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Indiana writer rips Calipari and enjoys Kentucky losing


If you ever wonder why a major college coach has to be thick-skinned — and those around him or her probably should not read blogs or message boards — take a look at what Indiana-based Kent Sterling posted on http://kentsterling.com this week.

Sterling wrote: “Despite the three losses and strange inability to play well together, Kentucky is currently projected to send another three freshmen into the NBA (virtually all mock drafts have Nerlens Noel, Archie Goodwin, and Alex Poythress going in the lottery).  Next year will bring another raft full of mercenaries, or if you want to be more polite, call them missionaries.

“The new generation of Wildcats will come to Lexington, enjoy the adoration of Kentuckians, win some games, and heap praise on Camp Calipari.  Dick Vitale will fawn over the diaper dandies and Calipari’s magical ability to attract them.  Basketball fans from outside the Bluegrass State will vomit in their mouths for eight months as the extended layover for the Harrisons and others in the 2013 class bring glory to a guy whose chief skill is taking advantage of an idiotic NBA age requirement for draft eligibility.

“Kentucky Basketball is still the scourge of those who love to watch genuine (pronounced GEN-you-WINE if you’re from south of the Ohio) student-athletes compete at a great game, but a less so because of the mounting losses.  That pile will likely grow no bigger as the Wildcats prepare to face the Murderer’s Row of college hoops – Portland, Lipscomb, and Marshall.

“Carping about UK isn’t nearly as much fun as it was a year ago when their methodology brought success as well as furrowed brows at NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis, but that erosion of joy is mitigated by the confusion apparent on Calipari’s face as he tries to cajole his roster into playing well together against competitive teams. The time to rip Calipari for both amorality and success will return soon enough.  For now, I’ll settle for watching them lose.”

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  1. Juan4UK

    HaHa!! This guy has had to wait for almost 4 yrs to say that! He had to pounce on first opportunity, in early December no less. This genius is clueless. And Cal is operating at a level of basketball that this hack can’t begin to comprehend, much less articulate a proper argument.

  2. Jim

    He probably sleeps with a picture of Booby Knight under his pillow.

    1. King Ghidora

      It could be BK using a pseudonym. :)

  3. FlashOfBlue

    Mr. Sterling, Jealous much?

  4. FlashOfBlue

    Meanwhile…UI plays the gauntlet that is…..
    Coppin St.
    Mount St. Mary’s
    Florida Atlantic

    *pointer finger to mouth* shhhhhhh

    1. BigBlueFan

      Hahahaha exactly! Other people hate u if u win, especially if u’ve literally dominated for almost a century! Put Kentucky in any conference in America and after a couple decades they would end up with the same numbers as they have in the SEC. The cream always rises to the top. The late, great Dale Earnhardt once told Jeff Gordon that you’re doing something right if people are making noise towards u, whether its cheers or jeers! Nobody has had such success over a period time like the Kentucky Wildcats, and the New York Yankees, and that’s why people hate them. I kinda feel sorry for Indiana……..NOT!!!! They haven’t won a championship in 25 very lonely, and ugly, years!


    Well, he has to get someone to read his articles doesn’t he? It works for Pat Forde, it can work for this guy.

  6. RJ

    Wanna bet he is a liberal?

    1. Richard

      You mean like Cal?

      1. Larry Pup

        Hey Richard you must be an IU fan!

    2. Larry Pup

      I would bet good money on it RJ. What an A$$$ H—!

      1. Jamie

        RJ and Larry – What the hell does “liberal” or “conservative” have to do with this? I’m a proud liberal and a UK fan. Cal is an unabashed Obama supporter – does that make him a worse coach or me less a UK fan? Jesus, grow up

        1. RJ

          Because liberals don’t have a sense of humor.

          1. Larry Pup

            The answer is no, but I still can’t stand Obama, He has ruined this country Cal or no Cal. That is my opinion Jamie. How about that.

        2. UKFMLY

          Amen ! !

          1. Andy S

            I am sure a lot of people can’t stand Obama. So what does that have to do with this column? Go to CNN or FOX or MSNBC. There are forums to discuss these things you know?

    3. Andy S

      @ RJ – What does politics have to do with all this? Wrong forum. Please keep politics out of sports.

