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Jayson Tatum had “phenomenal” year, Kentucky still “high” on his list


ST. LOUIS — St. Louis sophomore Jayson Tatum, one of Kentucky’s 2016 recruiting targets, is not sure if he’ll watch the Wildcats play Friday night against Kansas State or not.

Tatum’s season is over but he recently had his wisdom teeth taken out and Chaminade College Preparatory coach Frank Bennett wasn’t sure what his star would do about Friday’s game.

“He had a phenomenal year for us. He averaged 26-11 (points and rebounds). Shot 42 percent from the 3. He also had about two blocks a game, three-four steals, five-six assists. He stuffed the stat sheet and did it all for us.”

Tatum has had a bevvy of big-time scholarship offers and Bennett said it’s “hard to imagine what more intense recruiting would look like” for Tatum.

“It’s easy to forget he is a sophomore and I am so excited about future,” Bennett said. “Right now coaches are just continuing to let him know they are interested. It’s still a long time until signing day and I am sure things will change. I don’t talk much about recruiting with him unless a head coach is in town. I let him have those recruiting conversations with his dad, but I know Kentucky is definitely still high on his list.”

So high that Bennett plans to have his team play at least once in Kentucky again next season as it did this past season when it played a game at Lexington Catholic. He says his team likely will play in the Marshall County Hoop Fest the first weekend of December or maybe another special event in November.

“But we are coming back to Kentucky,” he said.

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  1. Prof. G

    How big is he, and what position does he play???

    1. larryvaught

      Tatum is a 6-5, 6-6 perimeter player

      1. Anonymous

        Jayson is 6’9

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