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Having Bobby Petrino at top of UK search makes sense to Joe Hall and maybe to others as well

Bobby Petrino photo courtesey USA Today/Wesley Hitt

Bobby Petrino photo courtesey USA Today/Wesley Hitt


Three weeks ago when it became apparent there likely would have to be a coaching change at Kentucky, it seemed unlikely that former Louisville and Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino would be on UK’s list of potential new coaches no matter if he is considered one of the best offensive coaches in the game and needed a job.

But now, things seem to be changing. Indications are Kentucky may indeed have not just a bit of interest in Petrino, but a lot of interest as it continues the process for finding a coach while Joker Phillips guides the Wildcats through the final two games of what has been a 1-9 season.

Numerous sources seem to feel Petrino is on UK’s radar now despite these possible concerns:

— In April Petrino was involved in a motorcycle crash with former Arkansas all-SEC volleyball player Jessica Dorrell, whom he had hired in March as the student-athlete development coordinator for the football program. Petrino denied that anyone was with him at first, but later admitted Dorrell was not only a passenger, but that he had an adulterous relationship with her. It was also discovered that Petrino made a previously undisclosed $20,000 cash gift to Dorrell and Arkansas fired Petrino.

— Petrino got his first head coaching job at Louisville in 2003, but secretly interviewed for the coaching job at Auburn before there was a coaching vacancy at Auburn during his second season at Louisville. Petrino had 11 wins in 2004 and 12 wins in 2006 and signed a 10-year, $25.6 million contract with Louisville but about six months later left  to become the head coach of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.

— With three games left in his first NFL season, Petrino resigned as coach of the Falcons and took the coaching job at Arkansas.

But former UK basketball coach Joe Hall says there is another side to some of those stories. Hall’s son-in-law, Mike Summers, coached under Petrino before coming to Lexington three years ago to join Phillips’ staff.

“I know there is a lot of misinformation about Petrino and looking for other jobs when he was at Louisville, especially the situation at Auburn,” said Hall. “People were wanting to talk to him. He was not out chasing jobs and would not have left Louisville if he had not been approached about jobs. He was very loyal to Louisville. The AD (athletics director) and president at Auburn pressure him to meet with them. They flew up to southern Indiana to talk to him. He told them it was a waste of time but he had been at Auburn as offensive coordinator and respected those people. All he did was talk. Nothing else.”

What about leaving the Falcons the way he did?

“The situation was not him leaving team with three games to go. He went into management to bench a couple of starters that were causing problems and they told him he couldn’t do it,” Hall said. “He said was to have complete control but they said he couldn’t bench players they were paying big money. He told them then he would be not be back the next year and they said he was finished now. He was going to finish the year. He was not going to walk out. But they changed the locks on the door so he could not get back to the locker room. There was a lot more to that story.”

Hall, who won the 1978 national championship, is an avid football fan and sees no reason for UK not to hire Petrino now.

“This is a very unusual opportunity to have a coach out of a job who could be the guy that you want here,” Hall said. “I would think it is an unbelievable opportunity to get a coach that maybe you would never ordinarily be able to approach. With the situation here, you could not get a better coach than Bobby Petrino. This is a chance for Kentucky to bring in a very predictable successful coach.”

Hall noted that UK once passed over basketball coach John Calipari and hired Billy Gillispie because some at UK had concerns about rumored problems Calipari had with the NCAA.

“After Gillipsie, it was so important to get UK back on the winning side that they (UK officials) overlooked what they were afraid of the first time with hiring Calipari. They brought him in and it has not been a bad situation at all,” Hall said. “Calipari was different in that he was still a winner and had not done anything morally wrong. A lot of his problems with his perception but the NCAA had never come down on him personally in any way.”

Hall describes Petrino as a “taskmaster” and said he could be “tough” on assistant coaches and “demanding” on his players. But aren’t most top coaches that way?

“He’s a very strict disciplinarian. He recruits kids that might have a temptation to stray a little and he rides herd on them,” Hall said.

Hall called Petrino an “offensive genius” who can look at a defense and “pick it apart if he has the players” to run his offense.

“He would make (Maxwell) Smith or (Patrick) Towles a great quarterback,” Hall said. “He would have good players to work with at UK and a young team that he could mold.”

Kentucky has not won a SEC championship since 1977. Other teams that have won championships might have coaching vacancies in the weeks ahead. But Hall believes the uncertainty about the future could help UK land Petrino.

“I know he likes Kentucky. His family like Kentucky,” Hall said. “It would be a very satisfying move for his family to come back here.”

Think about it. Rick Pitino left Kentucky for the NBA, struggled and returned to Louisville. He was involved in an extramarital affair, but took the Cards to the Final Four last year and is favored to do so again.

Would UK fans be as accepting of Petrino?

“if he won, how do you think they would embrace him. It is a matter of he came and turned the program around in two years, nobody would have a problem with him just like they don’t another certain coach at another school in this state,” Hall said.

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  1. Rich Madky

    This is such a no-brainer. Even the self-righteous folks that are saying not to hire him will be on board when the wins come. This is Cal vs. Gillispie all over again. You can’t pass on this guy. UK’s only chance to get a good coach is to get one with a few dings on them. This is it & Mitch shouldn’t (but probably will) blow it.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Wow, read all my Post on the Petrino Hire, and I wrote this Story. Coach Hall validated all my points and shine light on specifics that I didn’t know. Great Story, of course !

    2. Anonymous

      I will give up ky tickets if he is the next coach. He is an asshole and poor example for players and students o follow

      1. Larry T Clemons

        And your language, on this site, that Young Children DO READ, is a great example of the Pot calling the Kettle Black…Shame on you, Johnny Anonymous…

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Oh and Can I Have your Tickets ?

        2. Juan4UK

          nice call Larry. I filter my language out of respect for Vaught and his readers. Other should as well. Small town. #Respect

        3. David

          I have 4 seats at Commonwealth and if they hire Petrino I will buy Anonymous tickets. I think by hiring Petrino it shows that the Athletic department is wanting the football team to succeed and I want to be there when we are going 8,9.10 wins in a season.

          I believe everyone of us has made mistakes in our lives and I say give him another chance and bring him to Kentucky and lets start winning some ball games.

      2. Juan4UK

        well, I understand ur point of view but the whole “I’ll give up my tickets” thing… Those tickets I am afraid, will be snapped up pretty quick, so in the big picture that won’t worry Mitch at all. And as I said before, yesterday I was in the anti Petrino camp.

      3. Edward

        If you give them up then I will buy them, don’t worry Mitch.

      4. Omar the Great

        Moral superiority. Love it. Then he curses like a sailor.

        I hope you do leave the program to others. You have shown that you are a poor example right here with your hypocrisy.

        Hire Petrino NOW!!!

      5. Anonymous

        If we hire BP I will definitely buy season tickets

      6. zmidd563

        If he is coach, I will take your tickets

  2. Andy P

    Kudos to Joe B for speaking up. It’s insane not to go after Petrino with all we’ve got.;

  3. yvette F

    We need to hire Bobby ASAP!

  4. wildcatfan52

    It is not a no-brainer. He has baggage. Is it enough not to hire him? We don’t have to make that call Mitch Barnhart does and he is the one who will take the fall if things go bad.

  5. coalcat1

    The time is now if we pass on Petrino our football team will be forever the doormat of the SEC. A total (NO BRAINER) so i suspect we will pass on him.