      1. Larry Pup

        I agree. No politics here. I go off to easy. Sorry for my part in it.

  7. BigBlueFan

    Other people hate u if u win, especially if u’ve literally dominated for almost a century! Put Kentucky in any conference in America and after a couple decades they would end up with the same numbers as they have in the SEC. The cream always rises to the top. The late, great Dale Earnhardt once told Jeff Gordon that you’re doing something right if people are making noise towards u, whether its cheers or jeers! Nobody has had such success over a period time like the Kentucky Wildcats, and the New York Yankees, and that’s why people hate them. I kinda feel sorry for Indiana……..NOT!!!! They haven’t won a championship in 25 very lonely, and ugly, years!

  8. Terry Blumer

    Well I wonder whar this guy will say whem IU loses in the NCAA tourney and does not make the Final 4. Look ar Tom Creans record after Dwayne Wade.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      What was it with Wade? No one heard of either until after the UK game.

  9. BobbyBlue

    Jealous much ??

  10. Larry T Clemons

    People are smelling blood in our slow start, that’s OK, we see you for who and what you are (Envious)…Bottom Line, it was unfair to Rank this New Team # 3 in The Country…Can We All Say, ” Agenda “, trust me this was payback by lots of people who are jealous of Coach Cal. We need to protect, support and encourage our Team, we owe them that. And, we need to understand the enemy is not just on The Court…We Love Our Cats

  11. grant

    Furrowed brows at the ncaa headquarters? For what you idiot, he is following their rules. Who is making the rules up ? Cal? Don’t think so !

    Geez if you are going to rip someone , do it with tact and facts, like” FlashOfBlue”
    pointed out about the comparison of schedules.

    Seems to me like this turd needs to aim is pen toward the people that make the rules. Not the ones who go by them. King G. was right about Indiana fans.

    1. King Ghidora

      LOL I knew it would become obvious eventually. I’ve seen far worse from them too. Obviously not all of them are as bad as this clown but a big percentage of them are. I’ve been lots of places in my life and Indiana was by FAR the worst. I have a list of about 100 things that happened to me and my wife when we lived there that were all just unbelievably cruel. This guy only rates about a 5 on the “jerk Whosyer” scale. When about 50 of them threaten violence to you and your wife that rates a 10. And that happened to us – in Bloomington. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to that place.

  12. grant

    One more thing , this jagoff is just really sore because Indiana does not get a crack at the cats this year, and of course they love to whip them. They’d sleep better and their season would be made regardless of the final outcome.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Oh, you can bet that they’ll be in Our bracket in March for NCAA Tourney…

      1. larryvaught

        Larry T, I am with you on that even though the NCAA and CBS will say it has nothing to do with a TV storyline

        1. grant

          Yep larry, UK is at the top of the list when it comes to a team getting manufactured matchups in the tourney . Last year was CLASSIC example. The non stop airing of the last second shot against Indiana may some day catch up to laettners prayer of a shot, and of course Louisville , for obvious reasons. This year Duke and Indiana and UK will be in the same bracket. Little Penis syndrome gets you know where in life– just look at Digger Phelps.

  13. Cowboy

    Dogs don’t bark at a parked car…

    Let the haters hate… Theyre at least spending enough of their day thinking about UK that they decided to take the time to write about us.


    1. larryvaught

      Cowboy, love that first line of yours. Pefect

  14. King Ghidora

    I love the smell of jealousy in the morning. It smells like – victory! :)

    I know I’ve gone overboard on this sort of thing in the past but this is actually typical of the product produced by IU. And the more you slap them down the worse they act. I wonder if he really thinks this will get IU their game back? He was saying before that UK would have had another loss if they had played IU. I’m sure this will all make Cal so mad he will run right up to Bloomington and “try” to beat those Whosyers. The sad part is that is what they really think. They think aggravating people will get them what they want. Oh if you guys only knew them like I do! I’ve seen them at their worst and this guy is just a sample. There are much worse than him up there. The favorite sport in Indy is “get over on your friends”. I’m serious about that.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      They are in Mourning, their beloved Bobby Knight sold ALL HIS Indiana University Basketball Championship Rings, Trophies and Memorabilia last night….And, I still applaud Larry Bird for standing up to Knight and walking out of IU Basketball.

