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How do former players feel about Stoops’ recruiting and impact it will have on 2014 season?


Question: What are your feelings about UK’s recruiting efforts and how will this 2014 class impact next season?

Jacob Tamme: “I think the recruiting efforts have been really mind blowing the way they are putting this class together and I think the impact should be felt in the next two-three years. I think the 2014 class will help next season and I expect some of those guys to be game-altering type players but again, let’s not expect every single freshman to come in and be a world-beater next year.”

Dave Hopewell: “We’ve got to hang on to these next guy’s coming in. That’s what the future is about. We’ve got to convince them that if they come here we’ll be competing for an SEC Championship one day and that we’ll help them develop here too get to the next level.”

Freddie Maggard: “I think its a positive. I believe in coach Brown’s saying, ‘come be a hero.’ Realistically, this team is two more recruiting classes short of a SEC roster. Recruiting is exceeding expectation. Instant playing time across the field, excited coaching staff, pledged facilities improvement.”

Andy Murray: “Our recruiting efforts are great, but I think our player development is even better. As I mentioned, this team of current redshirts and players will look totally different this time next year.  I think this will be a great destination for the Midwest kids that want to play in the SEC.  Again, we just need patience and time.”

Derek Abney: “This has to be the brightest spot of the program this far. And, fortunately, it’s one of the most important; talent. I’ve been so very impressed with what he’s done, and in the time frame to do it. The future looks bright and I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. By the way, Timmons is going to be a star.
White: “I feel UK’s 2014 class will provide UK with much need depth and competition at key positions if not upgrades. I think the 2014 class’ desire to win and be successful will lift not only the caliber of play, but also the mindset about winning, because most of those guys only know success and will likely not accept losing or losing efforts be it game, practice, or publicly.”

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