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How are offensive line coaches John Schlarman and Mike Summers different/alike?


Junior offensive lineman Darrian Miller likes the “laid back” approach that new Kentucky assistant coach John Schlarman, a former all-Southeastern Conference lineman at UK, has taken.

Miller says Schlarman’s expectations are “not very much different” from former UK line coach Mike Summers, but they approach the end result in different ways.

“Coach Schlarman expects everything to be done correctly. But he is more okay if you didn’t take the exact steps and the job got done, it is still a good job. Coach Summers focused a lot on footwork and technique and being in the right position all the time. It is slightly more laid back with Schlarman, and I like that,” said Miller, a preseason all-SEC pick.

‘I feel both have been good for me, especially in the order they came. That was good for me. Coach Summers got my technique right and coach Schlarman is teaching me more about offense now. It has worked out great.”

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  1. ukscat

    Coach Schlarman knows something about footwork and technique or he would not have been all-SEC.

  2. Ira

    Yeah don’t think this article came off exactly right.

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