  6. Daniel

    This leaving ATL for ARK is definitely new to me and puts that case in a different perspective.

    1. Juan4UK


  7. Brady James

    Thanks for the information and clearing a few things up. I think Marcus McClinton said it best. “I’m tired of losing, I want to win.” Sign Bobby Petrino ASAP.

  8. Scott Davis

    If we pass on this opportunity and Petrino goes to UT or Auburn and especially UT. They continue to beat our brains out, Mr Barnhart’s legacy will forever be known for what he did do, failing to hire Petrino, to what he did, hiring Cal (after one big whiff)

  9. Bobby Stringer

    Well said Coach Hall. Mr Barnhart if you really want to further our football program hire Coach Petrino.

  10. Jim

    It is too bad that Coach Hall is not on a search commitee for a new football coach. I am not sure that UK and MItch are willing to pay for a top coach. UK has a long history of settling for no names, up and comers, or retreads who don’t work out, paying them a low salary. Petrino will not be cheap, bu he will eleveate the program. UK has never had a successful football program since Bear Bryant. They have had spurts of winning, but it never lasts. It is no suprise that the UK administration over the years has gone cheap on its coaches, becasue they don’t realize the money that is generated by a winning football program.

    Will Mitch and UK commit to a winning football program and hire Petrino? I don’t know the answer to that. But, if history can tell us anything, UK will go the cheap route and hire some no name, unproven commodity.

    1. Juan4UK

      Now that I have changed my position on this hire, I am really looking forward to UK sticking it to UL and Jurich the same way they did with the Pitino hire. Send the jet RJ Corman or Joe Craft ! Fire up the jets!

      1. David

        Glad you are with us Juan, respected your view before but like it better now

  11. lunacy43

    Also look at the CJ article about James Quick put out yesterday. He said he’d love to play for Petrino. Recruits know the great coaches, and they are likely to be much more forgiving of his personal issues than some of our fans. I think Joe B nailed it, we cannot pass on this opportunity. Lets erase our mistakes with the Bear, give BP a chance to redeem himself, and reward our fans with some exciting football!

    1. larryvaught

      Great point about James Quick’s comments

  12. JC

    Of course Joe B wants Petrino, he wants his family to stay in Lexington.

    1. Juan4UK

      May be, but Joe ain’t gonna make up a lie to see that happen. Now, the release of important information like this, oh well. Wouldn’t you release the information to benefit your wants if it was important? We are who we are as humans.

  13. Mack

    The difference between Coach Calipari and Petrino is that the rumors about one was proven untrue and the other had an admitted “adulterous relationship” with an employee. If one will cheat on their spouse then can they be trusted in other relationships. Of course we had a recent President who had at least one admitted affair with an employee but he did not do a half bad job. If I had a vote I would vote No but I can see were some may be drawn to him.

    1. Juan4UK

      Did Petrino’s wife leave him? I don’t know. But I do know this, the price he pays with his family exacts plenty from him. And just like with Clinton, that’s between him and his wife and kids. If you are married, you know that that price ain’t nothing to sneeze at. Way too much was made about Clinton. And the whole country to this day praises Kennedy and we have never had an official flaunt his affairs more than that guy. So, all the Clinton stuff, so what?

    2. Kokamo Joe

      I would love to hold on to the culture that this country had in the 50s. But those days are past. We live into today’s anything goes culture. Hollywood, presidents Kennedy and Clinton and numerous others have violated their marriage contracts and chased after women and remained popular and are considered with respect by the majority of Americans. Those who oppose Petrino would melt like August snow if he wins. We have accepted less than perfect coaches in the past. We have had two drunks for basketball coaches and we accepted them when they won. To most of the BBN winning…after it comes…trumpts imperfection.

    3. Omar the Great

      As long as he’s not having sex with little boys, I don’t care about his adulterous affairs. Something like 50% of marriages end due to adultery. Some of the folks posting on here about morality have had adulterous affairs.

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Otherwise, hush up and Mitch Barnhart HIRE PETRINO NOW!!!

      1. UKFMLY

        same girl 31 years two boys no affairs. JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Larry T Clemons

          To Drugs… ” Not Coach Petrino ” !

  14. oldblackhightops

    Very interesting comments from Joe B.

    I think you have to at least sit down and talk to Petrino.

  15. Ben

    Mitch must act quickly, if this is to happen! Oh wait!, this is KY! Good thing rarely happen. Mitch, now is the time to change the fortune of KY Football! Bring excitement back to Commonwealth Stadium.

  16. rgunslinger

    In my opinion Bobby Petrino is one of the top ten coaches in college football. There is zero chance that UK would even be considered by the other nine on that list. His “baggage” is the only reason we even have a chance to get that great of a coach. This isn’t basketball were UK can skip on Calipari once then hire him the next time after whatever coach we hired doesn’t work out, we have one shot to get a great coach, a proven winner in the SEC, and we can do it before others come calling for him. Mitch Barnhart needs to make that call.

  17. al

    Give him a try, but to a short contract. We are the laughingstock of the SEC. Could it get any worse?

  18. StollField

    I’ve heard that Barnhart is not alone in this search (read big boosters and others in the football family). The last inside search brought us Calipari. When is the earliest Petrino could be announced? This really is a no-brainer!

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Some say that Barnhart would never hire Petrino. Could it be that the “Big Boosters” are finally tired of losing? Is it not this group that can exert the pressure needed to change Kentucky football? If the “Big Boosters” push and Barnhart refuses could that be the end of Barnhart?

  19. Juan4UK

    Ahh, the full stories come out. Now, I can buy those scenarios about Auburn and Atlanta. This is an example of media exploitation. (sorry Larry, fans jump on the same thing so the society is to blame). Anybody who has read any comment I have made about this can have no doubt my feelings. But the full story changes my position significantly, but not totally. The Falcons I absolutely believe and is a reason I don’t like pro sports, whiny players that the coaches have no control over. Atlanta perception has been cured for me. Auburn, well, in my life, and I suppose people I know, if I apply this to a real world scenario and I know someone from my past whom I had a good relationship with, I would have a conversation about employment with them if they asked, or pushed. Just out of courtesy. Now, I know this sounds like a fan, but the truth is that the SEC is the SEC and UL is in the Big East. And the Big East has a limited ceiling for success, that is the truth. So UL gives him a 10 yr/ $2.5m contract which is laughable in today’s market, The SEC has been paying more than that for 60% of its coaches for the last 10 yrs. Nobody can argue with the business decision. Now if I have the meeting without as much interest initially, I just might have a little trouble explaining something that looks so bad. So, well he got busted, and it looked bad. So what? It is what it is.
    Now, the big one. Miss Volleyball. Now that I’ve personally come to grips with the job jumping, I have to look at the morality of the guy. And there is no way to sugar coat any of that. But I will say this: “I’m not hiring a priest, butt I am hiring a guy my players need to respect.”. Kids are going to get there values from their parents and while the coaches have a good amount of influence, it’s not the end all be all. And any lesson to the kids will be, if you do it, you will get caught – Look what happened to me!! People learn better from mistakes.
    So here is where I’m at, I have warmed to this now. I don’t think Mitch should hire a coach because a HS senior said that he might take a hard look at UK if UK makes a mufti-million dollar commitment, but it has to be an eye raiser on how high profile kids view the hire. Which as we have seen with Cal, counts.
    I don’t think people should compare Cal and Petrino. Two very different scenarios. But what I want to know now, is does Petrino run a clean program? And if there is anyway UK (Mitch) can get Petrino to make a concession that is unheard of: If he leaves before his first contract is up (Should be $3-$3.5m of 5 yrs +significant bonuses) then he writes a check for $1-$2mil . May not happen, but just the gesture would go a long way with a lot of people to show that he is committed to doing the right thing.

