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Hilltoppers meant no disrespect to UK, but people told Bud Dupree UK “sucked” after OT loss

Click on the photo of Bud Dupree to watch the video.

Click on the photo of Bud Dupree to watch the video.


Western Kentucky senior offensive lineman Sean Conway said the Hilltoppers meant no disrespect to Kentucky with the way they celebrated their overtime win over the Wildcats in Commonwealth Stadium.

“I know, myself, we meant no disrespect to them. We were celebrating a win that was huge for our players and program. We always want to show class at WKU. I apologize is someone felt disrespected,” Conway way.

Kentucky junior defensive end Bud Dupree said the disrespect got much worse after the game, too.

“The feeling last year was like, people calling and telling me we sucked,” Dupree said. “I won’t forget that.”


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  1. Stephen Curran

    This is why Rupp wouldn’t play in state schools because they have every thing to gain if they win and let you know it. If the Wildcat win they don’t gain anything out of it.

  2. goUKats

    Say what they will,WKU players disrespected their UK counterparts last year.But in all honesty they had a right to.UK after all is a member of the SEC,although they seldom played like it,and last years dismal team would have been hard pressed to compete in intramural flag football.So the big question is,will those same players transform themselves into a legitimate competitive D1 football team this Saturday night?

  3. TrueBlueJohn

    Any thing that gets our players motivated is a good thing. I hope they go out and play with a cold anger Saturday evening.

    By the way, a neat thing would be to show some before and after pictures of the kids. The conditioning program looks like it has worked wonders.

  4. T.L. Snapper

    Celebrating a win over a team as bad as UK was last year, says more about WKU than UK. Joker Phillips absolutely ran UK’s program into the ground & it’s going to take one heck of an effort to revive it. Fortunately, I think UK has the right man at the right time to finally get the job done.

  5. King Ghidora

    I know when I played football everyone knew not to shoot off their mouth even if it was after the game because somehow someone on your team will pay for it big time. We played the game with respect because we knew any other way meant blood. There are so many, many ways to hurt someone on a football field you just don’t want to give someone a reason to do it. Not everyone plays that way of course but some certainly do. They aren’t happy unless they see you being wheeled off the field on a gurney. It may not even be the same season but someone will pay if you shoot your mouth off. Personally I always respected anyone that had the guts to even play the game. It is a violent, dangerous game and it isn’t for the faint of heart. I never saw a reason to insult anyone on the field and we generally spent time after game we won telling the other team they played well. They might be the worst team you play all year but they might have the one toughest SOB you face all year too. So not only did we respect the other players we knew better than to give them a reason to look to get even. Western should have known that UK was hardly ever as bad as they were last year and in fact they have some very good teams at times. Stirring up bad blood against a team that does play in the SEC, where quality players do show up often, is just really, really stupid. There is a difference in the level of talent and believe me that can mean a big chance for an injury if you’re on the short end of that stick.

  6. Larry Pup

    WKU beat UK by one point on a last second play in the end zone. That loss set the stage for UK’s demise last year I do believe. It is a new day now. WKU will be ready to play and will be a challenge just because BP is at the helm for Western now, but the CATS will be head hunting come Sat. Western will test our secondary and will try to run the ball with their big back Antonio Andrews. UK will be ready.

  7. David Hopewell

    Couldn’t agree more. We (UK) have nothing to gain in this game. Or the UL game either IMHO.

  8. Seymour

    Agree about not playing UL but Western is a Bunny game and need to have 4 of them each year. Losing to them last year was not their fault. They did their part, they should up for the game; we did not.

  9. RJ

    You earn respect…..

  10. Larry Pup

    I say play em all if the SEC schedule allows. Why chicken shit out? Boys Louisville is a top ten team now. UK needs to tighten up and I believe they will. We owe that bunch big time. Stoops will have UK rolling real soon, and then we’ll see who wants to play who.

  11. Here's Hope

    Both should be gimme games for sure but right now they’re not. I can see it coming though. Maybe we should leave both of them on the schedule and beat ‘em like a drum in the future. Thank goodness the administration woke up and decided it was time to go with a solid business decision and add money to our FB program.

    We may never know how much our new UK President had to do with this but if I were guessing I’d say he played the politics right for a change to get it done.

    Getting back on topic though, I’d rather play another school in the Sunbelt than WKU and another top 10 team rather than that city school down I-64. They still have more to gain in it than we do. We (UK) are the big brother and that will never change.

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