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John Calipari has to explain to Bill O’Reilly that Kentucky program has discipline, values to protect players, brand


Kentucky coach John Calipari is doing his best to promote his new book but one has to wonder if he wishes he had never gone on The O’Reilly Factor  Monday night on Fox News after being asked about “rap stuff, hip-hop stuff and hustlers” by Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly obviously did  no homework on Calipari or the Kentucky basketball program, but the UK coach managed to make his points and not let O’Reilly paint the picture the host obviously wanted to paint.

Here’s some of what the conversation was like:

O’Reilly: Do they (players) act differently toward you? Do these use four letter words towards you?

Calipari: No, no.

O’Reilly: None of that?

Calipari: No.

O’Reilly: So you impose strict discipline on that.

Calipari: Yes. Here is what I would tell you. These kids come from good homes. People will say well he doesn’t have a father. Some of the best kids I coach were raised by a grandmother who was so firm that they understood.

O’Reilly: So you evaluate their character before you give them the scholarships.

Calipari: If I walk in a home and a young man disrespects his mother or grandfather, grandmother in front of me, I’m out. Because if that’s the case, he respects no one. He is not going to respect me.

O’Reilly: Okay. How do you keep them away from temptation with the hustlers everywhere?

Calipari: Who?

O’Reilly: So they go out with a girl and the girl said hey you raped me. There is drugs everywhere. They are giving the kids drugs for free. How do you keep them away from that?

Calipari: One of the things I tell them coming to Kentucky as you know, if you want to smoke, drink, chase, do all that stuff, they will do a (ESPN) 30/30 on you. They will be on the ticker, every news show. You can’t do that here. You are coming here to be developed as a person and a player.

O’Reilly: How many do that?

Calipari: They all do.

O’Reilly: Temptation is strong.

Calipari: We’ll deal with issues as they come up. They all look at the results. You and I know it’s one thing to walk in and say we’re going to do, this we’re going to do that it’s another thing to say here’s what we have done. Here is how they have been developed. We have had 17 players drafted. We have had 10 players get their college degrees. Our apr is as high as anybody in the country. Four years of a 30-0. They understand they are there to be educated. People will say well, they don’t want to go to school. That’s a bunch of crap. They do want to go to school. But their genius is basketball.

O’Reilly: Now, do you have guys on them all the time? Curfews? Coaches watching them drug testing it do you drug test.

Calipari: We do all of that we have housing with no women that can go in there. Thirty beds. People get honest about it. Why would you have separate them from the college? Because of what you said.

O’Reilly: Yeah.

Calipari: They have to be. We also, I’m embarrassed to say take NBA security with us on the road. You would say, what? Well, where do you get to these guys? You are not getting to them on my campus. You are getting to them when we gone 00 road. We bring NBA security with us to protect them. At the end of the day, how they were raised, what we looked at the when we recruited them, how we are now the standards that’s being set. They are going to be in situations where you are offered this, that, and the other. Do you take it or do you protect yourself to protect your brand? We used to call it our name. Now it’s your brand.

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    These are questions that coaches are not often asked. Calipari did a great job answering. IMO this interview reflected well on both Calipari and UK. This was a chance to shine a positive light on the program. Note…I did not see the interview, I am basing my comments on Larry’s article.

  2. Mick Murrell

    In watching the interview, my take was the show’s staff came up with most of the questions being asked, with a follow up for clarification question or comment on O’Reilley’s part. Overall, the questions seemed poorly researched and were generic questions about basketball players based on Easterner’s perceptions. I think O’Reilley’s reaction indicated surprise that Cal goes to great extent to control who enters the program and that he sets his standards so high.

    1. larryvaught

      I am with you Mick

  3. Jeff Vairin

    That is the way O’Reilly does his intv’s. He is an ill informed bully. He never does his homework, works on his agenda. He rates as a very very poor interviewer in my book. Of course I’m comparing him to Charlie Rose, Fareed Zakria, etc.

