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Jacob Tamme believes in Barnhart and trusts he will make great decision on new coach


Former Kentucky star Jacob Tamme is not going to second-guess what UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart has done or what direction he’ll go with his coaching search. Barnhart was the one who asked Tamme to hold off on his college decision after Guy Morriss, who had revoked a scholarship offer to Tamme, left UK for Baylor. As soon as Rich Brooks was hired, Tamme had a scholarship offer that he quickly accepted.

“I believe Mitch is the best AD in America. I know from my time at UK that he genuinely cares for the student athletes — their education and giving them an opportunity to compete for championships,” Tamme, now a tight end with the Denver Broncos, said. “So I trust he will make a great decision.

“I also think we have a lot of good young players that are currently getting experience, which is a positive. So I don’t have many thoughts on the ‘search.’ But I do believe that the future of the program is bright.”

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  1. J.T.

    Sonny Dykes will be the next head coach at the University of Kentucky!

  2. johnl

    I’m inclined to agree with Jacob.Barnhart gave Joker every opportunity.The problem was, Joker could’nt deliver,and that’s not Barnharts fault.

  3. Jim W

    Jacob is a classy guy, says the right things. Same thing for Joker. But, again, I invite all readers to go to SECSports.com and pull up each individual school’s athletic department directory. Count the number of individuals assigned to football and compare to Kentucky’s. Joker was asked to win a shooting match with a pop gun. If nothing changes regardless of who the next hire is as far as commitment to FOOTBALL by Barnhart and the UKAA, we will be having this same discussion in three years.

    1. larryvaught

      Jim W., terrific comments and analogy

  4. Larry Pup

    The hell with Brent Pease. Who needs him anyway. He’s not so hot. Mitch needs to go with his gut feel. If I were in Mitch’s shoes I would call Bobby Petrino today. Then Dykes. Either one is a winner. I do trust our AD to do what’s best for UK despite Bozo and Crawford at the C-J who have been trashing our AD. Joker is a class act. He is a good man and I hate to see him go like this, but it was in the cards. Sometimes I feel like UK should get out of the SEC. They just can’t competee for the 4 and 5 star football boys, and never keep the really good ones in state. They should take a look at that patsy conference Louisville plays in. Pretty good basketball league, and it would be real likely UK could compete in football. Just my HO. GO CATS! Larry Pup

    1. larryvaught

      Not a big believer in Pease here either

      1. Mike Flannery

        Look at Florida’offense this year, it is not good. They beat South Carolina because of their defense….they had a 21-3 lead at halftime with only 29 yards total offense. It would not shock me to see Muschamp bring in a new OC for next year. Pease is not the answer for UK. I hope Mitch shocks us all and brings in a proven head coach, not another 5 year experiment that you fire after 3.. Brooks took Oregon to the Rose Bowl and was National Coach of the Year…he had experience and was coming off probation. Joker had no experience. Experienced coaches such as Patterson from TCU, Riley from Oregon State, Jones from Cincinnati and yes, even Dykes from La Tech would be preferable rather than an assistant. Give the Players, Recruits and Fans someone to get excited about, no another ho-hum hire.

  5. shawn

    Dykes should be well down the list.

  6. shinny

    J.W. living in Georgia I see it all around me — the commitment to football in the SEC. You hit the nail on the head. NOW is the time to make that commitment not only in the hire but in many other areas that we lag behind in FOOTBALL!!! (i still want to turn the air raid sirens back on–that was some fun times!!!)

  7. remember Bill Curry

    I find it difficult to believe Barnhart will make the right hire without serious input from others. I still believe Petrino is the guy but Larry has not yet commented.
    As a serious fan can we also ask that the P A guy not be allowed to scream “first down Ky” if we are behind more than 28 points, that is truly embarrassing !

    1. larryvaught

      no contact yet with Petrino that I know of. Said weeks ago if UK is serious about winning, cannot ignore Petrino. But don’t think Barnhart will even consider him

  8. Ira

    You know with all these devout christians that purport to live in Kentucky including Mitch, you would think they would go by Christ’s teachings. Forgive and move on. Now is the time to look at Petrino.

    We have a chance to hire a quality name brand coach. A proven winner. His father has stated on another site ESPN that he is interested in Kentucky. So now its up to the AD to make the proper move.

    Maybe he has, we won’t know though if BP turns us down, but in this instance, if our AD was smart, he’d let it out that he went for BP and got turned down. To many fans are for this hire.


    I believe his father said “he would love to be in the SEC”, then again, I haven’t read every article on the subject. I don’t think he’s coming. Especially after what I read about him in the article. The things he said about UK should never be forgotten.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      I stand corrected, I went back and read the article again, he said “he would be interested in UK.” My apologies Ira.

      1. Ira

        None were needed but thanks anyway!

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