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Jacob Tamme on Super Bowl, his future, new teammates and more


FRANKFORT — Jacob Tamme’s season may not have ended the way he wanted, with Denver’s loss to Seattle in the Super Bowl. But the former Boyle County and Kentucky football star had another sold season at tight end for the Broncos.

Tamme had 20 catches for 184 yards and a touchdowns last season, and for his career has 164 catches for 1,594 yards and eight touchdowns in six seasons with Indianapolis and Denver. On special teams, Tamme has 40 career tackles.

Tamme shared his thoughts on last season, his career and his future Thursday when he was the keynote speaker at the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast at the Frankfort Convention center:

Question: How tough is it to get over a loss in the Super Bowl?
Tamme: “I think it’s hard  because the disappointing thing is you put so much into it. It takes a lot of things to happen the right way to get a shot. It’s  disappointing not to play your best, that’s the hardest part about it. But I feel like we prepared well as a team, and we did everything we could leading up to the game. That day was  not our day, so there’s really no regret when you’ve prepared as hard as you can,  it didn’t work out and Seattle outplayed us. So going forward, all you can do is say we got outplayed and learn from it and go on and hopefully get another shot one day.”

Question: Coming off the Super Bowl loss, do you approach the offseason differently than if you had won?
Tamme: ”We had a long season, so the offseason’s shorter. The good news is I felt great physically, so I  kept my routine going, workout-wise. I didn’t take a whole lot of time off, and I’m going to do my best to be hitting on all cylinders when we start training camp.”

Question: Having been through a season which ended in the Super Bowl, do you know how to better prepare the second time around for the offseason?
Tamme: “I think you learn something from that experience. It  kind of depends on how the year goes. There’s been some years where I couldn’t play another game if I was asked to. This year, I felt I could have kept the season going. I was really blessed physically and felt good. I worked hard on staying healthy this season, and I think it’s probably given me a leg up going into the offseason.”

Question: You said you may be the best you’ve ever been as a player. What did you mean by that?
Tamme: “As you get more experience and your repetitions increase, as long as you’re keeping your physical attributes, quickness and speed and all that, I feel good in those areas. I feel like I’m getting better as a player every year and ready to get in and excel when I get my opportunities  as an all-around player, being able to contribute on special teams and also step in on offense when I’m called upon. I’m  always excited and ready to go. So I feel good about where I’m at as a player.”

Question: How great was it to score a touchdown in the AFC Championship game against New England?
Tamme: “It was awesome to get a TD in that game and help our team get a win there and know you get to go play for the big one. The culmination of the whole season, we  had a lot of fun playing football last year. The end of the year was very disappointing, the last game, but we really had a lot of fun this year. We had a good group of guys, I enjoyed whatever I was asked to do, I really enjoyed playing football with those guys and being a part of that team last year. Every team is different, this team will be different, but I think it will be another fun one.”

Question: You have one year left on your contract. Do you ever think about that next contract and what might happen in the future?
Tamme: “I don’t even think about any of that stuff. There’s so many different things that can happen for me. It’s just always the NFL business machine is a crazy thing. I’ve seen it in a lot of different ways and I just try to take it one day at a time and do what I’m asked to do. And that’s what I’m gong to keep doing.”

Question: The Broncos have made some big moves early in free agency (signing defensive players  T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware). How excited are you to see the team bringing in these players?
Tamme: “It is exciting as a player to see you team going out and getting guys. But at the end of the day, no team’s ever won a championship in free agency, it’s pretty well documented. It’s going to be about how we come together as a team and how the lockerroom interrupts with each other and the camaraderie we build and the work we put in when we come together in April (for mini-camp) through the end of training camp and through the end of the season. But is exciting to see some top-notch players wanting to come join the squad.”

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