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Hype can now officially being for this talented Kentucky basketball team


It’s time to let the Kentucky basketball hype officially begin.

First ESPN analyst Jay Bilas matter of factly noted Sunday that “no team in the country can match Kentucky’s talent” before adding that Duke did also have nine McDonald’s All-Americans. However, he never said Duke had equal talent.

Then after the game, sophomore guard Aaron Harrison didn’t bang the 40-0 drum for the Cats as players did last year. But he also didn’t back off the potential this team has after the easy exhibition win over the Puerto Rican National Reserve Team.

“Not many teams, college or pro, can say they have 10 guys good enough to be on the floor. We’re a special team,” Harrison said.

Not yet, but certainly the pieces are there. Even coach John Calipari knows that.

“I’m pleased. We did what we wanted to do,” Calipari said after the game. “I don’t think anybody gave us a bad effort, which is amazing for 10 practices.”

Amazing indeed.

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  1. Grover Sales

    not since 1996 has UK had top to bottom talent like this and Willie/Trey sat out..Katy bar the door..It will be a wild ride..

  2. Grover Sales

    not since 1996 has UK had top to bottom talent like this and Willie/Trey sat out..Katy bar the door..It will be a wild ride..

  3. King Ghidora

    If all the players from this team go pro after this season we could see 10 players go in the first round. I’d be surprised if most of that 10 didn’t go early with some lottery picks in there too. Aa, An, WCS, Dakari, Marcus, Alex, Devin, Trey, Karl, and Tyler all look like first round picks to me with guys like Hawkins and Willis having a shot at being drafted. It may be tough because they may not get to show their ability a lot this year.

    There are two national champion quality teams on the roster this year. It’s just amazing that such talent could be put together on one college team. I see some future NBA stars too. I think Towns and WCS have a good shot at being all stars in a few years. The twins might do it. We could see an NBA all star team with 50% of the players being from UK in a few years. It’s absolutely amazing what Cal has done in Lexington. I don’t care if they have to give him $20 million a year. UK needs to hold on to Calipari.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Couldn’t happen to a Better Basketball Program, (Kentucky Wildcats)….Now we can show UCLA how its done, properly…We will own them soon, then they will have only history, While Kentucky continues to ” Be Historic ! “

  4. Larry Pup

    I can never remember this much basketball talent on any college team, ever! There was great effort from every player today, and they just dominated an overwhelmed the Puerto Rican B team. A team that did not look all that impressive to me, especially shooting the rock, UK’s platoon system wore them down, and UK’s ball pressure and defense was pretty effective. Tyler Eulis was everything he was said to be, and a real ball hawk and passer to open players all day, and a pest on defense. He will be an exciting player for UK despite his size. This team could be a lot of fun to watch this year. I pity teams that will have to face them in March 2015. They will only get better as the days roll by. Go CATS!!!

  5. Judi Cole

    Exciting indeed! I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm after seeing the obvious talent of our new freshmen plus the improvement in our returning players. UK will be the talk of the college basketball world all season long.

  6. Seymour

    Agree that this team has allot of quality players but you can only put 5 on the floor at a time.

    Its only August so I think that I will wait a while longer before I declare them NCAA champs.

    They did look really good though.

  7. Kokamo Joe

    At this time last year there was talk of a 40 game season. We lost 11 games and we were a missed shot or a ball bounce from being eliminated from the tournament in all but one of our tournament wins. If we judged basketball by football standards this past year would be considered a flop. But unlike football, it is the NCAA tournament which judges basketball teams and not regular season games. U Conn had a lousy season, but they are the national champs. So let us remember that games have to be played before they go in the record books. Having written that, I must say that talent wise UK is loaded. It will be a fun season.

    As far hype. Football starts in a few short weeks. Let us hype football and consider these Bahama games as exhibitions which only show us what we already know. This team is stacked.

    1. Anonymous

      I know what you are saying, but football has already started as of Aug. 4. Much going on right now at fall camp. Many questions, but few answers it seems. We’ll find out on August 30 if this team is any better. I do think UK has some great RB’s. Brown seems as confused right now about some things as a termite in a yo yo, especially the QB position. He refuses to talk about it per his interview with the media after Saturday’s open practice. That is not a good sign to me. Stoops IMO, does not look confident right now either. He looks like a “cat on a hot tin roof.” Looking down the road at the other school, Petrino has Gardner apparently ready, and Bonnafon, the freshmen QB from Trinity has been very impressive per early reports. UK has got to get it together as the open practice Sat. was a hodge podge of good and bad plays from the QB position in particular. The good thing, it is still early. You can say what you want folks, this UK program will be judged, in this state anyway, and maybe even nationally, on how they measure up to the Louisville Cardinals. Right now, Louisville looks bigger and stronger on the hoof than UK does. Time will tell. CATS!! CATS!!! CATS!!!

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