  20. Juan4UK

    And I think that with this full story having come out of Joe B. Hall’s mouth then a lot of people are going to take a second look at this guy. I think I am now on board with the hire, with just a little bit of reservation. Wins, I am sure will cure the rest. That’s where I’m at now that I know. Surely the guy wants to stop jumping and make himself a home. People say UK is a basketball school, it is. But when we went to the Outback Bowl, during Tim Couch’s career the Football fanbase woke up to the fact that we can win, and we can put a competitive team on the field. We took over Tampa Bay and now that we have had a taste, the base is hungry. The administration has to see now that a below average season is no longer acceptable and UK fans want success.

  21. lunacy43

    great comments by all. I believe BP is the only option for a quick turnaround. It’s a risk if we do take BP, but also if we don’t. I think money talks, and when it comes down to counting the beans, BP’s rewards outweigh his risks. Instant restoration of season ticket revenues, the inevitable media blitz and buzz, and lots more money if we start to win big and go to BCS bowls within a couple of years.

  22. Ukfootballfan

    You hire Petrine today and I will buy back my 10 season tix I dropped last season! Go get him mitch

  23. Juan4UK

    *I want to say one more thing: these words from Joe Hall with the other side of the story made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world for me. But I don’t agree with those that, without the other side of the story were ready to go all in on Petrino with no explanation of his record. I am not into choosing him based on his win loss record coupled with everything else. But this other side of the story is very important to me.

  24. Larry T Clemons

    We all saw what it takes to beat Alabama…Air Assault, Hire Coach Petrino, his offense will shine in the SEC.

    1. Juan4UK

      Hang-on now. TAMU also has a rock solid defense as well. We learned during the Air-Raid years that you have to be able to stop teams too.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        I agree, I’m just trying to make a point about putting Points on the Board in the SEC….Playing, LSU, Florida, Auburn and Alabama you need POINTS… I, Enjoy your comments, Juan…read my comments on the first Petrino Story on VV and you will see, I covered all these points in This Story and was Validated by Coach Hall…

        1. Juan4UK

          I did half a search but couldn’t find it way off. I was going to read thru them……..

          1. Larry T Clemons

            It’s on Vaught Views first Discussions of Coach Petrino…It is very popular, over 80 comments, ” I Think “…

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Re: air assult
      Could Petrino win at UK? Look at both UL and Arkansas AFTER HE LEFT. Both were top ten teams under Petrino and BOTH hit rock bottom THE YEAR AFTER HE LEFT. Some say that coaches won’t and have never mattered at UK…things are too stacked against the program. I say that they are wrong.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Amen !

  25. Lisa

    Petrino was not married. He was ENGAGED to be married. there is a difference. He didn’t have an extramarital affair. get over it people. hire him!

    1. Lisa

      Never mind. i’m wrong. she was engaged – sorry. still think he should be forgiven. He didn’t mistreat players or break any rules in his profession.

  26. Kokamo Joe

    UK is at a cross roads now. Not only does Barnhart have to hire a new football coach, he has to either make a commitment to winning in the SEC or traveling the same old bottom feeder road that UK has traveled for over a half century. No coach since Blanton Collier has won half of his games. Petrino would change that. Hiring Petrino would make a statement. Remember this: before Calipari was hired many UK fans would have judged him to be reckless and a cheater. Now the BBN thinks that King Calipari can walk on water. If Petrino is hired and if UK begins to win, as I think it would, Petrino would climb right up next to Calipari and do something that even Calipari has not done…….change a SEC bottom feeder and constant loser into a winner.

    Now, if Petrino is hired will both UK and UL fans call him “Traitor Bob?”

    1. Juan4UK

      UL fans will, and UK fans will sit back and grin while saying, “Yep, that’s right!”

      1. Kokamo Joe

        I have never though that Rick Pitino is a traitor to UK and many UK fans have. In America a person has the right to work where he wants if he is hired. Actually Pitino has probably spured UK on to be better and better. The same will happen to UL football if Petrino is hired at UK. If Petrino is hired, and that is a very big if, I hope that UL fans will lay off the motorcycle digs and I hope that UK fans will hold off on more resturant table digs.

        1. Juan4UK

          Just curious Joe, how old were you in 90?

          1. Kokamo Joe

            Old enough to remember that Pitino inherited a team on desimated and on probation and thrilled us with a 14-14 season in 1989-90. Old enough that he took his team the second year while still on probation to a 22-6 record.
            Old enough to know that during the five years that Pitino’s UK team was elgible for post season play the Cats went to 3 final fours, two championship games and one one championship. That is a vital part of UK history that we all were proud of at the end of the 96-97 season. I don’t see any reason to stop being proud of that era just because Pitino choose to coach at a rival school. If Petrino comes to UK I would hope that UL fans would have enough sense not to discredit the success that UL football had during his stay at UL.

          2. Kokamo Joe

            Old enough to know that Pitino inherited a team on probation and that in 1989-90 and took an undermanned team to a 14-14 record and then won 29 games his second year. Old enough to remember that in the five years that his team was elgible to compete in post season play his team won five SEC championships, went to three final fours, played in two championship games and won a national championships. The Pitino years are a proud chapter of UK history. If Petrino comes to UK and if he wins, I would hope that UL fans have enough sense not to trash his success at UL just because he choose to coach at UK.

          3. Juan4UK

            So, you’re saying you were old enough? You took offense and none was meant.

    2. Larry T Clemons

      Wait ! Are you saying Coach Calipari, ” doesn’t walk on water ” !

  27. Bigbluelou

    Love Joe B but feel he is saying this to save his son-in-laws job. Don’t want any part of Petrino or current hold over coaches. House needs to be swept clean.

  28. Cam Jacobs

    Larry, is it true that Mitch may not be in the loop when it comes to hiring a football coach?

  29. grant

    c’mon wheres all the na sayers today. no petrino wah wah wah! we need a saint for a coach! wah wah wah! finally somebody with a big name is for hiring him . pull the trigger and get him.

    1. Juan4UK

      grant I’ll challenge your comment. Both sides of the story make all the difference. For those that blindly say that he will win and don’t care about anything else… Well, I’ll stick with my approach. You stick with yours.

  30. Nepotismatitsfinest

    Interesting that Mike Summers used to coach with Petrino…which so happens to be Joe B’s son in law…sounds like he wants to keep his family in Kentucky and keep Summers a job on the coaching staff. Not surprising.

    1. Juan4UK

      I think it is a stretch that Joe Hall is trying to engineer a multi million $$ investment and bad pr just so he can see his grand kids on the weekend.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Coach Hall, Like Coach Howard Snel….Say’s, HIRE PETRINO, it’s whats best for Kentucky Football, why muddy the water.

    2. Brock

      Would that be a bad thing? Summers is the best OL coach in the business. He’s only at Kentucky because he wants to be here. He could go to any program in the nation.

