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Kentucky coach John Calipari just didn’t “have the answers” for Cats against UConn

UK coach John Calipari yells instructions to his team in the NCAA final game loss to UConn. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)

UK coach John Calipari yells instructions to his team in the NCAA final game loss to UConn. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)


ARLINGTON — He had shared the message before, but just to make sure national media members understood one last time Monday  night after Kentucky lost to Connecticut that players as talented as those on his team can’t be perfect all the time.

“But these kids aren’t machines. They’re not robots. They’re not computers. I say it again, I wish I had an answer for them later in the game where I could have done something to just click it to where we needed it to go,” said Calipari. “That three in the corner (by Aaron Harrison), if that would have gone, maybe the game changes a little bit, but it didn’t.

“So keep coaching. What do we figure out, how do we do it? And obviously I didn’t have the answers for them.

“But I’m proud of them, they fought and tried and played a really good team that’s well coached. Kevin Ollie played that team exactly how they had to play to have success. People in Connecticut should be so proud of him as a former athlete there, coming back and winning a national title and doing the things he’s doing. He’s a great guy.

“He’s not only a great coach. Believe me when I tell you, we’re telling each other before the game, I love you, he’s telling me I love him, he loves me. I mean, this guy is one of the great guys of all time.

“And I hate losing, but I’m happy he won. I hate losing. But I’m happy he won.”

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  1. Love SEC

    We are proud of you Coach Cal!

    Try to get my post in before Mike & Barry start bashing.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I was always trying to do the same…Larry Vaught, would give us such a great story, (all year) then I would have to see Baby Barry & Hoosier Mikes dribble of incoherent bashing and attempted, ” what should be, why it won’t be “, I hated that !… notice in the Tournament, all their venom, went against Posters, because Our Wildcat Coaches and Team, exposed them for the unintelligent fools they are…Winning and advancing, left the Two, ” Dumb & Dumber ” no where to critic…So they Bash BBN and Loyal Fans of Our Team ! They are Now, only Side-Show Freaks, who turn up in Type Only…To ashamed and embarrassed for anyone to know their True Identity…One thing for Me, about being a Kentucky Native and a UK Wildcat, ” I’m proud of my words ” an hide from no one, ever….Honorable People, are what I always love about Kentucky. And Our Coach, recruits Honorable Young Men.

  2. MountainMan55

    I agree with you SEC lol, might be time to go get the popcorn ready to read their battle

  3. Anonymous

    Lets see what Muck & Blowhard have to say!

  4. Anonymous

    Yea! Lets hear what Muck & Blowhard have to say!

  5. Mike

    LTC….With all the time you have to post etc., I am feeling you must either be retired or retarded. I am going to mark both boxes.

    1. Anonymous

      Stupid is as stupid does. Why are you such an ass?

    2. Larry T Clemons

      Live on the Ocean, Own Art Collection and Art Gallery, have Lake House, Co-Producer of Award Winning Film, just an overall hard worker, former Pres. of Public Co…..So, No Not Retired……In reference to the later, My Family and I, have had the pleasure of working with, living with and Loving, seven, (7) special needs Children…” You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF ! “

  6. RJ

    The perpetually silly on one end and the perpetually negative on the other are giving this site a bad name. I thought this board was for serious discussion, not bashing others because they disagree with you.

    1. Larry Pup,

      RJ, two posters on here are the most negative, and have been all year. If you have not figured out who they are then you either agree with them, or you have not been active on VV’s. Read what they say and you will get the big picture of what is happening on VV’s these days. Some of us are not going to let it slide when players and Coach are verbally attacked unfairly on this internet site, and even in victory. Opinions are one thing, but to constantly bash players and Coach after the run they just had is pure nonsense. I was scratching my head after some of your posts Monday night. But hey, you go ahead and say whatever you like, that don’t mean I will agree with you. If it becomes to negative you will hear about it. This is a big time UK fan site, and most of us love UK win or lose. There is time for criticism, but not against a team that was the runner up in the NCAA tournament, and had one hell of a run, leaving some great teams in their wake. Enough of the bashing and second guessing. This team was just beaten by a better team that night. So what, they are still winners, and great kids.

