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Javess Blue understands challenges that UK freshmen receivers face


Javess Blue hears the expectations being put on freshmen receivers Blake Bone, Dorian Baker, Garrett Johnson and T.V. Williams. But the Kentucky senior also knows what challenges they all will face in their first year in the Southeastern Conference.

“The speed of the game is going to be a little fast for them coming from high school but they have to get used to it,” said Blue, UK’s top receiver last year with 43 catches for 586 yards and four scores after transferring from Butler Community College in Kansas. “Competition has been pretty so-so right now. Everyone is a getting a feeling for the game. It has been going a little slow, but it has been good and with camp coming to a close, it’s going to be put together and squared away.

“It is just the plays. Once the guys find out and they are for sure about plays and routes, that will decide who makes plays for us. Right now it is so-so for us. They are just freshmen. It is going to be like that. You expect that because they are in a learning process.”

He really likes what he has seen from Bone and Baker, two bigger receivers.

“I see a lot of potential coming from both of them. They are good high school guys coming in that just need to understand what is going on and get the focus of the game and get the plays down pat. Once they do that, they will pick up the speed and have more efficient routes and understanding of the game,” he said.

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  1. Larry Pup

    I hope Blue has a monster year, and leads all receivers. I am looking forward to seeing some of these new young receivers perform. I hope all of them can pickup this offense and contribute in 2014. UK needs some play makers now.

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