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James Young says watching film with John Calipari just like a dose of medicine


Sometimes the pregame press conferences produce some insightful answers/information from players and quotes that are ones to remember.

Friday freshman James Young was asked what it was like to watch film one-on-one with coach John Calipari. I thought his answer was wise beyond his years.

“He tells you  … we call it medicine. He feeds you all the bad things and you know you’re not going to like it but you got to get it anyway,” said Young. “Just learn from it. It’s nice because you see everything you do wrong and he points it out to you. You just got to fix it.”

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  1. Mike

    Here is hoping James and the boys take their medicine internally and regularly.

    1. larry clemons

      and, here’s to hoping it cures his issues… Young, is a great baller….

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