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Dick Hoops Weiss said Calipari did not mention NCAA checking on Noel during New York visit

Nerlens Noel (photo courtesy http://espn.go.com)

Nerlens Noel (photo courtesy http://espn.go.com)


New  York Daily News college writer Dick “Hoops” Weiss said Kentucky coach John Calipari never mentioned Nerlens Noel’s status with him Tuesday during an awards dinner in New York and “was in such a good mood that I really don’t think he even knew it was coming.” However, the New York Times had a story reporting that NCAA investigators are checking Noel’s background.

“I don’t know if it is just routine checking or what. It’s a little surprising the same paper didn’t write anything about the North Carolina (athletics academic fraud in a class basketball and football players took),” Weiss said. “I have trouble believing some of the things being checked.”

The Times reported that NCAA representatives visited Everett High School, where Noel spent two years, and asked about Noel’s relationship with Errol Randolph, a former substitute teacher at Everrett who might have connections to basketball agent Andy Miller. The NCAA also had questions about how Noel paid for unofficial visits to UK and Louisville.

It was no surprise to Weiss that Calipari and UK director of compliance Sandy Bell have had no comment on the story.

“What can they say? I just have a hard time believing a kid is that worried about an agent when he’s a freshman or sophomore. I just don’t see this turning into a problem for Kentucky,” Weiss said.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    The Kentucky Effect…. ” What doesn’t hurt us will make Us Stronger “, What hurts Us, will make Us Unbeatable “, so bring it on. We Are UK and We (BBN), stand with Our Coaches and Our Players, at all cost.

  2. TrueBlueJohn

    Pete Thamel. Do we need to say anything more? Of course, he wouldn’t write about North Carolina. That would be attacking a sacred cow.


    This will happen every year, as it already has, until Calipari leaves UK. Let’s just get used to it folks. “They” are still trying…

  4. Gene

    In my feeble mind this is what happens when you stand on an awards podium with Markie Emmert and completely upstage the twisted creep then totally ignore him

  5. Larry T Clemons

    More and More Allies are going to come to Coach Cal’s defense, Coach is a good man…Light will wash out the darkness of deceit…Karma is on Kentucky’s side. ” THE KENTUCKY EFFECT “.

  6. metalarmdad

    As we knew it would happen when Cal and his staff had a team win a National Championship the Haters will do the most they can to bring down the Kentucky basketball program. Sandy Bell and staff will have to stay on their toes to make sure nothing gets past them that could hurt the program. Winning this Championship will do more for Cal & KY than all the BS that the haters put out.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I agree…The strength of this Kentucky Program, with Coach Cal at The Head, is magnifying it’s power at every level, from Staff, to Public Relations/social media, from Ball Boy’s and coveted Managers, to Medical and Legal. Couple All That, with Players and Championships, sprinkle in a Following from Big Blue Nation(BBN) and Big Blue International(BBI)…The only thing Left is UKTV, or BBTV (Big Blue TV). Cable access or subscription, The ” captive ” audience is everywhere and Advertisers know it. Add in, the “following”, from the NBA Players and NBA Fans, plus College Basketball Fans in general…Now,” feel the Strength ” of This Kentucky Basketball Program. With this Power and Influence,with a Program That’s doing THE RIGHT THING, The NCAA, is feeling threatened, Now, someone is Watching how THEY OPERATE and The NCAA, ” hypocrisy is, discovered and uncovered.

  7. sonny

    Pete Thamel = SCUM

  8. Matt

    When is Kentucky or other big conferences gonna stand up to the NCAA and just get rid of them?

  9. Jim

    The UNC story has not taken hold with the national media. What in the name of journalistic integrity is going on?

  10. BRYAN

    The man doesn’t know whats he’s up to against the BBN and Kentucky!!!

  11. Matt Slone

    BBN TV! I like the way you think Larry T. My mind has been racing with this idea all morning!!!

  12. UKFMLY

    BBN TV sounds good to me. We almost have that anyway. We have the most televised games on TV each season. They show scrimmages and trips to the white house one ESPNU. And of course the NYT writes about us every chance they get(LOL).

    When you are the best you are constantly attacked by rest! ! !


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