  31. eddie

    this breaking news to me, this if happens could be the hire of the century for kentucky next to al la hiring calipari but also get a head start on on recruiting 5 star WR james quick would boost the offense tremedously so that maxwell smith would have a huge target and in two years dar i say it we could be in a BCS bowl game not only that probley compete for a SEC championship if hope it happens so call him up mitch tell him to come to kentucky if that is what he wants to do

    1. Larry T Clemons

      You nailed it Eddie, you little Munster…Recruiting has already started at just the Thought, that it could be Coach Petrino at the Helm….

  32. Eric

    I vote NO!!

  33. big tim

    i for it if mitch thinks he not going to be a problem its not that he talk to auburn it not that he rode on a bike theres also rumors about the way he treat people he works for like crap and if that true then mitch wont hire him he the one who got to put up with him not us

  34. jake

    I vote yes!!

    1. larryvaught

      Hearing more and more today to confirm that the UK interest is at a “high, high” level. Things could start moving quickly

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Timing and Instinct are the Keys to Success ….The Timing Is Now, Does Kentucky Have The Instinct to move on Coach Petrino ? Would be a terrible business opportunity Missed. Coach Petrino, will make any College a top 20 Team, on his Football Knowledge Alone. Throw in recruiting and playing for the SEC, he puts you in the Top Ten, in 2 years. And, I believe, he competes in the SEC, DAY ONE !

      2. Ira


        After Joe B Hall has spoken, it sure has taken the wind out of the sails on the argument that he hads to much baggage to bring to UK. I am glad someone has come out and finally taken his side in some of these arguments that were in the know to actually know and laid them to rest.

        I’m glad he has spoken, now UK has to come up with another argument on why Bobby Petrino isn’t good for this program. Their arguments are starting to get mighty thin at this point. Kudo’s for getting this out once again.

  35. grant

    like i said on another thread, if you don’t like the hire should it happen , don’t support uk then quit watching and don’t go to games because there is going to be somebody to take your spot when they start winning games again. the disparity of those who quit verse the ones that they will gain will be great. go petrino! 2012! bob , i forgive you . i am not perfect like some people.

  36. Mr. Morals

    The thing about hiring Pertrino at this point in his career is that he will be trying to prove to the world that he has changed his ways and will be on his best behavior. I think that bodes well for UK in that he will be working extra hard to show the coaching world what he can do, even at a Basket Ball school. I find it interesting to know “the rest of the story” about Pertrino’s previous situations, this just goes to show, as the old saying goes, there are two sides to every story. I wonder what the other nay sayers on KSR strictly unbiased (cough, cough) site will be saying now. HIRE BOBBY NOW AND WATCH THE CASH START FLOWING AGAIN!!!!!!

  37. Kenny

    Please Mitch make this hire come to fruition. Bobby Petrino to UK would be an awesome headline to read soon. Go Cats!!

  38. gary

    i’ve said it already but it bears repeating. uk will never have a better opportunity to hire a proven, saban caliber coach who can win an sec championship here, and sooner than most! petrino is a proven element-he can recruit & he can coach. as brooks used to ask”do we have warts”?-certainly he does but they’re not terminal!
    it’s past time to take some of that espn windfall and put it to good use.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I think we believe in giving a Good Football Coach and a Man who’s made mistakes, another chance…This System, Big Money and Win at all cost, created the negative’s in Coach Petrino’s Past…I’ll take a Man that has Learned from those let downs, rather than someone who’s new to big time SEC Football…This League is for The Big Boys…someone who has went through hell and made it back to reality, could teach some incredible Lessons to Young Men, who do not truly understand the Temptations of Fame and Money…What you have to ask yourself is, ” does Coach P etrino deserve another chance, and if your answer is, Yes, then let it be at Kentucky.

  39. shinny

    All Barnhart has to do is call? Wow get real people.

  40. Larry Pup

    Some of you who were against hireing BP a few days ago are now all for it. That is a good thing. I read where someone said those of us who have been pushing BP from day one want to win at all cost. I say to that “we just want to win for a change guys!” wouldn’t that be nice? This is a superior football coach that is knocking on our door now. I saw Auburn lose to Georgia last night. There were plenty of empty seats. It looked like Commomwealth Stadium these days. Auburn will be looking for a new coach real soon I think, so will that ungly ass orange UT. If UK misses this opportunity to hire BP I think we admit that football is a minor concern at UK. I still have faith in Mitch. He is a good AD. Don’t complain until a decision is forthcoming.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Can’t argue with a Man named Larry…Hire Petrino, no way 3 Larry’s can be wrong.

  41. Larry Pup

    Hire BP and you will hear Tom Leach saying “Touchdown Kentucky!!!!” Alot.

  42. Cam Jacobs

    Yep. I can imagine Sweat, Legree, Collins, and Robinson running wild in someone’s defensive backfield due to an offensive genius putting them in the right scheme. Then I see Towles getting them the ball at the right time. It could be an exciting time for UK football!! Go Cats!!

    1. Ira

      I think Maxwell Smith would light it up under BP’s offense. He didn’t do bad under Joker’s offense till he got injured this year.

    2. Anonymous

      Is this cam jacobs that was a linebacker at uk in the 80s?

  43. Kenny

    All I want for Christmas is Bobby Petrino as our football coach.

  44. CM newton

    We are going to have to be a bit patient. I am sure, even if there were a deal in place TODAY, nothing will be announced until at least 11/26/12 which is the Monday after the Tennessee game.

  45. grant

    uk’s new slogan – lobby for bobby! 2012!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” Pitino for Petrino “…. nice trade….

  46. Eric

    I still vote NO.

  47. grant

    bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby

  48. UKFMLY


    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” NO ” , UKFMLY, I’m not going to say it ! LOL After all your Basketball post I read, I thought, you’d be in favor of this Hire….

      1. Ira

        Larry T,

        You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Same for some people as well. Some people once their opinions are made, no matter what happens, when new information is brought to light, it doesn’t make a bit of difference. To narrow minded I suspect.

  49. Brock

    I read this and sold my soul to the devil of football. I realized that deep down I always wanted Petrino, and was looking for any excuse to step over to the dark side. Papa Hall has converted me. UK’s marching band will play Darth Vader’s them everytime Patrino walks onto the field at Commonwealth Stadium as Kentucky’s new head coach.

    Petrino to detractors: “You don’t know the power of the dark side!”

    Petrino on the birth of a new winning-era of Kentucky football: “I am your father!”

    Petrino after Kentucky ends its loosing streak to Florida: “Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of Florida, and soon the fall of the SEC.”

    Petrino to fans who don’t think he can achieve that: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

    Petrino when he starts coaching Smith: “The force is strong with this one.”

    Petrino when he starts coaching Towles: “I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…(Tim Couch)”

    Petrino to Tuberville next time they meet on the field: “We meet again at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.”

    Petrino about Kentucky Football’s battered fan base: “Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them.”

    Petrino when Louisville’s coaches thinks Kentucky will take a knee because Kentucky has a huge lead in the final seconds: “You are unwise to lower your defenses!”

    We need to start the campain now. “Give into the dark side; Hire Patrino” We need a Patrino as Vader mockup. Then we can print T-shirts. Who wants to be the webmaster for the site? I’ll pay for the domain and hosting.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” Petrino for Pitino “….nuff said !

    2. Juan4UK

      you know way too much star wars by heart.

      1. Brock

        I’m just trying to dispell the notion that nerds and sports can’t mix.

        1. Juan4UK


    3. Ira

      me thinks you have way to much time on your hands. Although it was funny!

