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John Calipari: “… just keep making that pass. Make it 22 times”

While Julius Randle was strong inside during UK’s short second half rally at Florida Saturday, coach John Calipari was more impressed with something else — a pass.

“He was good getting it to the rim, but he also made that pass for the 3 You know what I mean? Well, just keep making that pass. Make it 22 times. Just keep passing that ball right there,” Calipari said to emphasize how much passing could help this team.

“We still – they went zone and we held the ball, which we haven’t done all year. We reverted. Like, we were: catch it and bounce and catch it and hold it, look around then throw. It’s all – we come in and out at times. Like I said, we have the ability, we have the skill, we have the size, we have length. We have all the stuff you need to do this. Now we just got to do it. It’s time. Let’s do it.”

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  1. Mike

    I still wish Cal would concentrate more on coaching then putting out these nuggets of wisdom that don’t make him or the team look good. He isn’t happy if his lips aren’t moving. Season encompassing statement of the year was JR’s “we know what we have got to do but not sure how to do it” It is a shame that all of the guys, to an individual, seem like really great guys, but we know where nice guys finish. They don’t have confidence in themselves so why would anyone expect us to have confidence in them? The season that never was is now over.

    1. Schmonomous

      “They don’t have confidence in themselves”

      They read a couple of your posts, maybe?

  2. Ron Newlin II

    Derek Willis can pass the ball very well.

    1. gyro

      you have to do more than pass the ball well.

      1. Git 'er Done

        Thats right, too much passing! Young and harrisons need to shoot it more, jack up more shots!!! Too much tubby ball defense, players can’t remember all that coaching!!!

  3. Bryan M.

    Why don’t you should apply for the job. Oh wait, I know why.

    1. Larry Pup

      Mike….I think JR’s statement has been misunderstood. I do not think he meant what you are implying. I think he just meant that they have confidence in their ability, but have not been able to put it all together for 40 min. for one reason or another. The way you spin it it reflects badly on the coaching. I don’t think he meant it that way at all. I could be wrong. If so I would be surprised. By the way, nice guys don’t always finish last as you also imply.

      1. Love SEC

        There are many comments made during interviews that they would like to have back. I would guess JR’s was one of those.

      2. Schmonomous

        Hard to believe Mike would “imply” anything negative against one of the players.

  4. Mike

    Larry….they do on this team!

    1. Love SEC

      Are you a nice guy?

  5. Larry Pup

    I got a suggestion for all you arm chair coaches. Get the good Professor to draft a trite little letter addressed to Mitch asking for Calipari’s resignation because in your all’s estimation he can’t cut it anymore. All of you can sign it, LB, Mike, OldFan, Barry, KJ, I know I have forgotten some of you, if I have, I appologize. After that letter goes out you all can beat on your chests and feel good about yourselves as the protector of UK basketball. Geez, I have never seen so much whining and crying in all my days. And you have the nerve to call yourselves good sports and good fans. No wonder the rest of the SEC hates our guts.

    1. gyro

      AMEN AMEN…!!!!

    2. Git 'er Done

      maybe your hearing your self, Larry pup, biggest whining and crying of all, no one else close!!! Young and harrisons need to jack more shots up, just have fun, they are young!!! too much coachingt and defence!!! tubby ball!!!

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