    Bill is a Fox News clown, which is fine for the circus he works for…

    1. larryvaught

      Jeff, I would agree with you also

  4. BobbyBlue

    I watch how Calipari handles such interviews with awe. It makes me dread the day he leaves the Ky program, Yeah,they’ll come up with another great coach.
    Even Cals equal in recruiting is possible…….but to have all of that, in one individual….,someone that not only excels in recruiting and coaching.but can handle this O’Reily type of BS scrutiny….the trick questions, and inuendo,not unlike what the talking heads constantly pile on the Ky program….to do so with such class,intelligence,and oratorical skill,is not replaceable.
    Personally, I doubt this total package, will ever be possible,after he leaves.

  5. PatCat

    I watched the interview. I felt the line of questions O’Reilly pursued were blatantly racist. Cal has a lot of black players, so O’Reilly (or whoever came up with the questions) only asked about negative stereotypes about black players. It was an awful interview and Fox News should be ashamed for the ill preparation and racist questions by one of their biggest names.

    1. King Ghidora

      You got it exactly right Pat. I expected him to ask if his players were too “uppity” it got so bad. “You sure your players aren’t gang bangers who kill kids in the off season?” was the kind of question he was asking. How revolting. He clearly has no clue what it takes to be a top level athlete. He certainly knows nothing about Cal and his pursuit of players that exhibit respect for themselves and others. Bill didn’t prepare for that interview more than 10 seconds and what preparation he did was incredibly insulting. Maybe someone should ask him if he is as lazy as all the other Irish. It would be on the same level as his questions. And I must say I do NOT subscribe to any of the baloney he promotes or that silly thing about the Irish either.

    2. Darrell

      Stop with the racist crap! This had nothing to do with race it had to do with someone (O’Reilly) don’t know anything about basketball or sports he just knows about all these kids (from all schools) usually get in trouble and that is what is told. Nothing to do with race so can we stop bringing up the race card on everything!!!!!

  6. King Ghidora

    Bill O’Reilly is a complete buffoon. But that is not true of everyone that works for Fox. I do wonder how they manage to put up with him though. His arrogance is only exceeded by his ignorance. Notice his reference to the fact that Cal coaches at a “public” school as if his high and mighty Harvard education has made him into the “intellectual” he claims to be. I can’t stomach that person whatsoever. People latched onto him because he had the prime time slot at the Fox News channel which was a rare exception to the PC news coverage of the MSM. Neither is a reasonable facsimile of a real news organization IMO. As long as he continues to draw high ratings (which is something that baffles me – surely there are better news reporters in the world) he will remain in his position. The world sorely needs a truly good news organization and this interview alone proves that Fox is not that needed entity. Still there was not one other network that covered the near revolution in Nevada last week. Congressman Elijah Cummings was on a Sunday talk show and was not asked a single question about his proven role in the IRS scandal. No one asked Where are the real news organizations when we need them so badly?

    I have to say that Mr. Vaught comes closest to the ideal of a true journalist of anyone I’ve noticed in the media in decades. It is a refreshing thing to read his writings because they cover any important problems but he doesn’t try to create those problems (like Mr. Bill just did with Cal). That alone sets him far above the vast majority of journalists. But there’s more than that. He actually reports good news too. That’s rare.

    When I studied journalism in college I was taught for 3 years about the need for objectivity and fairness in reporting. Then in my 4th year I was told I would be expected to create news to fit a desired train of thought no matter where I worked. I was told the NY Times decided which direction we should go and what thinking we should “promote”. That’s the day I decided I would not be a journalist after all.

  7. King Ghidora

    Sorry about the “No one asked” mistake. I meant to mention Cummings after that.

  8. Anonymous

    Believe me, Cal does a better job keeping a watchful eye on his team than any BB coach UK has EVER had.
    Can’t speak to pre-Rupp.

    1. Viper

      There is no Pre-Rupp!!

  9. Larry T Clemons

    Coach Cal, was poised, frank, matter of fact and actually, kept O’Reilly interested…O’ Reilly was so impressed, he ask to visit a game at RUPP. It was nice to see Coach turn the questions of conflict into solution, resolution and education, (Masterful). Totally caught O’Reilly off guard. Coach Cal, sold a lot of Books that night and Kentucky, shined in that Interview. Just like in Our Season, in that Interview, Coach took the lowest insinuations and responded with Truth and Kentucky Honor ! ” We Are College Basketball.”