      1. Brock

        Aah Ira. I take the time to write 9 very cool Darth Vader quotes and you go ruin it all by adding a Jar Jar Binks quote. For revenge, I’m going to post an Ewok photo in reply to your next comment.

  50. DAVID B


    1. Juan4UK

      David B, are all caps necessary? And #2 what exactly are your specific issues with Petrino? The job jumping has been addresses fairly satisfactorily now. So what other issues do you have?

    2. Larry T Clemons

      You State…” I’m Not Judging The Guy, But…” are you kidding me, your not only Judging Coach Petrino, but you slander a lot of Us, by stating, ” We are willing to sell our Souls To The Devil “. So, you post as David, shouldn’t it read, ” Judge, Jury and God “. Light’in up a little bit Big Dave… We care about BBN, also.

      1. Juan4UK

        Thank you Larry, I didn’t WANT to hammer the guy, but yeah, he is judging him.

  51. grant

    i judge on wins and losses, i will reserve the moral judgements to a hire power

  52. Larry Pup

    David my friend I see your point. It has been argued for the past week. But look at it this way, does Mitch really know the character of any of these men he is looking at? As for those of us who want to hire BP, why do you say we have lost our souls. Faith in Christ assures me I will not lose that. I am just trying to hire a great fb coach. No denying BP is just that. David, men can change. If UK don’t give him a chance mark it down, somebody in the SEC probably will. And we will have to face him on the gridiron. Say what you want about “me, me”…I say it’s been far to much “slim pickins” for UK football fans for about as long as I have followed them. We have a chance to do something really special here if Mitch will pull the trigger on BP Tonight. At any rate. God bless you my friend.

  53. Mr. Morals

    Now Tennessee is reporting that Dooley is out. I hate to say it, but it is probably by, by, to Bobby Petrino now.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I think we got Petrino, already !

      1. Dennis

        Larry you may be on to something,my son works in a resturant across the street from the Yum center ,and for what it’s worth ,a man walks in to his place of work last week and said I just saw Mitch Barnhart and Bobby Petrino at the Galt house sitting and talking together.I was all against this guy until Joe B made his statement , that changed my mind, we need this man to do what Cal has done and give us a chance to win.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Nov. 9, on Vaught Views Article, ” Kentucky Values, Petrino Wins “, there’s some great Post on the potential Petrino Hire…This Story and that Story should be linked….Both Stories and comments, Paint a clearer picture.

  54. Larry Pup

    Mr. Morals you are probably right. But there is still time if Mitch will move on this. The window is closing and will close quick.

  55. Eric

    Vote NO!!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      To little, To late….

  56. Joe Agenda

    Does anyone think ol’ Joe B might just have a personal agenda in play here? I don’t care if Mitch hires Petrino, however if you think ol’ Joe would be voicing his opinion if it were not for his son-in-law connection to Petrino and UK, then do not kid yourself. Joe wants the son-in-law to remain employed at UK. I really do not blame him for that but hey, Joe would never get involved if not for that fact! Oh, by the way….Joe may get 322 books of season tickets if he hepls Petrino get the job…for all you Johnny Come Lately Folks, that is the number of season BB tickets that he received annually when he was HB coach. I would have much prefered those tickets over his salary!!

  57. GeoS

    In my 40+ years of knowing JoeB, he is one of the few who tells it like it is, so unless there is something he doesn’t know, we must make this hire, now. If he is doing it to keep the family close, and I don’t think for a minute he is, we owe him, and let’s pay up. I am ’56, never lost to TN, and winning is better. BP has no NCAA knocks, can sure as hell win at UK, and willing is better. BP will make us way more money than what we have to pay, whatever it is. I’m so proud that you spoke up JoeB, thanks again. Go Cats!

  58. LindaS

    Dang, 107 comments? I think this beat one of my post. My feelings, don’t hire him, he can’t stay put, he can’t keep his word and I just don’t like him. People who knew him in Lexington West when he coached that other team did not like him either. Some really good stories about him and his son who was in high school.

  59. Jim Boyers

    Is this the most commented on story EVER, Larry?

    I also heard you on LAP, this morning, saying you changed your mind a couple of weeks ago and went over to the dark side, wanting Petrino. You know I disagree, but if they get him, I will support him as our coach. He will get my loyalty until he screws us over.

    1. Jim Boyers

      It would be pretty nice to have winning seasons again.

    2. larryvaught

      Certainly one of the most commented but not quite the top yet — but still early in the night

  60. Joe Agenda

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? I said nothing untrue and I used no profane language. What kind of sight is this?

    1. larryvaught

      Patience Joe. I don’t spend 24 hours a day on the site, have other things to do also. Sometimes just takes me some time to get to approval for those posting the first time and not really sure ticket comment about Joe Hall has anything to do with this. And remember, I called him to ask his opinion

  61. WHY

    I posted a comment and it is still awaiting moderation. It had no profane languauge and merely gave a point of view as to why I believe that Joe B got involved in the Petrino hiring issue. WHY, is it being moderated?

    1. larryvaught

      If you will take the time to look Joe, your comments have been approved

  62. WHY

    Thank You very much Larry !

  63. Agenda Joe

    Geo, if you read my post carefully you will see where I stated that I do not blame Joe for wanting to keep his son-in-law at UK and I surely do not blame him for wanting to keep the family close. I was only pointing out a fact and I believe that you are completely naive if you believe Joe does have an agenda here. Otherwise, he has nothing to gain by getting involved in the hiring of the HFB coach, except for his son-in-law connection. Now, as far as your comment that we owe Joe B….absolutely not. Why do you believe that we owe Job B?

  64. Bryan

    Larry- first time to comment, but always love your articles. If (and I know that’s a big if) something were to happen in the next few days, would UK announce it or would they try to keep it under wraps until after the UT game out of respect for Joker?

    1. larryvaught

      Bryan, I think it will be announced ASAP if it happens

      1. Bryan

        I hope that’s the case. I’m getting more and more excited at the thought of the young talent we have combined with 85mill in funding and a coach the caliber of Petrino. Don’t know if I could wait a few more weeks…thanks for the reply

      2. Larry T Clemons

        C.M. Newton stated “if a deal is being done, it probably wouldn’t be announced til after the Tn. Game…

        1. larryvaught

          not sure I agree with C.M. on that one

          1. Larry T Clemons

            I also say, let the news out !

          2. Jim

            Was that the real CM or an imposter?

  65. Larry Pup

    Why….my friend you are sort of touchy. This is not conspiracy hour. We are just trying to discuss the pros and cons of hireing a great fb coach. Lighten up.

  66. Bluvelvet

    This could be a story of redemption. Petrino’s redemption from exile from the game of football a and redemption for Kentucky Football from the ashes of defeat and humiliation. I believe he realizes what he has lost and will be the least likely of any other candidate under consideration to throw it away again. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  67. Agenda Joe

    Larry Pup, my comments were fairly posted by Larry and I appreciate that. I was just pointing out the fact that Joe likely has an agenda in this case. I really do not care if they hire Petrino, I honestly don’t. However, that does not change the fact that Joe likely has an agenda here. And, one last comment….as far as Joe B’s 13 year coaching career at UK….you must either be to young to remember, or you must have forgotten just how boring that 13 year span was. It was miserable, even when they won.

    1. Juan4UK

      The point about Joe B Hall, is that Joe B is NOT going to try to LIE and have UK make a multimillion dollar investment on a huge risk just to see his grand kids on the weekend. Comment to the contrary are ludicrous. If the hire goes bad, he more so than the average fan knows what that will cost UK in the long run.

