Calipari, but don’t get caught in denial of truth. Let’s pretend does not win games.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Coach Cal, HAS PROVEN himself over these last 5 Seasons KJ, ” Were Have You Been ! ” Let’s See…( 3 Elite Eights / 2 Final Fours / 1 National Championship )…Proven, Proud, Productive, Proactive and PLENTY of Support. Keep it up KJ, but don’t forget Our Accomplishments, while YOU continue to Bash Our Coach.

  6. Kokamo Joe

    Forgive me if I have you mixed up with someone else, but are you not the person who loves to bash Pitino? In the six years that his team was elgible for post season play he had 5 SEC championships, 3 final fours, two final games, one championship and he left Smith talent enough to compete for another championship. You don’t like him because he chose to coach at UL. Fair enough. Have at it.

    IMO it is acceptable to question the coach after these past two years. Questioning and honest criticism is not bashing. It is being truthful. For instance, what is wrong with wondering why Calipari talks about having 15 players and how he can have three teams and how he has enough players to sub .. and then going back to the standard 7-8 rotation of his super recruits. That is a legitimate question and one that deserves an answer. The difference between we two UK fans….you call it bashing and I call it truth.

    There once was a king that nobody would criticize or question. He walked around in his birthday suit all the time asking people how they liked his new clothes. They told him that they look fine…

    1. OldFan

      I agree KJ. Truth is only called bashing by those that wish to ignore it or don’t want it brought up. I am not in agreement with name calling or being mean about things, but when the coach makes a statement and then does not follow through on those statements, he needs to explain or learn to keep his mouth shut. It is like Tubby saying every year before the season started, “We are going to get out and run and use the full court press.” It finally got to the point, no one listened because you knew it wasn’t going to happen.

  7. ruppsrunt

    Cal is exactly right. And, he should include the local media hacks who seek any and all opportunities to find fault, create turmoil, degrade the coach and exude despair.

    But, during the media heyday of their beloved teflon, all form of enabling, deflection, and excuse making was priority number 1. Even the PLAYERS during that era of destruction were targets for media abuse–because poor results could never be directed at their teflon.

    Then, their teflon slinked out of ton with nary a word to HIS chosen players, and still no media commentary about the pathetic tactic of sneaking away. And, nary an article how teflon was off LOOKING for a new “job” during that last season, while being paid by UK. Yep, the media teflon could do no wrong. He was protected at all cost, and PARITY was utilized to justify mediocrity on the hardwood.

    Wow, how times have changed. No deflection, excuses nor defense of Cal by this teflon loving media. No sirree, teflon is gone, FIRED by the tundralites after multiple mediocre seasons–so Lexington media goes into attack mode after Cal.

    Anyone see tipt-rd get snide with Cal? Nothing new, except no such tactic was used with the media teflon.

    Cal is right. Avoid the media assault. Even better–end subscriptions to the local hacks. Ignore um till they write at least 1 honest article about the 20 year cheating scandal at unccheaters!!! Make the hacks be HONEST. Make the hacks act responsibly.


    1. Kokamo Joe

      Teflon is Pitino, right? I don’t remember the press excusing Pitino. But during Pitino’s eight years in Lexington was not UK on probation the first two years? We we not thrilled with how Pitino took those unheralded Kentucky boys and competed? After probation was over did not the Cats go to three final fours, two championship games and did they not win UK’s 7th championship, all in six years? Did not Pitino’s two worse seasons come when the Cats were on probation and playing with a short deck? Did not Pitino’s era go from mediocre to great? Does it not look like Calipari’s era, at least right now going from great to mediocre. Is honest criticism ever deserved for any UK coach?

      You make a good point. If a person does not like what the Herald Leader and Courier Journal prints about UK, don’t read it. A cocoon can be more comfortable.

      1. Larry Pup

        Joe I really think you got to much Cardinal Red in you. You are much to sensitive about the man who turned his back on his own.

        1. Kokamo Joe

          Pitino was just as much revered in his day as Calipari is now. His UK record is right up there with Rupp. To criticize him as an ex UK coach is slurring our program. It ain’t the Cardinal that is in me, it is the Cat.