  10. Larry Pup

    I’m not a big fan of Ole Bill, but thank God for FOX News, they are about the only news network worth watching today for the truth. As to this interview Coach did fine, and more than held his own IMO. I too thought the questions were weak, and poorly crafted.

  11. Sarah White

    I thought Coach Cal did an excellent job. But, Coach is a pro at re-directing questions to what he wants to talk about. I think he handled O’Reilly quite well. I was proud he represented himself, his guys, the University, and all of our fans. Great job, Coach Cal.

  12. Mike

    Sarah….I agree with your comments 100%. I am surprised that some of the posters feel that O’Reilly is a jerk, but I guess he has the last laugh on that. I don’t agree with everything he says and does, and he can be very disruptive and arrogant during his interviews, but he is also about as well informed as anyone out there. That is just my conservative side as well. I was very proud of the way Cal represented the team and the BBN.

    1. King Ghidora

      Mike I’m a conservative. Bill is a lunatic. He calls himself an “intellectual” (heard him say it myself), he makes glaring errors in facts and he spends a lot of time trying to appeal to people on the left just to get his ratings up. It’s not so much that he does it as how he does it. He thinks insulting people on the right wins him support on the left. But my main problem with the man is that I heard him say he intended to get into Heaven through a loophole. That’s just sad. Why would anyone want to do that?

      1. Kokamo Joe

        O’Reilly has his faults and he has his good points. Liberals tend to hate him and conservatives seem to like him. He is a highly successful journalist, and is certainly no lunatic.

        I don’t watch O’Rilly often, so I did not see the interview and can only judge it from Larry’s column. I see the questions as an opportunity for Calipari to put himself and UK in a good light and he did that.

        I suspect that O’Reilly was trying to get at the culture of big time athletics and how it deals with the modern youth. If that is the case, then Calipari would be the man to put the questions to since he has been so successful at UK.

        Read the questions and Calipari’s response. Note how Calipari nailed each response.

        Calipari is on a book tour. He is a salesman. O’Reilly game him a time spot just like the major news networks and sports networks.

        Many of us see any thing which is not gold plated praise as criticism of our program and our coach. I think that this is the case here.

  13. grant

    Wonder if Bill would ask coach k those questions in such a manner? Or Boeheim? I am guessing not. But because it was evil Calipari- that it was ok? It just gets to be bulls— after a while. I am sick of it. What will he get blamed for next.

  14. Judi Cole

    I watched the interview and didn’t think once about O’Reilly’s questions being racist. I don’t think they were, just thought they reflected poorly on his agenda to show all college basketball athletes as selfish and immature. He obviously doesn’t follow UK and maybe not even basketball. That being said, I think Coach Cal handled the pointed questions quite well and was very proud of him and the way he represents our program.

  15. King Ghidora

    I don’t think he knows enough about the sport to know the difference between UK and Duke. He thinks in terms of Ivy League vs. the peons.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Really now, how do you know what OReilly knows about college basketball? Can’t you see the positive outcome from this interview?

  16. Viper

    First, let me say I have not yet watched the interview. I may follow-up on this afterward. But, while I agree that Bill is absolutely a northeast elitist, from the excerpt above, I see nothing wrong with the interview questions and I am proud of Cal’s answers, not only because he defends our University well, but because he is factual and forceful in doing so. We all watch this sports program as a point of passion and pride. Others do not. How much do any of us know about the relationship Jay Wright has with his players at Villanova and how he maintains discipline? I don’t have a clue! So when Cal is interviewed by someone outside of our area and who is not a sports reporter, I expect them to ask the most pointed and controversial questions they can get by with. That is their job. I wish the so-called “journalists” on the “hard news” side would get back to doing the same thing. Cal just demonstrated how someone being asked potentially embarrassing questions can pull up their “big-boy pants” and answer them! I’m really impressed by that kind of person. It’s a great lesson for our players as well.