  68. LindaS

    I repeat, I don’t want Petrino, he might be a good coach but not a good person and not just because of the motorcycle incident. How long do you think he will stay? 2 weeks, 3 weeks or a month. I suppose they will be able to get him at a discounted rate. Maybe he will give them a refund or rebate if he leaves. I don’t trust this guy, I don’t care what his winning to lose looks like, he’s a jerk.

  69. Larry Pup

    Wrong Joe…My fan days go back to Rupp. I have watched Charlie Bradshaw coached football teams play my friend. And watched John Ray’s teams get killed week after week. I don’t know what you have against coach Hall, but last I heard it’s a free country and coach Hall can say what he wants. I love Joe Hall and most of BBN agree with me. He is an ICOn in our hearts and always will be. I for one don’t appreciate your remarks about him. They are out of line.

  70. Tom Cat

    Totally disagree with hiring Petrino! This is UK in Lexington, KY. Lets have our new football coach get on the same level as our basketball coach. Lets hire an “entire” new coaching staff who recruits only kids they know are going to be both intelligent on and off the field. A new coaching staff that sets examples both on and off of the field . UK cannot continue to recruit kids only from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida who are not going to make the grades and stay eligible. It is unacceptable and embarassing. Give Mr. Barnhart time to do his job.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      UK has a history of troubled basketball coaches. Both Sutton and Gillispie had an alcohol problem. An basketball assistant has had at least two DUIs, one of them at UK.
      So much for setting examples on and off the field. Calipari is loved not because he is a good man (he is a good man) but because he has taken us from Gillispie’s folly to a national championship John Kennedy is called the Camelot president and he is one of the most loved presidents that we have ever had. Bill Clinton is so respected by the American people that Obama used him to campaign for him. Both Kennedy and Clinton had and have the morals of an alley cat. I don’t know if Barnhart will hire Petrino, I kind of think that he will not, but if he does and if he wins then your high blown morality will be forgotten as we put Petrino right up there with Calipari.

  71. Mikey


    Anything new on the story?

  72. Agenda Joe

    First, I have no ill will for an old man. I just spoke the truth and you bacme offended. Last I heard its a free country and I can state my opinion as well. If you are so naive as to believe that Joe B would get involved in hiring a FB coach without a personal agenda, then so be it. Glad to hear you consider Joe an icon. Sorry you are offended by the truth. The truth is never out of line.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      JOE B HALL, ” A True Kentucky Gentleman “…You want Truth. I was a nobody, no money, no family ties to UK, young 18-19 year old Student at UK 1977-79. I became friends with a few of the Players on the Basketball Team and Coach Hall was always gracious and kind…He will always have a place in my heart.

  73. Larry Pup

    Yeah…truth according to saint agenda joe. People like you are amazing. You open your mouth and remove all doubt of how stupid you sound.

  74. Agenda Joe

    Ok, if you want to talk stupid! Since you go back to the Rupp era, obviopusly you should remember the days of the $100 hand shakes under Joe B. The NCAA surely knew about them. Don’t preach your holier than thou icon stuff to me. People like you that do not have the ability to think for themselves are easy to see thgrough. The heard mentality attitude is amazing…lead sheep goes over the bluff so the followers do the same. Can’t see the forest (truth) for the trees. So you decide to call me stupid…unlike you sir, I have a mind of my own. I can face the truth, even when it isn’t favofable to the home team.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Different time, different ERA…look at UCLA, back in those days of the 70s…And, by the way , you can’t stop an Alum from slipping a $20 here or there…Why be so angry, anyway…

      1. Juan4UK

        Thank you Larry T.
        Agenda Joe, you may not be stupid, but your perspective is pretty limited. It seems to be formed from stories and versions you have heard about. Let that mind of your own expand a little and think about the time frames and landscape surrounding those times. Instead of taking snatches of stories your parents told and letting that be your world as you heard it. Yes, Joe B was criticized for a deliberate style, but Joe won a NCAA championship and a couple visits to the final for. His win percentage was way up there and he won the ones he was supposed to. He has spent his life at UK and deserves the lasting respect of the fans. And I say that fans such as yourself who don’t put his career into perspective have a lot to learn about the history of UK basketball.

  75. Larry Pup

    Joe you make my case keep talking. Besides I don’t know what all the stuff you are spewing has to do with Bobby Petrino. Are you on drugs?

  76. Agenda Joe

    Oh! And I do know how to spell obviously, and herd…typos.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I heard that typo,also…

  77. Jesse

    I’ve been reading all the comments about coach Halls motive for supporting petrino and yes his son-in-law is a big factor because he knows more about the stories on petrino than a lot of us do,I’m also agreeing that he probally would like his family to stay in Ky but I believe his true motive is he loves UK and he truly thinks petrino is their best option.I’m like Juan I was anti petrino but my position on that has changed I still have worries about petrino staying here if we were to hire him but the truth is we have a chance to get a proven winner and the stars may never line up for us like they’ve lined up for us at this time. I’ll support whoever they hire.

  78. Agenda Joe

    I am not on drugs nor do I condone them. However, I am able to speak the truth. I made a simple comment and as I recall you jumped in to start this exchange. “Stupid is as stupid does”….Forrest Gump! $100 hand shakes…Joe B, backed by fans like Larry Pup !

  79. Larry Pup

    Joe to all who have read your ignorant rants on this blog you have made my case. Have a nice day.

  80. Cam Jacobs

    Larry, Dooley has been fired at UT. How will this affect UK?

    1. larryvaught

      Still no confirmation that Dooley has been fired, but certainly will make up speed up its timetable if it wants Petrino

      1. Larry T Clemons

        I think it’s done…My opinion only, from some things I’ve heard…I could be wrong, but I believe…I am very Pro-Petrino. I’m from Louisville, School at UK, now live in Ft. Lauderdale…

      2. Larry T Clemons

        Is it possible to take out the slander….JBH, doesn’t deserve some of these remarks…only asking.

  81. Jimmy

    Biggest name coach we could ever get,hire him today. .Not selling my soul just want to WIN!

  82. Old Coach

    I don’t think Coach Hall would comment on a particular football coach unless people in the coaching search wanted him too. Maybe even Mitch. Sort of preparing the way for the hiring of Coach Petrino.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      U R A Smart Man…

  83. grant

    ok ok . joe b has a hidden agenda, someone on here outed him. he wants bobby to coach here so he can be his strength and conditioning coach. super sleuths you are

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” I HAVE AN AGENDA “….I Want Kentucky Football to Shine…Not bury it’s head, hell, were in THE SEC !

  84. Juan4UK

    Let me leave you guys with this: while I can get on board with Petrino, I would take Kirby Smart before Petrino, in a heartbeat. There may be others. But given the opportunity for Kirby Smart, I’d take him and it’s not even a contest.

  85. Cam Jacobs

    Larry T Clemons, what things have you heard?

  86. Mr. Morals

    Old Coach, good point, I sure hope you are right. I feel like if we do get Petrino, and if he only stays a couple years, surely the program will be in a better state than it is right now. I dont buy the excuse that we are a basketball only school. I want us to be great in every sport, and so far we are doing very well in everything but the sport that brings in the most revenue, the football program. Why cant the greatest state in the union be good in both? WE CAN, there is NO EXCUSE for it not happening.PERIOD!!!!!

