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Jalen Whitlow back practicing, but Stoops still not sure about status for Thursday


Injured quarterback Jalen Whitlow did practice Sunday and Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he will practice today and coaches will “see how that goes” to determine his status for Thursday’s game at Mississippi State.

Whitlow earned the starting spot but then injured his ankle early in the loss to Alabama and Maxwell Smith, who had been co-No. 1 with Whitlow most of the season, finished the game. However, Smith has had his own shoulder issues this season.

“He (Whitlow) was out there practicing (Sunday).  Max was getting most of the starting reps but he was out there working, and we’ll see how it goes the next couple days,” Stoops said Monday. “Max is taking the starting reps right now.  We’ll see how it plays out here today and tomorrow.”

Stoops offered no insights on who would back up Smith if Whitlow cannot play.

“We’re working on a few guys, but it looks like Jalen or Max will be able to go,” he said.

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  1. Little Baron

    This is a golden opportunity for Stoops to allow Brown to call upon a redshirt QB (logically, Towles this season) and let the two injured QBs be his “excuse” if he is shy about letting Brown make the decision (or maybe Brown needs an “excuse” to use Towles)… whatever the case, this is an opportunity to “blame” the injuries if they are afraid using Towles will not look like the decision of a genius.

  2. steve from Dayton -- UKFBFAN

    NO! Towles needs the redshirt. My guess is he would skip Towles in favor of somebody else. Look at the wording in the story. “We’re working on a few guys…”

  3. Joshua

    Right now at the half way point of the season is a great time for Towles and others on both sides of the ball from the Joker era to seriously consider their future options. Towles is currently behind both Whitlow and Smith. Even with a redshirt this season he will be behind them until his senior year when they both graduate. By the time Towles is a senior he will probably be behind Barker along with two other additional future recruit quarterbacks.

    A more serious issue for Towles is the new players including Barker will be Coach Stoops guys, something Towles isn’t. In my opinion, Towles is to talented to stay on a team that is heading for the real possibility of another 2-10 and last in the SEC. It wouldn’t be shocking if 6 or 8 guys from the current team head with Towles to another team.

  4. Kokamo Joe

    The coaches have decided that Towles is the third best quarterback. Towles came into the program as the future of the program much as Barker is projected to be now. That just goes to prove that you have to put a player on the field to really evaluate him.

    Towles should not have his redshirt snatched. Unless he wants to cultivate splinters in his rear end, he should transfer. If he cannot start on a rebuilding team as bad as this one is now, he has no future here. As strange as it sounds, a kid may not work out in one program and he may blossom in another.

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