    1. King Ghidora

      The problem is he insinuated all sorts of things about kids that are above reproach as far as we all know. Why does he start from the position that these kids might be gangsters? He should have at least known about the title run. Why couldn’t he ask about that? Bill thinks he’s some sage when it comes to culture but the truth is he causes problems instead of helping fix them. Would you like the first question about you to be, “Aren’t you really a murdering thug?” That’s about the level of Bill’s questions. Why assume they have no respect. These aren’t kids that were recruited out of prison. They have worked hard to maintain not only their ability to play a game better than most but also their ability to stay out of trouble. Even the slightest research would have told Bill that these aren’t gangster kids. Coming from the POV that all kids (especially all black kids) are disrespectful jerks is hardly a ringing endorsement for Bill’s humanity. He had no reason to ask those questions. He chose his boilerplate approach to the world where everyone is a thug unless they are Ivy League. It’s sick. It’s paranoia. It’s monumental arrogance.

      I don’t bash Fox News at all. They do better than most media outlets. But they still fall far short of the mark IMO. And one of the big reasons for that is the attitude of their ratings star. He’s a muckraker. He’s a yellow journalist. Those are not good things. Look up what happened when most of the media was like him. I have to admit that the MSM is as bad or worse. That doesn’t make what he does right.


    Cal once again hit it out of the park!! O’Reilly looked like a fool with that questioning. really people watch Fox news? I’m sorry but that is the most slanted and biased news channel just watch CNN Fox has a bunch of clowns oops sorry this is a sports site!!
    my 2 cents

    1. Larry Pup

      No Fox News, no truth, Benghazi is the finest example of that. CNN did not report it and still has not with an American Ambassador dead along with brave Navy Seals. Talk about slated, come on! Hey you started this MC. Just my two cents worth. By the way, I am not a Bill fan either. He is a loud mouth know it all. Slanted and degrading questions IMO.

      1. Larry Pup


      2. Mike White

        It was their lead story when it happened. And there were 13 “Benghazis” attacks during 2000-2008, and no democrats manufactured any outrage as has been done by congressional republicans in the last year. Where was the outrage then? In fact, a republican committee recently exonerated the administration’s actions and rejected Mr. Issa’s claim.

        1. Anonymous

          Administration told the former Seals to stand down ! If they would have listen to those orders, more Americans would have died, period ! The attack, was a sanctioned Administration kidnapping gone bad, because a few retired Navy Seals, were on premise and refused to stand by and watch Americans die….The Kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens, would have been a trading opportunity for The Blind Sheik, (whom America has Jailed). Why do you think the Terrorist took Ambassador Stevens, to a Terrorist controlled Hospital…Hard to trade a dead body for the Sheik…Your Media and Your Government is complacent and directly involved…

          1. Mike White

            the republican report actually stated they received no such order. There is no grand conspiracy, and no one is out to get you.

        2. Larry Pup

          Mike..the truth is you have bought into the lies this Admin. has told about this whole Benghazi affair. The outrage has been ongoing because no truth was ever told by this Administration to this day, and any reasonable person knows that if you have watched unbiased reporting. No documents to prove the Administration’s story were ever produced to the satisfaction of Issa’s committee. The truth has been hidden, and nobody in a position of leadership even stated where Obama was the night the Ambassador was killed. If they did, they sure didn’t say, and I watched all the reporting on this for days. The Congress couldn’t even determine that, long after this tragedy was old news. The main stream media, with the exception of Fox news, covered for the Admin and you know it. Why didn’t they honor the Ambassador’s request time and time again for more security days before the attack with tensions high in this area of the world. Why was no help sent to them, and could have been, as several Commanders in a position to know have publicly stated. Why did the Admin. lie about this being a terrorist attack for days, and instead laid the blame on some video a guy made? Why did the Secretary of State later go before Congress and make the ridiculous claim “What does it matter now?” Can you imagine how the families of those slain Seals felt about that comment? Things that happened at Benghazi were covered up to protect this President’s re-election strategy. By the way, what has been done about this act of war? Not a damn thing! And what republican report are you talking about? Name the report, I would like to read it if it exists. This Admin. has blocked everything Issa has tried to see involving this tragedy, and Fast and Furious too, and the IRS scandal, and on an on it goes. Had this crap happened on Bush’s watch he would have been impeached long ago. I don’t like the way some spineless Republicans have handled this either, but there is a whole lot of explaining to do from this Admin. and it has now been swept under the rug I fear forever and was never thoroughly covered by the mainstream media Some of us will not forget though. To little to late dude. As a fromer U. S. Marine, Vietnam veteran, and patriot, I’m appalled at the BS the American people have had to endure with this bunch of liberal trash we have running things now, on both sides of the isle, but mainly the Obama white House, and their co horts in the media. We are in a mess. I just wanted to make myself clear on where I stand.

