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John Calipari now has offered 12 players, including 7 post players, in 2015 class

uk basketball logoBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky coach John Calipari is certainly making his recruiting presence known as he has now offered at least 12 players in the 2015 recruiting class scholarships, a high number for the UK coach to target — and seven of them are post players.

The latest addition is 6-4 wing Antonio Blakeny of Oak Ridge High School, who got his offer Sunday night according to Scout.com recruiting analyst Evan Daniels. He is ranked as he second best shooting guard and 12th best player overall in the 2015 class by Scout.com. He has offers from Louisville (and has taken a visit there), Florida, Kansas, Memphis, Florida State and more.

Calipari has also offered 6-10 power forward Henry Ellenson  of Rice Lake, Wis. Scout.com ranks him as the  No. 7 overall player in the class and his stock has soared this summer.

Both Calipari and assistant coach Kenny Payne saw him play over the weekend in Las Vegas. He also has offers from Duke, North Carolina, UCLA and Wisconsin along with several other schools.
Brandon Ingram, a five-star small forward from Kinston, N.C., got offered by Calipari Saturday after the UK coach watched him on Friday. Rivals.com ranks him as the 25th best player in the 2015 recruiting class. He has offers from Louisville, North Carolina, Duke and more.



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  1. King Ghidora

    I still can’t figure out why Ben Simmons ended up at LSU. I guess he likes the party life or something. I wonder if he realizes Mardi Gras doesn’t happen at Baton Rouge. I guess if you want to be “the guy” LSU is as good of a place as any to go. Too bad he doesn’t prefer winning.

  2. King Ghidora

    BTW it may start to get harder for Cal to sign so many top recruits with more of his players deciding to stay at UK. I’ve sorta worried about that since Cal came to town. It’s great to have players coming back but that recruiting machine he has going may suffer because players won’t be so sure their spot will be open when they get there. For example I have to wonder if Towns was surprised to see WCS still there at UK. Sure these guys might play great together but too often egos get involved and young players want to get in their one year and start getting paid. I think that a player like Simmons, who I mentioned in my other post, might well take a look at a stacked lineup like UK has and not think twice about going elsewhere.

    There’s no perfect system I guess. After 2 years of watching young players struggle (until the tourney last year of course) it will be refreshing to start the season with some seasoned players. The whole trick will be getting the right blend I suppose. I don’t think I would trust anyone to do that better than Cal. I guess Sean Miller is making a pretty good run at recruiting though. I heard they signed a top 10 player recently. That player was Ray Smith and he’s one of a few 5 star players who have signed so far and none of them have signed with UK.

    BTW what can we expect out of Charles Matthews? I’ve seen some video but not a lot.

    1. Larry Pup

      Interesting comments King, however, I just believe in Cal. He will always be able to attract top talent when it’s all said and done. I’m also very glad some talented men decided to stay in school. I worry more about football recruiting for the long haul. Stoops has to start putting some wins together or it will get more difficult to attract top talent in the coming days.

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    Offering scholarships to so many players is certainly different from the norm as we’ve come to expect it at UK. I read several sources that indicated that none of the players were so-called locks to come to UK, so I would imagine Cal is just covering his bases and not wanting to be left with the cupboard bare so to speak. Who knows? Maybe this year’s team with so much talent will be so much fun to coach that he will want to have 9 McD’s All-Americans on all his teams from here on out. :-)

  4. King Ghidora

    Karen I believe that having such good talent on his teams has been a magnet for more talent to come especially when he brought the Cal recruiting show to UK. When players look at the success he’s had with putting top players in the NBA they want to get on that bandwagon. I sure wouldn’t blame them one bit for making that a priority in their decisions on where to play in college. He’s already drawing in way more talent than anyone else. In fact it’s downright ridiculous how much talent he’s brough to UK. He has easily doubled the number of 5 star recruits at UK over any other school in the NCAA during his term in Lexington. That’s amazing stuff. I think he has to keep on winning and placing players high in the draft to keep that recruiting dynamo in gear. Like Larry P., I believe in his ability to do just that. This season should be far better than last because of the experience factor. Remember that last year he didn’t get his star guards on campus until the school semester started. Now they will mostly all be playing games against world class competition before the semester even starts. And he has the experienced guys back to compete against that world class talent too IMO.

    This “could be” one of the best UK teams ever. We all know not to make rash predictions by now but things look really good for Cal keeping that winning tradition going and that means the recruiting train will keep chugging along too.

    It’s a good time to be a UK fan for basketball and football IMO not to mention baseball and some other sports.

  5. Larry T Clemons

    Coach is not just recruiting Talent….” Those wearing Blue, now, and in the future are good, positive young men. To me that’s the difference and the reason it’s OK to stay, 2 or 3 years….

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