          IMO it is silly to expect any man to choose where he works because some over zealous people might be offended. We play UL once a year and we usually beat them. Pitino cannot hurt UK. In fact having Pitino at UL might spur UK to greater things.

          I am sorry that Pitino has hurt your feelings. Will you turn on Calipari if he leaves?

          The last two years the state of Kentucky has had two national basketball champions. Why in the world would any body get their drawers in an bind over that? (I direct this to both UL and UK fans)

          1. Larry Pup

            Whatever Joe. I’m keeping an eye on you pal. You praise the Red team and their coach too much. What’s the color when you mix red with blue? Somebody help me here, is it purple?

  8. Robcat

    Teflon is tubby, and rr is exactly right.

  9. sammydog

    Don’t usually comment but want to weigh in on the Pitino discussion. I am 67 yr old, a UK grad, and life long fan of all UK sports. I started with Rupp and have seen them all. I was so grateful to Rick Pitino for coming to UK and essentially saving the program. His style was exciting and fun to watch. The Pitino years as a whole was the most fun for an extended time that I have ever had as a UK fan. I understood when he took the Celtics job. I was in disbelief that he took the Louisville job. Mr. Kitley told Rick he would never be forgiven if he took the job and advised him against it. I am one of those fans who agreed with our beloved equipment manager. Louisville was and is a hated rival. Within the state, we compete with each other on many levels and he had to know that. My respect for Coach P went down the drain. It took UK hiring John Calipari to bring Pitino back from the dead. It is more than interesting that Pitino at UL was essentially a bust until the Cal era began.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree sammydog. There are many who agree with you.

  10. Danny L. Green

    IMHO Coach Cal is doing a great job At UK. There have been a few hicups now and then but we will survive!!

  11. Kokamo Joe

    Larry: Purple? How about Blue? Go back and read what I write. I have not questioned the right of a man to work where he chooses and I have praised Pitino for his work at UK. I see nothing wrong with that. It is true that I don’t watch every UL game hoping for a defeat. Actually I don’t pay a lot of attention to them. I do think that having consecutive championships is good for the state of Kentucky. I wish that both could have been won by UK, but since UK could not do it last year, I don’t see a problem with UL winning it all. I would feel the same if Western ever comes back.

    By the way, if you will check the CJ you will see a story about comments Pitino just made about Calipari. The comments were highly favorable and down right filled with praise. Why, Larry he sounded almost like you.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      The real point KJ is your constant critic of Coach Cal and many times these Young Men,(Our Wildcats)…LP, knows my history with Louisville and Pitino, but LP, never see’s Me backhand Our Kentucky Coaches or Players….YOU, KJ, do it often ! Side note, those red birds got them a couple of 7 footers coming…

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Larry, pick a KJ backhand of Calipari or the players and post it here. Any example will do. Tell me how unfair my comment is. Maybe my comment is unfair. Maybe you just misinterpreted what I write. Note that I have posted and continue to post that I think you have every right to your opinions. There is nothing wrong you challenging my opinions just as there is nothing wrong with my challenging your opinions. It is a great world filled with people who are not stamped from the same mold.

        1. Larry Pup

          Backhanding Cal? Larry T got it right, you are one of them leading the charge. Just go back and read your own posts Joe. Once is enough for me.

  12. Larry Pup

    Joe I suggest you change your handle from “Kokamo Joe” to “Middle of the Road Joe” with all your Louisville blabber. If you want to sing their praises and promote Pitino go ahead. If Pitino is praising Calipari he must have fallen on ice and hit his head. I could care less what Pitino does or says. GO CATS!!!!

  13. cdub1955

    Calipari is an idiot. Makes Bobby Knight look like a saint.

    Enjoy that NIT again this year.

    1. Anonymous

      Spoken like a true Louisville fan.

  14. Angie

    Go Coach,
    All of your Kentucky teams have won over twenty games every year. I believe the mark of a good coach is the passion for the players and you have more passion then any other coach. Your a great coach don’t listen to the negative.

  15. Jc

    Please use the bench! We have too much talent on it to let these boys play as bad as they have been. Their shots aren’t falling so use your bench. You had a deep bench at the beginning of the season. Use it!

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