          1. mike

            Here is a link to the report by the house armed services committee.

            As a fellow veteran and gulf war vet, I can assure you that the last thing that describes a patriot is one that is openly treasonous and dismissive of the commander in chief without probable cause. I sincerely doubt that anything other than your inner prejudices have been assaulted since 2008. I urge you to read George Lakoff’s ‘Moral Politics’ as well, as it outlines how we come to think what we think, and that it has nothing at all to do with the machinations of any administration that doesn’t comport with one’s individual worldview. Go ‘Cats!


        3. Anonymous

          Mike…. wake up, no U. S. Ambassador or Navy Seals were killed in Benghazi in 2000-2008. You own comment makes the point. Had there been, something would have been done about it. But here we are two years after the death and destruction in Benghazi and still no closer to the truth than when it happened. Don’t that bother you?

          1. mike


  18. Mike White

    The reason Mr. O’Reilly had to ask those questions is the audience, plain and simple. Which also describes the audience: plain and simple. This was a strange interview choice, but Fox has to repeatedly hammer home the prejudicial stereotypes that his audience possesses. They need the reinforcement of their already held beliefs, even if it is a story about sports. Calipari challenged with factual answers that held no comfort to the audience, and for that he should be commended.

    Fox news is a reflection of its ownership and their static black and white view of the world. They hire people of the same mold, and one should not be surprised to hear 19th century questions posed in a 21st century society. It’s how Fox makes its money, and ironically how it relegates itself to biased irrelevance that borders on comedy. Refreshing to hear Coach Cal stand up to it. Go Cats!

    1. Larry Pup

      Yeah we really get the truth with MSNBC, and CNN, CBS, etc. don’t we. Fox reports the news not this Administration’s BS. Boy’s I didn’t start this gun fight, but I damned sure am not going to let this liberal crap go unchallenged sports site or not.

      1. Anonymous

        The Nevada Cattle Round-Up….If everyone can be Honest with Themselves ! Where was CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, BBC, etc ??? New York Times, Time Magazine, News Week, etc ??? I’ll tell you where, they were Compromised, years ago. Actions or therefore, lack of Should educate You and Open Your Eyes….Unless You Are A Blind Loyalist, God forbid….For God’s Sake… Can You imagine if People were Murdered, for Money ! No mainstream Media Coverage, very telling and scary.

        1. Mike White

          It was on the front page and lead story of every one of those organizations.

          1. Anonymous

            Were they there ?

          2. Larry T Clemons

            Where They There ?

      2. Kokamo Joe

        Larry, we agree on this one. Fox balances MSNBC, CNN and CBS.

        I suspect that some of are offended by the interview because they perceive O’Reilly’s questions as somehow being against Calipari and UK. I don’t see it that way. I think a journalist must explore angles which sometimes make the reader nervous, especially is all the reader only wants to read “cheerleader” type reporting.

        Think about how Calipari has handled his players since they were here. Not one of his players have been arrested. Not one of them has a known drug problem. There have been no rapes. There have been no DUIs. Not one players has been accused of being a thief. Those things are common throughout the college basketball world. I am not saying that all of our players have been perfect….but Calipari has handled all of them flawlessly. What better man to ask these question?

        I have seen some of Calipari’s interviews and they were fluff. From Larry’s column only….I see this as an interview that reflects better on Calipari and UK than any that I have seen.

        1. Larry Pup

          You make some good points Joe, you do. I agree 100% with you on your view of FOX News. I’m just not a big O’Reilly fan.

      3. Larry Pup

        See what I mean Viper?

