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How tough is UK commit Luke Hiers? He has “wanted” to wrestle an alligator


Recent Kentucky football commit Luke Hiers certainly seems to have the qualities that would make teammates want him anchoring the offensive line at center.

The Florida product is a bit different. He’s holding a yellow tail snapper in his Twitter photo.

“Fishing is a big hobby. That’s from the Keys. Me and may family go there all the time to fish,” he said.

Hiers also said Kentucky coaches “did sell fishing” to him as something he would enjoy in Kentucky.

He was on WLAP Sunday Morning Sports with Mark Buerger, former UK football player Anthony and myself lask week to talk about his commitment when White told him about playing with a center from Florida at UK who once wrestled alligators.

Has Hiers done that?

“I have not done it, but I have wanted to,” Hiers said.

Wanted to wrestle an alligator? That’s the kind of toughness and fearlessness that UK line coach John Schlarman has to love — and maybe worry about at the same time.

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  1. Phillip Barker

    No doubt, Hiers to the throne! Great, great pick up-Go Cats.

  2. David

    Sounds like another Jason Watts, I sure hope he turns out as talented as Jason.

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