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Javess Blue: “You have to step up and be a player”


Junior college transfer Javess Blue now leads Kentucky in receiving with 24 catches for 319 yards and two scores, including a touchdown catch against No. 1 Alabama last week. Blue and the Wildcats have this week off after losing to No. 1 Alabama — their fourth straight loss to a top 20 team — and he shared his thoughts on several things after Saturday’s game.

Question: What did you think about playing Alabama for the first time?
Blue: “It was a great experience and about what I expected out of them. They are ranked No. 1 and you know they are coming with the hard hits.”

Question: Did the offense take a major step back against Alabama by gaining only 170 yards?
Blue: “I kind of think we did. When Jalen (Whitlow) got hurt and Max (Smith) had to come in and made some plays for us, but the offense took a step back. I felt like everyone got kind of down as soon as they seen Jalen was hurt. They have to keep that motivation in their hearts that the game is not over. We have a man down, but we can still fight and keep up. It is hard to stay up, but at the same time you have to keep a man’s mentality.”

Question: Did Alabama maybe intimidate some younger players?
Blue: “I think so. A couple. But at the end of the day, they have to step up and be a player.”

Question: Why was this so different from the previous three games?
Blue: “I felt like it was more hard on us because everyone think Alabama is ranked No. 1, but there was no reason to come out and be scared. Just come out and play like we always have been.”

Question: Are you starting to feel like a go-to receiver?
Blue: “That’s something I was trying to do as soon as I came here. That’s what I expect.”

Question: Can a bye week help this team now?
Blue: “I think so really so we can fix some things up. We have to execute and make them third down plays and be better. Defense making tackles and working on form. Things like that.”

Question: How do you stay mentally up after a beatdown like this?
Blue: “Just know the season is not over with basically. We have more games to play and I expect to play them with a better mind and mentality. We have to tell each other this is not the end of the season. We still have more games to play and a chance to make it to a bowl game. It is kind of hard on some guys, maybe the seniors. But we have to move forward.”

Question: Does it mean anything at all to become only the second team to score a touchdown on Alabama this year?
Blue: “I didn’t know that. It means something to me, but at the same time you have to move on to the next game. It was good to have something to pick us up and keep going from halftime on out. We went down with Jalen, or that’s what it felt like.”

Question: Do you think offensive coordinator Neal Brown is frustrated by the lack of offensive production?
Blue: “I have a feeling that he is a little frustrated, but at the same time he knows he is going to come out next week and work hard on it and get things down pat.”

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  1. Ira

    Don’t think this guy gets rattled very easy. Love his comment keep a man’s mentality. Mentor theses young WR’s and step up and be a leader if you haven’t already. The younger guys will look to see what the older guys are doing. Are they quitting, fighting and battling to make plays. Set some records this year Blue!

  2. Larry Pup

    Javess is a good football player, and has a great attitude. Go Cats!!

  3. RJ

    Wish we had 72 players like him. I was a bit disappointed that he thought the team had a let down with Whitlow going out. That’s putting too much pressure on the starting QB. You gotta play with who you have and play hard.

    Whitlow leaving the game hurt the team mentality and it should not have. They’re not playing as a TEAM yet. That has to get fixed.

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