        1. Viper

          About conversations evolving??? Yes, absolutely. Do you see what I mean about everything, political or not, turning political and divisive these days? And that sometimes, just for a while, it could be given a rest? We went from an interview about basketball and basketball players (and interview fairness) to a discussion of democrats vs. republicans and Benghazi. Absolutely amazing!

          1. Love SEC F-Ball

            My thoughts as well.
            But I have been told that my thoughts do not matter.

          2. Mike

            I agree as well, but it is part and parcel of why Larry pointed out this article in the first place—Fox and O’Reilly have picked a side and pander to that audience, so they MUST adhere to that line, whether or not there is any merit. And that was the beauty of Cal shooting it down because he KNOWS the players, while O’Reilly only knows stereotypes. This is the danger of never thinking there is a grey area or middle ground…polarization makes money. I mean, every player that listens to rap music MUST be a disrespectful thug, right? As if one can’t also listen to Van Morrison, Brahms, or Perry Como? Or respect his mother?

            These media outlets have divided us because playing to our base instincts is the only thing that motivate us when our external enemies have been rendered impotent. We have met the enemy, and it is us.

            Tha being said…Go ‘Cats, always!

      4. Mike White

        I believe I’ve struck a nerve. I’m not sure anyone argues that Fox news is reputable for anything other than to sow confusion and cynicism. In fact, it’s been proven that watching Fox News is worse than watching no news at all. That is a telling statement. Fox is also so profoundly negative that it can be cringe inducing to watch by anyone with a neutral viewpoint.

        News channels should NEVER be tilted in any direction, but Fox has fooled a large portion of our electorate by masquerading as “fair and balanced.” And it is the most watched network in America, so it’s confusion has a far wider influence than CNN or MSNBC ever did.

        Liberals don’t need MSNBC or CNN to tell them about the world—they just go out and experience reality and respond accordingly. It seems Fox news audience hunkers down and receives their opinions and worldview from one source only, without regard to reality. That, as Coach Cal rightly pointed out, is not a substitute for what’s really happening, in this case with our ‘Cats. Go, ‘Cats!

        1. Gene

          I’m certainly relieved to know that only Fox News is ‘so profoundly negative that it can be cringe inducing’. I might have been led to believe that the “piece” in the Daily Beast blasting both O’Reilly and Calipari as racists, coaching charlatans, and hucksters was a figment of my conservative imagination.
          It (the “piece” ) was so bad that the bastion of liberalism and fairness could not see their way to include a by-line. When I first read it I figured it was someone as well known as Matt Jones, our own liberal whiner but alas not so.

          1. Mike White

            Not sure what the Daily Beast is, so I googled the article and read it in its entirety. Did you? It appears that it shows what Larry Vaught actually mentioned at the top of this article we are commenting on: that Mr. O’Reilly was trying to use racial stereotypes to describe UK players, and Coach Cal would not let him do that. How else would you describe a racist? I thought it was pretty clear from Larry’s article above and the Daily Beast article that Mr. O’Reilly used a deceitful line of questioning to satisfy the viewers. Is it confusing you that now you have to pick sides between Coach Cal and Mr. O’Reilly? Coach was too smart to let him generalize and stereotype UK players so that Fox’s audience could once again be comforted that their bigoted views are mainstream.

            I’m not sure the Daily Beast blasted O’Reilly as being a “coaching charlatan” but I didn’t like the references to Cal like that, especially when he has never been found of any wrongdoing. As a UK alum, I am proud that Coach stood up for his players and my school. Mr. O’Reilly and his network, if they possessed any sense of shame and dignity, should be embarrassed by this interview. Kudos also to Larry Vaught for bringing it to light. Go ‘Cats!

        2. Anonymous

          Fox News is the best and always will be for the truth.

        3. Kokamo Joe

          Let us not throw around words like “it has been proven.” Doing so calls for an answer of by whom and when. Liberals don’t need CNN or NSNBC to tell them about the world, they just experience it? How so?

