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John Calipari on SEC: “This has got to be a cool league to play basketball”


Kevin Scarbinsky of www.al.com attended the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla., and got a chance to chat with Kentucky coach John Calipari about how the new SEC Network could help make league basketball better.

“This has got to be a cool league to play basketball,” he said. ” ‘Man, I want to be in that league.’ We can project that through this television network. It’s our television. It’s kinda like having your own Twitter account, your own Facebook, your own web site.

“You define the narrative.”

The SEC had just three teams make the NCAA Tournament last season when UK reached the championship game. Calipari wants that number to dramatically increase. The league also hopes to go from one to three permanent opponents among its 18 conference games and having the best teams in the league play each other to help boost their RPIs.

“We’re figuring out ways that the strongest teams play each other, the rivalries aren’t lost and television gets what they need,” Calipari said. “There’s some good things out there.”


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