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John Calipari takes to Twitter to explain his “vision” for team and praise returning players


Kentucky coach John Calipari will have surgery on his hip Friday and that will keep him off the recruiting trail — and from meeting with current players — for a few weeks during his recovery.

But Calipari took to Twitter (@UKCoachCalipari) to share a few things about next year’s team and what he did this week with the returning players. Here’s the series of tweets he posted:

— Had a team meeting on Monday. Had to wait to do it until we knew what the team was. The meeting was minus our incoming freshmen obviously.

— The meeting was about our vision for this group and each player talked about what they would work on this summer to elevate their game.

— Today I met with Marcus, Dom, Derek and EJ, who I hadn’t met with individually yet. All I can tell you is we have the best young men.

— They aren’t afraid to self-evaluate and be honest with themselves, yet they all have dreams, hopes and desires that I want to help them with

— I am totally dedicated to each of these young men.

— I believe in them and I’m committed to doing the best for them as individuals as we build this team into something we can all be proud of.

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  1. Larry Pup

    Productive meeting. Good stuff.

  2. Love SEC

    He said a lot in just a few tweets. Best coach we could possibly have.
    Those that rip him apart do not know him at all.

  3. dennis

    Take care during the surgery, the rehab is the most important part, as I just finished a knee replacement and back on the course playing golf. Glad you will get it done since I could see in your walk it wasnt right during the year, which IMO made the coaching job this year the best yet. Cant wait for the train to get started next year!

  4. Larry T Clemons

    Speedy Recovery…We have Much Respect for You Coach. Thanks for recruiting wonderful Young Men, it’s easy to cheer and actually care about them.

  5. Judi Cole

    Wishing Coach Cal a successful surgery and complete recovery. I just finished his book and have to say, it just increases my respect for him and the program that he runs at UK. The man NEVER rests!

  6. Eddie T.

    Get well soon, Coach!!! You are a great coach, an excellent recruiter, a great teacher of basketball and leader of young men, a wonderful person, and we of the Big Blue Nation are very proud that you are our Coach.

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