        4. Larry Pup

          Wrong again Mike. You say “news channels should never be tilted in any direction.” You are kidding are you not? Just take a look at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. and you will see completely biased reporting gone nuts every single day. Reporting that has completely been in the tank for liberal candidates and liberal causes now for way to long. It is remarkable to see, and as a result we have the mess in America we see right now. By the way, how’s that new Health Care Law working for you? How did the main stream media handle that national disaster that continues to unfold before our eyes. They backed the Administration all the way, and still do. Ask all the Americans who have lost health care coverage and are now forced to pay higher prices for it today, with less coverage. The media outlets you crow about, again with the exception of Fox News, backed the Admin. to the hilt in their reporting. Now look what we have. Nobody can even tell the American tax payer what is even in that law, but it will be revealed in time I’m sure as we have that forced down our throats. Ask the small business man how he likes the new law that your media darlings pushed instead of fact reporting. I want to see how the liberal media handles this unfolding news as the new law is implemented in the lives of many Americans.

          1. mike

            health care is great! don’t have to worry about freeloaders going with no coverage until they get sick, and then I have to pay for the emergency room care through higher premiums. Skin in the game, and all that. Insurance companies are happier because they have more people to insure. Small businessmen are not affected, because you don;t have to abide by the AFCA with less than 50 employees. And if you have over 50 employees, you aren’t a small business.

            Those invested in making money off the status quo will always fight change, because they stand to lose profit. They did it with Social Security and Medicare—yet no one now would argue that those programs need to be abolished, though some GOP vultures do. Insurance companies were making money off of crappy plans that covered nothing and were overpriced. That will now end. Personally, I have a family member that gets coverage for cancer now because preexisting conditions are covered. The number one cause of bankruptcy in America is medical bills—that will change now because of the AFCA.

            Ask yourself—we are the only first world country that does not extend health care to all of its citizens. If our system is so great as it is, why aren’t the other countries copying ours? Our system before was an example of what NOT to do. The GOP has nothing to offer as an alternative other than to stomp their feet and whine.

            The AFCA rectifies our failed system, and is in fact a plan based upon the Heritage foundation plan and implemented by Mitt Romney. It worked for Massachusetts and it can work for America, because cancer is cancer no matter what state you live in.

            As an aside, of course Fox News rails against the AFCA—they make no money being positive. Pessimism, cynicism, and bitterness keep viewers glued to the channel and its sponsors. Negativism will never change anything—and the world is always changing. Negativism is poison, and the world has enough of that already. It will never be 1962 again, and that is a good thing. Go ‘Cats!

          2. Anonymous

            This new health care law will be a disaster before it’s fully implemented. It already is. You don’t even know what’s in that law!! Yeah the free loaders will be paid for by the rest of us now. How are you going to force poor people to buy health insurance when they can’t even feed their families now genius, or find a decent job? Insurance companies are cancelling people because the cost of medical procedures will go up and they can’t cover people as they did before. That is forcing people to buy health insurance at higher premiums. The higher premiums are for the benefit of insuring others who can’t afford it. Wait until you have to wait for months before you can see a doctor for a serious illness because of fewer doctors in the game, and wait times. You want to talk friends, I have a friend who was diagnosed recently with melanoma cancer and it has taken him two months to get scheduled surgical treatment while every day the clock is ticking as the cancer could spread. If you are a senior citizen, you will be denied certain treatment. That is already happening all over the land. I can give you story after story. The mandate was pushed forward for small business companies by the Admin. as I recall, to help soften the blow of having to provide coverage, but it’s coming. Besides, 50 or so employees is not a large company and the cost of providing health care for people at the prices this law has generated seriously affects the bottom line and job creation. I give this thing about 5 to 10 years and the health care system in this nation will be broke just like social security is. The Federal government couldn’t run a lemonade stand let alone a monster government system like health care. Not with this bunch of losers. How did the October roll out work for you? It was so bad the Obama expert who was responsible for it had to resign in disgrace just a week or so ago. People still can’t figure out this mess. Every other socialist health care plan like this in the world is a disaster. Read about them from somebody who knows the facts. Look at Canada, Great Britain, etc. America had the best health care plan in the world before Obama and the liberals blew it up. Was it perfect? No, but it worked and people from other nations were coming here for treatment. Go push that liberal crap somewhere else.


    sorry anonymous but you are drinking the Fox news kool aid!! Obama has not done everything right that is a fact but to hear Fox news tell it he is responsible for everything bad in this country! Thats just not the case if Bush was in office and these same issues came up do you think we would get the same media coverage by Fox? NO
    Lets call it like it is both Dems and Reps are at fault for this countries messes are current political system is a complete joke and if we can’t get both sides to work together then nothing will ever get done regardless of who is in office people need to stop all the hating and try and do whats right for this country!!

