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Jarrod Polson, Jon Hood will be “getting in their ears” to tell teammates about March play

photo by Victoria Graff, all rights reserved.

photo by Victoria Graff, all rights reserved.


Kentucky’s game at Florida Saturday is not a postseason contest, but it might have a postseason atmosphere and is a good chance for seniors Jarrod Polson and Jon Hood to stress to younger teammates what games the rest  of the season will be like.

So what can Hood and Polson tell them?

“Me and Hoodie, we haven’t played that much in tournament times at all but we’ve been there and we know what it’s like. It’s win or go home. Pretty much it’s just going to be getting in their ears and just telling them that you can’t let up at all once the tournament starts. If you let up, it’s over,” Polson said.

Will teammates listen?

“I think they do. I think really respect us,” Polson said. “They know we’ve been here for a while now and I hope they think we know what we’re talking about. So I think they do respect it and they listen to us.”

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    Is it just me or is someone having a slightly embarrassing moment it the above picture. LOL

  2. Judi Cole

    Our seniors are good role models so hope their advice is heeded. It’s hard to understand what it’s like unless you’ve been there. GO CATS!!!

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