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John Calipari expects Julius Randle’s “shine” to return in the NBA


Kentucky coach John Calipari was back talking UK basketball with his go-to national media member — ESPN’s Andy Katz.

Calipari talked about a variety of things with Katz, including Julius Randle and the upcoming NBA draft.

“What you have in Julius is, one he physically is ready for the league now. And the things he does will carry over into the league – the rebounding, his ability to guard multiple positions,” said Calipari.

“He was quadruple-teamed last year. No one in college basketball was played how he was played and so it took a little bit away from that, whatever you want to say, that shine. We, again, were trying to win games so there were times he could have been doing more on the perimeter, but we were trying to win.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    And WIN WE DID, Coach ! ” Great Job.”

  2. King Ghidora

    I’ve been saying the same things about Randle for a long time coach. He could dominate any player in college basketball one on one. But he didn’t get to play one on one. It was one on three most of the time. He will shine in the pros. He has a pro game and a pro body. I think he’s a much better player than a lot of analyst types think he is.

    BTW I hope coach doesn’t limit the new big guys coming in the way he did Randle and Davis and Cousins. Those guys could all shoot from a longer distance than Cal would let them. I think Cuz was serious about wanting to play guard for UK. He might have been a good one. He moves pretty good now. And Davis was a guard for a long time. Now he plays more like a small forward than a center. I think Towns might get the limitation treatment those guys got from Cal. I hope not because the Cats have an inside presence to say the least. Maybe he can loosen his grip on this bunch of big men. I’d really like to see it but then what would the smaller guys do to contribute? I think the same kind of limits will be placed on Towns so that there is more of a team atmosphere. We’ll see I guess.

  3. Karen sprinkle

    The biggest problem with allowing your big men to roam outside is with rebounding, IMO. I believe Towns and Lyles have a good outside stroke. It will certainly be an interesting season, with opposing coaches pulling their hair out with all the options UK can offer offensively.

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