    2. Larry T Clemons

      Destructive or Constructive…..They Can no longer Hate on Cal and The Team, We Made it to the Finals….Now they must, bash Posters….I will defend myself, anyway I deem justified. Same as I did For Our Coach and Young Team ! And, so should You…

    3. Karen Sprinkle

      Thank you, RJ. I have always enjoyed this site because the stories are terrific and often fairly unique. Larry does an awesome job finding the story behind the story such as interviews with family members and doesn’t just give us the dry facts and statistics. Another reason I’ve enjoyed this website is that the comments are usually well-written and intelligent. Even if I didn’t agree with the viewpoints of the other posters, the discussion was normally civil and a lot of time thought-provoking. Lately, though, I feel that a lot of the comments have been hi-jacked by three or four individuals indulging in childish insults and name-calling back and forth. While the volume of comments has certainly risen, the quality certainly has not. And that’s sad.
      Like many others, I don’t have the time or inclination to scroll through dozens of posts that really add little to the discussion, other than to insult others. Now that basketball season is over, I hope the discussion returns to a more civil place.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Fine, I wont post….I’ve only defended you all, and these Coaches and Players….Maybe if more of You would have STOOD UP, instead of letting one or two of Us do your dirty work…WE, could of gotten rid of the cancerous posters long ago….You know, the ones who uses language like SH_T, and Stupid _ss and refer to gentlmens Family members and wives, not to kindly and just today, threw around the word retarded….For those Who Did Stand Up, THANK YOU ! For You Others, thanks for nothing….Enjoy ! There Baby Barry & Hoosier Mike, There all Yours, enjoy you reign…

        1. Larry Pup,

          Karen most of the time I agree with you on the issues generated on this blog, but you and RJ seem to be out of the loop on this one. Some of us did not start this verbal war. We were just offering a different opinion, and defending this team and their coach early on when there were a couple who strongly disagreed. Did it get out of hand, according to you and RJ it did, and for my part in that I am sorry if you were offended. Truth is, it started early in the season when some started bashing this team, and individual players unmercifully and even suggested that Cal was dead in the water and needed to either alter his coaching methods and program or leave. One was even a good sport and posted a letter on VV’s acknowledging he had been wrong in his criticism of the team and Coach Cal. It continued to evolve into a heated debate and has continued to this day even after a trip to the final 4 has vindicated this team and their Coach. Listen, I’m not mad at nobody, and everyone has a right to say whatever, but I will state my opinion on this site if I think it something needs to be said. As for LarryT, don’t quit posting, you are a great UK fan.

          1. Love SEC

            I agree with Larry Pup and Larry T Clemons. They simply stood up for Coach Cal and this team. The vicious name calling started when Mike and Barry joined the discussion. However, Mike and Barry did not discuss, they attacked. See Barry’s post below for just one example.

            I usually agree with MOST of you that post here but as in life, not always. In the past our discussions were always civil until Barry and Mike. If some of you want to call my participation back and forth, I will stop posting as well.
            Thanks Larry T. and Larry P. – I have enjoyed your comments.

          2. larryvaught

            Deep breaths LoveSEC. Don’t let others rile you. Love having you, LarryPup and Larry T. here

          3. Larry Pup

            Love SEC.. thank you, you are true blue in my book my friend. To LarryV, thanks for all your hard work to keep all UK fans in the loop. You are the man!!! I love this site so much. My days are made a little more enjoyable by checking out the stories on VV’s. At home or on the road, life is good in the BBN. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Play nice peeps – believe me it is NOT about you , it’s about the program. I think that’s why I have to post as anom. I’m cool with that !

  8. Mike

    Anonymous…..Son, you are taking life too seriously….need to lighten up.

  9. Phillip Barker

    I’m with you Karen.

  10. coldspringmike

    Larry V, any rumors out there as who will replace Coach “O”. I realize it’s his time to move on but hate to lose one of the top ass’t coaches and a top notch recruiter.

  11. dennis

    Coach Cal didn’t have an answer for the question as to why the refs only called UCONN for 1 foul on the twins as they drove the basket for the entire game. For 2 players that avg 5-7 trips each to the line all year and then only get to the line 1 time between them for an entire game is insane. That is the answer he couldn’t find, no one can, cause the NCAA doesn’t hold the refs accountable. It will be the same next year, non enforcement of the rules and no calls on the drives all year, gotta be tough to tell your player forget it, and then they get called on the other end. Coach Cal is the best in the business, recruiting, motivation, coaching and I hope he stays at UK till he doesn’t want to coach any more because if he does we will hang some more championship banners and surpass UCLA. GO BIG BLUE and thanks to Coach and the players for another year of UK basketball.

