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How will Tyler Ulis push Andrew Harrison and make UK better?


Sporting News college basketball columnist Mike DeCourcy is already anxious to see how Kentucky coach John Calipari will utilize two talented point guards — sophomore Andrew Harrison and freshman Tyler Ulis — next season when he has the luxury of having two highly recruited point guards on the same Kentucky team.

“John will be as patient as he can with Andrew because he is still the best option as a veteran playr, but now there will always be the threat that Tyler can take his job or minutes,” DeCourcy said. “Tyler is very gifted. It has really been rewarding to see how he has been embraced the talent scouts. When I first did my (player) ratings, I had him 24th or 25th (in his recruiting class).

“I knew there was something special about the way he played that would superceed his size. He offers options to push Andrew or to just complement him and side Andrew to the two (guard) and Aaron (Harrison) to the three. That way you could attack from two or three positions with playmakers, something that is really valuable. I think that is another thing that could well happen when Ulis arrives.

“Tyler is an extraordinary passer and there are not many guys that come into college basketball now that you can say that about. That is rare. You are happy now if you can find a willing passer at point guard. He has great vision and he is very good shooter and can get his own shot if you go under a screen and sag off him. He offers a lot except for size and defensively he could be problematic but he will make the Kentucky offense better.”

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  1. Bob

    Larry i was over on KSR bragging on what great times it is to be an Cats fan when something came at me . So i decided to come to the King of UK sites for the answer and maybe report. Larry what coach and/or school holds the record for number of players they have sent to the NBA .As i think back 53 years threw the fog i think maybe Wooden or Smith may hold that record with an coach Cal nipping there heels . This may have been ask before and i missed it. Larry i am so shocked at how fast and solid direction our football program has turn arround .We have had high lites threw the years but never been able to cross the hump . This may p some people off but the nightmare years of coach Curry i think was his name are to fresh. It’s just good to fill the void untill B-Ball starts. Thanks

    1. larryvaught

      That is a great question Bob. Having trouble finding an answer, but sure someone w ill know

    2. larryvaught

      Saw a stat where Coach K had 18 former players in league last year, which was a single season record

      1. bosshogg24

        UK had more players in the NBA (21) than any other university! UK will soon dominate the NBA

      2. Eagle_man

        Coach Cal currently has 18 Players in the NBA. He has 3 from his days at Memphis with the remaining coming from his time at UK. He has had 17 players drafted in the NBA Draft while at Kentucky (29 overall for his career). As for Coach K, he has 15 players in the NBA.

        As for the record of most NBA players from a single coach, I have been unable to find that number, though my money would be on either John Wooden or Dean Smith.

  2. King Ghidora

    I think we’ve already seen how Cal deal’s with multiple talented pg’s. John Wall and Eric Bledsoe was a pretty talented set of guards. Bledsoe ended up averaging over 30 minutes per game while Wall got 35. But that team didn’t have 5 talented guards. Obviously Eric and John were playing at the same time quite a bit. The real question is how will Cal deal with Andrew, Aaron, Dominique, Devin and Tyler in the backcourt. The front court is even more loaded.

    It actually might be a real problem but Cal has done a great job getting egos in check so far. But there aren’t many teams with the level of talent this team will have.

  3. Andy

    Cal sure has the option of using 3 guards in a line up should he chose too. Andrew, Aaron and Ulis along with Dakari and Willie is a good starting 5. Ulis will see his minutes. He is too talented not to be playing.

  4. Phillip Barker

    Sure is a nice situation to wonder about…most stacked team I call ever recall at U of K!

  5. Morehead Cat

    I don’t think Ulis will be problematic on defense at all. He is a terrific on-the-ball defender against other PGs. If he stays his full eligibility, he could very well break the school record for steals.

  6. Jughead

    Hopefully, I am really off base, but I cannot keep from comparing Ulis to Ryan Harrow with lots of talent, but very short (pun intended) on size. Please tell me I am wrong.

    1. boss

      Yes you are wrong on Ulis, there is no comparison between the two. Ulis is a 5 star player real quick, good defensive player, good shooter, Chicago tough!

    2. bosshogg24

      Yes you are wrong on Tyler Ulis there is no comparison with Ryan Harrow. Ulis is a 5 star player, real quick, good defensive that gives other guards fits, good shooter and Chicago tough just the opposite of Harrow!

    3. larryvaught

      JUghead, I think you are going to love Ulis

    4. JJ

      Ah I hope he is half as good as Ryan what he average last season about 25 a game. He had real issues and anybody that has real info from The Craft knows he was not the issue anyway that season Archie had some real major issues on multiple levels. Like this past season they ran a high school level practice thirty minutes a day. When 5 stars only know AAU ball. Damn near impossible to coach that out of a kid in 90 days.

  7. fwKYfan

    I hope Cal finds a way to effectively use 10 or more players. It would be terrible waste to have that much talent and not use it. I’m sure he will come up with something. I would love to see a more agressive and pressing defense. I think these talented players could give a lot of good teams tremendous trouble bringing in the ball. Plus, the press wears teams down while UK has the depth to stay fresh. It should be a great year!

  8. Kyia

    If the 3 guards WCS, and DJ don’t work then Cal can try Willie, Dakari, Lee with Lyles and Towns as guards they wont have to even dribble just pass the ball above everyone else reach. Also Towns can hit 3s from just across half court and if he don’t make it who is going to out rebound that line up. Just shoot it till you make it go down and block the shot on defense.

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