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John Calipari “disappointed in me for not doing it earlier” after unknown tweak to UK offense


Kentucky coach John Calipari predicted today that fans would “see a different team” when UK plays in the Southeastern Conference Tournament Friday night in Atlanta.

Calipari said he made tweaks to the team in practice, including being more physical on defense and one “tweak” on offense, that he hopes will pay off.

“If you know anything about basketball, you will know (about the offensive tweak),” Calipari said without revealing what he changed.

He also stressed, though, that the bottom line is learning to handle adversity — something UK has not done well this season.

“Now adversity hits, show us,” Calipari said.

He noted was “not afraid” to tweak his team’s offense this late in the season and compared it to a failing business having to make changes to survive.

“I am just disappointed in me for not doing it earlier and why I did not catch this,” Calipari said of the unknown offensive tweak. “Normally I would catch it and try something earlier.”

He said he was “just sitting at home” when the idea hit him and that his only purpose is to “continue to help the team” improve going into postseason play.

“Let’s just keep coming together. That is what we are hoping to see. It will come back to that,” Calipari said.

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  1. Joe Montgomery

    Sure hope it works. Running out of time

  2. Larry T Clemons

    ” It’s STILL, all about execution…” You can have the best game plan in history, but if Your Team does not execute, it’s for not ! Come on Cats, You Have The Ability, You Must Seize This OPPORTUNITY…. ” I Believe You Can.”

  3. Fred Stone

    I hope it’s letting Jon Hood…and letting him fire away from outside! UK has never won a national championship in bball without a Kentucky native playing a huge part. Never.

  4. Gene

    C’mon Cal !!
    Now you’re driving poor little Mikey to drink. Yours is the only “world” he exists within and now you’re keeping part of that world secret ? ……………….For shame !!

  5. Larry T Clemons

    Secret Is exposed…” RUN,RUN,RUN….No more half court sets on offense, Pass, shoot or drive, don’t stop or hesitate, ” Wear Down Your Opponent “….And, more full court press….Sub, 5 in and 5 out, at times…Always keep opponent off balance ! “

  6. Gene T.

    Tournament time everything becomes more of a grind. Most all teams scoring comes down. Guard play is so much more important. I hope Coach Cal has a shocking plan to wake up these guys and play up to their potential. We need our bench, and substitution can be vital. We can wear out most teams if we just play fresh, and smart. No stupid fouls, rebound position, make free throws. I still believe!! GO CATS!!!!!

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