    PS: PLEASE LEAVE JOE B. ALONE!!! He loves UK and was asked his opinion about a coaching hire. The man is an ICON and I would be proud to shake his hand without a 100.00 dollar bill in it.

  87. Larry T Clemons

    When your playing Chess, you try to force your opponents Moves (not just the next move), but the next, 5 or 7 and more…til the conclusion is foreseen and the rest is academic…If you read all of my Post on the ORIGINAL story, posted on Vaught Views a few days ago, coupled with what you read here, you will answer your own question and hopefully come to the same conclusion…

  88. TJ

    I’m really warming up to the idea of Petrino as UK’s next coach.

  89. LindaS

    Why would we want to consider ANY coach who has been FIRED? DUH!

    1. Eric

      John Calipari was fired from the Nets. Want to take back that hire?

      Being fired as a coach does not necessarily mean you are a bad coach, just that you were not working out in that position.

  90. Mr. Morals

    If we are talking chess strategy here, then I think Petrino is using us as a pawn for a better move later on in the game.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      That comment was a Checkers move…Where are the several previous moves, that you see, to make that ” factless ” statement. Your answer needs to be more calculated to be a Chess Move…A simple drive by statement is Checkers and guessing….please, no offense meant, I enjoy your post…Thanks

  91. Larry T Clemons

    Linda, Nobody, I mean Nobody, steps into the SEC and starts to Win….OH, wait, There might be That One GUY, , ,Coach Bobby Petrino…Does KY need a Football Coach…Is Coach Petrino in need of a TEAM ( In The SEC )….Simple : Timing & Instinct. The Time is Now and we Have the Instinct to make this Hire…

  92. Jesse

    LindaS when coach Cal was trying to comfort coach Joker Phillips he told Joker he was also fired once,maybe thats why you might consider a coach who has been fired.

  93. LindaS

    With recent history, history of walking away from programs, I don’t want him. He can’t be trusted.

    1. Jesse

      I kind of worry he may not be trustworthy but losing is getting old and sometimes you have to take a chance,I would really like a high moral winning coach but I just can’t take another coach who will win 10 or 12 games in the next 3 years and I believe only a special coach can win at UK with the circumstances we have at present which is a 3 star recruiting base and coach’s with no imagination,I was originally against petrino but if we can’t get a top notch coach then I would accept petrino and support him.

  94. NdS

    We can only hope that UK (Mitch) has already been having SERIOUS dialogue with Petrino. Mitch can’t afford to let this one slip away. If we don’t land Petrino as our next coach, I hope it’s not because we didn’t do everything possible to sell him on this job.

    1. larryvaught

      Dennis, hope you are right but not sure Mitch and Petrino have talked yet or if anyone at UK has had direct contact with him yet. But need to get it done

  95. TrueBlueJohn

    I admit to being split on this issue. 95% of me wants nothing to do with this guy because of the trust issue. However, the other 5% sees us competing with Florida and South Carolina for the Eastern Division championship in 2-3 years with him as head coach. With the young QB’s and receivers, and his offensive schemes, we could score on anybody. Now, does the 5% good outweigh the 95% bad in my mind? I do admit that having read Joe Hall’s comments, has softened my opposition just a little.

  96. J.T.

    Why is this even being debated? Bobby Petrino could come in here and make UK an exciting program from day one. We may not be bowl eligible in year one, but I’d wager a pretty sum that within 3 years he’d have us in a major bowl game (major for us at least).

    1. Eric

      I think he could make us bowl eligible the first year. Not because he is some svengali, but because there is already a bunch of talent on this team that could and should be able to put together a .500 season with three weaker non-conference games, Vanderbilt, and usually a weaker SEC west team on the schedule. Steal a Louisville, Tennessee, Georgia, or SC and there’s 6.

  97. Theresa Crow

    I will admit that I have not been a fan of Petrino. However, I do have a lot of respect for Coach Hall and his opinion. While his style of basketball may not have been the most exciting, Coach Hall did what we expect of coaches at UK–won the games he was supposed to win, went to several Final Fours, and won a National Championship. For that reason alone, I owed to read his opinion on Petrino. Reading it changed my perspective. While I still am not sure Petrino is trustworthy (the hiring of Miss Volleyball for a job that she was not qualified for his own pleasure bothers me a great deal) and might sell UK out for another Miss UNameIt, I think that he may be worth the risk. Sandy Bell will keep him from NCAA issues (which he has not had to my knowledge), and perhaps a second chance is what he needs to turn him around morally. Plus, he will have the examples of Coach Cal and Coach Mitchell to follow which are two pretty good guys to watch. If Mitch hires him, then I will support it fully. I do agree with those who have said that now is the time to move because Coach Dooley is surely on his way out after Saturday’s loss.

  98. Juan4UK

    Larry T. Clemons, let me ask you this: If we had our choice between Kirby Smart (bright future, ZERO baggage) or Bobby Petrino (character question marks & the other baggage). Would you consider picking Kirby Smart?
    While I have warmed to Petrino, I would still take a couple others before him, Kirby Smart being one of them. Because after more info, and reminders I remember other situations that Joe B. Hall hasn’t (or can’t) explain away and at the very least, bring the loyalty back into question. So…..

  99. CharacterMatters

    I dont care about his issues with leaving Lousiville or Atlanta, I care about what happened at Arkansas. Did not hear Joe B defend this. The link below is to an article including adjacent articles that provide great detail on the issues at Arkansas that led to his firing. He did not resign, he was FIRED FOR CAUSE and forfeited an $18 Million dollar contract…


  100. Larry T Clemons

    I will repost 2 comments from the Nov. 9 story, that should give you my answer and reasoning… POST ( 1 ),” I think we believe in giving a Good Football Coach and a Man who’s made mistakes, another chance…This System, Big Money and Win at all cost, created the negative’s in Coach Petrino’s Past…I’ll take a Man that has Learned from those let downs, rather than someone who’s new to big time SEC Football…This League is for The Big Boys…someone who has went through hell and made it back to reality… could teach some incredible Lessons to Young Men, who do not truly understand the Temptations of Fame and Money…What you have to ask yourself is, ” does Coach Petrino deserve another chance, and if your answer is, Yes, then let it be at Kentucky. “

  101. Larry T Clemons

    Repost # 2….”Just remember when we courted Coach Calipari…All the Nay-sayers were talking about Baggage…” No, Not Calipari, UK’s done, slease program, yadda,yadda, BS “…Well I said it 3 weeks ago and I’ll tell you Now, ” Get coach Petrino, he will compete and Win, in the SEC. Remember, The Man, Bobby Petrino, has something to Fight For, He is a Good Man…He’s made mistakes, like us all, can you imagine, If Your Mistakes were Nationwide News…This Man, Coach Petrino, deserves this opportunity and if another SEC team (Auburn), or others Sign Him ( And, someone will ), UK will regret it…And be Beaten By Him…Forget his past, look what Coaching Kentucky Basketball has done to Polish, renew, expose and highlight the Great Guy John Calipari is…MB, Get’r Done…”

    1. Juan4UK

      I’ll never accept an argument that compares him to Cal. Two entirely different stories. But my question remains, have you just made up your mind that BP is the only coach to hire or would you be open to a different coach? And unless you know BP personally, you can’t say if he is a good guy or bad guy.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        The Best Opportunity, for a proven Great Coach, who could become very Loyal, with an edge to Win The SEC Championship @ Kentucky…If we give this Man, this opportunity, it could pay wonderful dividends, for Many Years. Your right with Cal, no personal comparisons meant…only Professional ” perception and negative media stories “, without judgment. But, the opportunity for greatness, could be duplicated, with Kentucky Football….”Kirby Smart” ? Great Coach, Young, relates to Players , great choice, but (Imo), not same potential of upside or as fast… Thanks for asking.

