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Jennifer Palumbo only media member to pick Kentucky to beat Louisville

uk-ul-logo1Question: Who do you think wins the Kentucky-Louisville game Saturday and why?

Mary Jo Perino, WLEX-TV: “Louisville. They are the better team.”

Tom Leach, Leach Report and UK Radio Network: “With so many factors working in its favor, Louisville should win at this point in the season, especially with the homecourt advantage.   But I’m also confident Kentucky’s talented freshmen will start to jell as a group and if that starts to happen by Saturday, the Wildcats would have a chance to win a close one.”

Ashley Scoby, vaughtsviews.com: “Louisville. They’re playing much more together than Kentucky is, and a hundred times more sound defensively. The Cards have plenty of motivation this year after what happened in April, and they’re playing at home.”

Jennifer Palumbo, WKDY-TV: “Kentucky will win because the Cats owns the series and Cal owns Pitino.”

Mark Buerger, WLAP Sunday Morning Sports: “Louisville. At home. Play better as a team. Way more experience in games like this.”

Larry Glover, Larry Glover Live: “I think the Cardinals will win the game. If UK takes care of the ball then they can take it to the wire but if they fold under the pressure then it will be a runaway win for U of L. One thing to keep an eye on, the longer UK hangs around the more the pressure builds for U of L late in the game.”

Ryan Lemond, Kentucky Sports Radio: “I am predicting a 50-49 win for U of L. I still don’t think UK has ‘found themselves’ yet, but they are getting closer. I think it’s going to be an ugly game, and the uglier the better for U of L’s chances to finally get a win over Cal’s Cats.”

Keith Taylor, Winchester Sun: “I think Louisville wins this year on the fact that they have a more experienced team and have a proven outfit. They have shown that they can win on the road and also at home, which also is a plus for the Cards. Kentucky hasn’t proven it can overcome a hostile environment and Louisville will be a much-tougher place to play than Notre Dame. I give the nod to Louisville, 75-64.”

And ESPN analyst Dick Vitale is also predicting a 77-70 Louisville victory.

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  1. eddie

    i’m a nobody but i think kentucky will win we’ve gone into the yum before unranked and beat them by 20

  2. Texascat

    Jennifer’s more of a fan than an objective journalist. Hope she’s right!

    1. larryvaught

      But Jennifer is the best of the best

  3. Jim

    I think UK has a chance to win the game. They have to defend the three better than they have in the past.

    On a football note, UL has no chance at beating Florida, they are outclassed and too busy beating up their own players, to be able to put a whoopin on anyone else.

  4. Larry T Clemons

    Louisville by 7….” unless Kentucky plays tough…then, Kentucky by 4…

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