  15. bryan mc

    Hoosiers will always be losers!!! GO CATS!!

  16. scott

    so, if the NBA changes their eligibilty rule to two years,will the players that come to UK then be GEN-U-WIN student athletes? will that make them LU-GIT? dont care in the least bit for UK basketball, but to knock the coach for doing something better than everyone else is JU-VIN-AISLE.

  17. Brian

    His envy is so creamy and delicious.

  18. poliglotcat

    Sterling, you drip venom and hatred. I feel sorry for you. What a miserable life.

  19. grant

    The world of UK haters better not hope the rules get changed, should Cal have these number 1 ranked recruiting classes have to stay for a while , there will be more asses kicked and enough tears to make Lake Ponchartrain look empty. These people better be careful what they wish for, think any UK haters would like to see last years group of frosh. on the court for BIG BLUE this year or for there junior year? If people hate us now , just make these kids stay for 2 or 3 years and UK is buliding a wing for all the Championship trophies. Bring it!

    1. Larry Pup

      Amen Grant!!!!

    2. Larry T Clemons

      And, I’m looking forward to it ! Come on, David Stern, show some love….

  20. Bob

    Larry have you visited this guy’s website .I know he’s trying to stir the pot so UK will play IU again with his Samford win keeps Cal’s job statements .However when you weigh his worth envoling Come back to Indiana Bobby Knight your way it leads me to believe he lost it or they bought new chairs he would enjoy throwing at people or maybe have smackable players . Kent enjoys watching UK lose and thats fine because as this team developes they’ll be more game’s lost .However when he gathers all the joy he has had watching UK lose threw this season it will not hold an candle to the joy i will have watching IU fall hard in March i think round 32 at the latest. See IU is just as UK early much overated .However UK will only go up and IU down. Now when it’s said and done and some are home watching TV he can drive over and pick up BK, Digger P., and the three can cry in each others ensure and talk glory days .That is if Kent and Digger can convince BK he did coach in the NFL it was college hoops

  21. LindaS

    Looks like Sterling was getting tired of polishing his own metal/ore and wants a few others to do it for him. I guess he was getting a little tarnished for not getting any notice lately. Another low life, scum eating, bottom sucking, slime covered north end of a south bound mule. Maybe he and booby knightmare, fairy flipton, flat turde and thamel need to go on a long camping trip together and see who can be the first one off a cliff. Ta Da….Red River Gorge would be a perfect place for them. They can all share the same tent and roll over and off into a gorge they go, Hi Ho Hi Ho….(evil twin sister wrote most of this…could not hold her back but beat her back so she wouldn’t get too out of control)

    1. Larry Pup

      Amen!!!! Good preachin! That was worth the read. I think you clarified our position real well.

      1. LindaS

        I do my best or sometimes the evil twin sister does.

  22. coldspringmike

    Grant, right on. If the rules are changed to 2 and done or 20years old or whatever we could be going for 4 in a row this year.

  23. John

    Haters gonna hate, Hoosiers gonna Hoose.

  24. KYWCAT

    If it weren’t for envy they would have nothing to say!

    You’d think being that close to Indy they would run a cleaner program up there.

    And I have had more than 1 IU fan try to dis our December schedule. The teams they play are even weaker than ours and the two best games they play before their conference schedule were the abysmal Tar Heels and Butler. It’s actually a laughable schedule.

    And we all know the only reason players stay at IU is because they have no offers from the league.

    This is all quite funny. But not as funny as Cream’s haircut! Hah take that!

  25. willievic

    I am amazed at how hard these other coaches such as Crean try to recruit the players that UK gets, and then bad-mouth them. I always thought you went to college to enable you to make a good living. Why should anyone stay longer if the time is right to make that living?
    I don’t believe Bill Gates graduated from Harvard, and I think he has bee pretty successful.

  26. Lee

    I dont think any of your comments mean anything, expeciallllllllyyyy since your sticking up for a CHEATER!!! Keep Praising Calipari like he’s some god, it makes you look so good as fans

    1. Gene T

      Is that all you have? @Lee. You are so ignorant

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