  102. CharacterMatters

    Comparing Calipari to Petrino is absurd and an insult to Calipari. Calipari has never committed an NCAA violation and has never been fired FOR CAUSE. He is loved and respected by former players and coaches. Where are is all the love and respect from Petrino’s former players and coaches? Easy answer….It does not exist.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      The ” Situation ” and (important word here), ” PERCEPTION ” was exactly the same…No one is comparing These Two Men, but you ! And that makes your statement , Absurd,,,,I can assure you, my respect and knowledge of Coach Cal, is deep and strong….just read some old post when his name was first mentioned for the Coach Of Kentucky, it was rabid and shameful….I was one of the only ones showing Love and defending Coach Cal…Now, your a homer, Johnny come lately defender, I could have used your support for Coach Cal, 42 months ago…Welcome Aboard…

      1. Larry T Clemons

        But, I like your ” FIRE ” in defending Coach Cal, at even the whisper of an insult. Thanks for the strong support…

      2. Juan4UK

        Larry I’m sorry but you are now coming unglued about this. Coming across real bad…….. JMHO

  103. CharacterMatters

    Larry, you are the one who compared perception of Calipari’s “baggage” to Petrino’s. The majority of people including myself who are against the Petrino hiring base our opinion on Petrino’s actions, not rumors and media perception as was the case with Calipari. Once again trying to justify the Petrino hiring by using Calipari as an example is absurd. I will repeat…Petrino was Fired for Cause not for cheating on his wife. The “cause” was he tried to cover the relationship and lied to his superiors, and he hired the girl ahead of several more qualified candidates. Finally let us not forget he paid her at least $20K in hush money. It’s all in the article Larry.

    You can say what you want about Calipari’s ego, etc but cannot question the man’s character or heart as seen by the posititive impact he has made on our community. So again your comparision is ridiculous as Calipari and Petrino are two vastly different people. When you heard feedback from Calipari’s former players and assistant coaches, all you heard was glowing and positive reviews. That is why we were able to look past all the media hate and jealousy from other coaches and give Calipari a chance. Where are all those former players and assistant coaches with positive accolades for Petrino? You can’t find them Larry!

    Finally after the great hires of Kiffin and Dooley, Tennessee deserves a prick like Petrino and they can have him.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Valid Point….But, again, The PERCEPTION (not reality ) of how bad it would be with Coach Cal, was Unjustified…And, I believe Coach Petrino deserves another Chance…Thats not a Bad Thing. IMHO….Juan4uk, I’ll Chill…thanx

  104. RJ

    I’m afraid the excitement that everyone feels for the BP hire would be a “sugar high”. He will not win a huge number of games immediately. A young team is still a young team. Secondly, if you’re going to run a horse race, you have to have the horses. Recruiting takes time.

    I still say, short term, he’s probably the best pick. But, he won’t stay at KY long term.

  105. grant

    r.j. you could be right. who knows? maybe he would stay. maybe he would be happy. i feel the longer this drags on i think i bodes well for the anti-petrino hire. leave it to uk to jump over a dollar to pick up a dime.

  106. Larry Pup

    Smart may be a great coach. But Petrino is a proven head coach and a winning head coach. Can Smart put an offense on the field like Petrino can? I doubt it. Many of you are circling back after finally coming over to the Bobby side a few hours ago. Just remember this, if UK passes on him somebody in this league is going to hire him. We can all watch him win at UT or Auburn, and lament that it wasn’t UK.

    1. Juan4UK

      Larry Pup, I fall into this habit as well, people are assuming that Petrino is waiting by the phone ready for Mitch to call and is ready to accept a job before Mitch can get it out of his mouth. Petrino knows that somebody is going to hire him for next season. So now he is in the driver seat. He just has to wait and see who offers and then pick the situation he like best.
      If everybody will take a deep breath, and think about this we need to realize that we ain’t the only game in town. Nor is he the only coach.
      I could get used to him being the coach. I can excuse and rationalize and this and that and in the end support a guy who coaches our team and wins. But if I had my druthers, then I would pick a young up and comer who is highly regarded at Alabama over a checklist of things I have to personally get past to root for. But, I am an eternal optimist. So, I like taking a calculated chance on a Kirby Smart, or a Sonny Dykes. Nick Saban coached, who was it?, Bowling Green? So, there ya go.

  107. dean householder


  108. grant

    how about ron zook? ok ok just kiddin!

  109. Larry Pup

    Juan4UK…I see your point. But the reality is we just don’t know do we? We may be, just may be, BP’s only option right now. As time moves quickly by your scenario becomes more fact than fiction. I will not oppose or bad mouth any young coach we hire, Mitch, or anything that happens until it’s history. Ultimately I’ll support our new coach no matter who it is. But I sure would like it to be BP. But your comment makes alot of sense, but at this point BBN is in total darkness about what is really happening. It is in Mitch’s hands.

  110. Scott

    Ok as someone who lives in Louisville and has been around the fiasco that was Bobby Petrinio I would be very shocked and disappointed if Mitch hired him. BP has little to no class and left UL in shambles when he left. Players did not attend class, players arreasted, heck the players had a party on Floyd Street when the guy left. You people do not have to work with the man everyday. You all see him one day of the week and that’s it. Folks open your eyes do you really think Bobby had a motorcycle wreck if so you all are blind. How did the young lady on the back of the bike come out scratch free and Bobby wears a kneck brace are you all really that blind. The man got his but kicked in the Arkansas athletic office by the swim coach do you really want this clown as your coach if so that is very sad.. Bobby is a creap and you all need to wake up and see that.

    1. Eric

      I’m not fan of Petrino, but you can’t just make this stuff up and pass it off as fact. Are you saying the police report was faked and the witness and the State Trooper were in on it? That’s a pretty big conspiracy just to save face.

  111. Eric

    I know some of you think the issue of running to other teams has been cleared up, but something doesn’t quite seem right about those stories. Ok, maybe Auburn did come courting him, but he was “pressured” into talking with them? Is he some 15 year old hanging out behind the school trying to avoid smoking a cigarette?

    And the Falcons to Arkansas story? Really? He coached his team to a loss on Monday night and Tuesday was announced as the coach at Arkansas. When did this confrontation with management take place? When did they change the locks on him? This all just seems rather fishy to me

  112. jerome west

    I believe what the media reported about Petrino, not Summers or annyone else, and Petrino isnt disputing a thing the media reported. Any guy that would do his wife and the mother of his kids that way and then turn around and lie to his family and the university who is paying him 3.5 million a year is a scumbag and has no business teaching or leading young people in anything. Character does matter greatly in life. Now you people who want this scumbag to coach our young people in Kentucky read this story in the usa today, and knowing he was doin this with more than just one young lady, tell me how hes gonna put in 16 and 18 hour days that it takes to compete in the ultra tough sec?Hows he gonna rebuid a football program at a basketball school in the sec that Joker has sank to rock bottom? This scumbag dont have the time to do the job and he sure cant be trusted. Heres the link….


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