  12. tslexky

    Let’s face it. UConn was talented. But my Cats played with a lot more grace and fun that UConn did – especially Napier who was yelling at and shoving his teammates. I can assure you that most coaches I know would have sat him down to cool him off just a little. Not sure I can agree with a coach who would let one teammate run the team with that sort of skills. napier did not exhibit leadership skills. Not sire what that was but leadership was not it.

  13. Karen Sprinkle

    Larry T., Larry Pup, and any other person I have apparently offended, re-read what I wrote. At no time did I single out Larry T.; I noted that there were THREE OR FOUR individuals who were continually, in my opinion, hijacking posts with name calling and personal attacks. I still believe that to be true. For proof, go back and read some of the threads (if you have the stomach). I have enjoyed reading Larry T.’s posts, and I appreciate his opinions, as I do most everyone who posts here (even those whose opinions disagree with my opinions). Larry T. may have thought I was singling him out because my post appeared below his when it was actually in response to another reader. That was not my intention at all.

    Frankly, the lack of civility nearly drove me from the website, and still disturbs me. This has always been a place where we could always discuss the Cats, and even if opinions differed, we normally had lively discussions about the varying viewpoints without resorting to name-calling or accusations of not being a “true” fan or a fan of a rival program. I’ve always enjoyed this website for that very reason and avoided the other Kentucky related websites where discussions end up being personal attacks.

    As to who started the battle, let’s just say that I’ve always thought the expression, “don’t feed the trolls, it just makes them more bold” to be particularly appropriate.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Dear Karen, thank you for taking your time to clear up, what I felt was another attack on Me, for, just fighting idiots…Theresa & RJ, also voiced their displeasure, so I had felt, maybe I should just not post. Me, like You Karen, read many sites, but after about 4 months, there was only one that I felt was Honorable and had integrity and Love for Our School, Our Coaches and of course, Our Wildcats, be it one & done, 2,3 or 4years and even better yet, ” Succeed & Proceed “(Classic and credible) thank you. THIS IS (was) the only blog I have ever joined. Early on, when these Young Players started to get attacked personally, I couldn’t stay silent ! I have stood, next to those Shoes, I have seen and closely protected the emotions of Wildcat, (Basketball Players) who are overly scrutinized and subject to National and International critic. Heck, I felt so lucky to call a few friends and have an open door policy of The Wildcat Lodge, in 77,78 &79 from, Coach Hal, Coach Hamilton & Doc Jackson, that early in my relationship with these Players, I cut my Hair, out of respect to them and coach Hall…” My Hair was long, I managed The Jean Scene, next to the lodge, were I ordered special jeans (Long) for the Players, but I didn’t want feedback from ANYONE going to Coach, (Who’s the long haired hippie I saw with our boys). If you know Lexington, for sure in those days, everyone coveted the Wildcats as their own, and were very Protective, (can’t blame them, We were Championship pedigree, those Years). The Biggest compliment in my life, (aside from my Mother, being proud of her son) was Coach Hall, putting his arm around me at the Lodge one evening and saying,” I never get a bad report on my boys, when there with you ” and he gave me a little hug and a pat, ” I remember it, like it was yesterday.” Later while living in Miami, I ran into Coach Hall, never believing He would remember me, not only did He remember, but He said, ” hey Larry, how you been ? ” My Mom was with me and he told Her, I was one of the Good ones. That being said, When people were bashing these Young Honorable Wildcats, with personal attacks, I had to stand up and I did. My strategy was simple, confront the Attack, ” head on ” distract the attackers and bring The Enemy Fired ON ME ” which I did successfully. Fortunately for us All, The success of Our Coaches and These Players, made it hard for the attacks, to penetrate them towards the end. So, of course the attackers, went after the posters and me heavily, which, I was OK , to defend myself. I have always been an Honorable individual and I can assure, everything I said, was from a defensive posture. Karen, I have always enjoyed reading Your post as well.

      1. Larry Pup

        Larry T, you hang tough, you hear me now. You are needed here and we both love LarryV’s site. It is the best around for any news on UK sports. You are a true blue fan. As for those who disagree with us, hey, it’s a free country. I just support the Big Blue in the only way I know how. I wish everyone on VV’s nothing but the best. That does not mean I will always agree with you, but we should try to be civil, I agree with that. I will try and do my part in the future. Notice I said “try.”

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