    1. Anonymous

      All the major problems are Obama’s, he owns it now MC. The Health Care system is a failure and getting worse every day especially for seniors. That idiot law was passed without one single republican vote, and in the dark of night behind closed doors. MC explain to us the “Fast and Furious” debacle, the ” IRS scandal.” “Benghazi attack,” Reverend Wright and all his BS. You can’t blame those things on the other party. Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster. Putin has been laughing at him. He has gone all over the world and apologized to foreign countries for America’s past when we have thousands buried on foreign soil who gave their lives to liberate countries under harsh rule. How can both sides work together when we have a dictator in the White House who is incompetent, and is nothing more than a socialist with an agenda. He will not even agree to a balanced budget that the other side has been trying to work toward for 6 years now. My point, the mainstream media “covers” for him and have been now ever single day he has been in office. I will agree some moderate Republicans are at fault too, but Obama owns this now. Fox news is the only network that holds him accountable for his ridiculous time in office.

      1. mike

        Seniors already have government run health care—medicare. And the executive branch does not develop and pass budgets-the legislative branch does. See Constitution, the.

        There were 12 benghazi style attacks from 2000-2008, resulting in 60 deaths. of which, zero were headline news on Fox. Ambassadors have been assassinated on 5 separate occasions.

        The reason the budgets failed to get passed in a timely manner is that both versions included things that were unrealistic to either party. A conservative supreme court upheld the AFCA based upon the constitution, and the house put forth a budget abolishing it, and then had a temper tantrum when they didn’t get their way. In what world would the executive ever sign off on abolishing the one law he worked so hard to get passed? And why did the GOP focus on this and all the other Fox/Limbaugh manufactured scandals, when their supposed focus is jobs? How does passing laws against sharia, gay marriage, and congressional inquiries on the IRS create jobs?

        I guess the GOP will never quit trying to discredit the president, even if they have to create scandals that are eventually discovered to be anything but. It’s why they can’t win an election—they are now a party of whiny, entitled children yelling “no” when they don’t get their way. And about the progressives of our great nation? To quote Charlie Sheen: “Winning!” Go ‘Cats!

        1. Anonymous

          Yeah, and many are signing up for medicare, not Obama care. That tells you something right there.

          They could pass a budget if the the two branch’s of government controlled by dems. would help solve problems instead of pushing a socialist agenda. Obama is the only President in modern history who has not passed a balanced budget in 6 years. The democrat controlled Senate with the likes of Harry and Nancy stop everything in it’s tracks if it is not exactly what they want, which is more socialists policy. The House proposes a plan, votes, sends it to Harry, and Harry kills it. That is what is going on.

          Name the American Ambassadors who were killed between 2000-2008. Your telling us that in those years there were American Embassies attacked and Americans killed in the same manner as what happened at Benghazi? And FOX News didn’t report on it? Name one and let’s take a look at the facts.

          The GOP do not have to discredit Obama, he has done a real good job of that himself. Obama is the only President in the history of this nation that so little is known of his past. No college transcript, no old girl friends, yet we know so much about all the others.

          As for the budget cuts, you are right, they can’t agree. The dems want all the government programs that increase the free stuff, while cutting the military, and national defense.

          You mention Charlie Sheen? That answers everything. You sound just like him.

      2. mike

        Clarification in case anyone tries to play semantics: the executive submits a budget request at the beginning of each year—the legislative then develops it, and each house adds or subtracts and then votes on its passing. The only thing that usually stays the same from the president is the letterhead at the top.

  20. Larry T Clemons

    Pitino, to Tenn. Vols…” I’d love to see that ! ” (Richard)

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